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Deliver Us...
« on: December 06, 2008, 03:55:14 PM »
deliver us..

lightly go light
into the surreal
make it your daydream
or make it your hell
whatever the circumstance
you're bound to rebel

for once in the creepy, desirable night
you may find it daunting
and ever so haunting
when the object you're seeking
becomes your demise

it may very well tempt you
or lead you astray
but remember it's soul - it wasn't mislaid
it never existed; it never breathed life
run quickly and swiftly - it may very well bite

fright and exhaustion capture your heart
holding it tightly
exacerbating the hurt
making all your worries, anxious as you are -
heighten with adrenaline and force your blood hot

boiling and steaming through your veins,
your blood is now seeping under the strain
the cracks in your conscience
deepening so...
lightly go light
and nobody will know.