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Legend of Toucan Moon--segment 4
« on: April 23, 2006, 10:14:47 AM »
(Still in flight, discussing Prof. Sandoval’s theory, Dr. Zamora explains:)

“I don’t know.  She did say something about swimming in ‘the sea’ when she was a little girl and being afraid because of all the sting rays.  Why?”

“Well, part of Guatemala on the Caribbean side was ‘annexed’ in 1871 by Britain to serve as a strategic naval port, and was called British Honduras.  It took 110 years for the common people, a mixture of Spaniards, Africans and Mayans, to win full independence from Britain.  They accomplished that only as recently as 1981.  The country was renamed after the Belize River that flows through most of the land.”

“My, Professor!  I guess you checked that out.”

“So Granny was telling the truth, and you didn’t just make up that story about being descended from a Maya queen.”

“So what?”

“So, when I was lecturing on ancient history Tuesday morning, and the subject of human sacrificing came up...”


“ of my students asked if any primitive cultures had ever banned the practice.”

“And you replied:  ‘Of course!  The great Jehovah, or Yahweh, or whatever, God of the Hebrews, banned human sacrificing 4,000 years ago.’  Right?”

“3,000.  And wrong.  I mean, I didn’t say that.”

“And why not?”

“Because a little light went on.”

“In your head, I presume.”

“Of course in my head!  Something I studied 15 years ago.  So I told the student that an ancient Mayan legend speaks of such a ban.  But I couldn’t remember any specifics.  It wasn’t until after you and I talked about this over lunch on Tuesday that I found the information I needed.  I’ll tell you more tonight... over dinner.  Also I have someone I want you to meet who’ll definitely corroborate my theory, and your grandmother’s story.”

Xiuhsana and the old lady and several eavesdropping passengers chime in:  “Great-grandmother!”  Xiuhsana adds nonchalantly:  “I just can’t wait.”  She brushes her hair aside and gazes out the window, while Joaquin opens his laptop and begins typing.

*                    *                    *                    *                    *                     *

An orange cab plastered with multi-colored slogans pulls into the circle drive of Embassy Hotel, one of the nicest accomodations in Belize City. Joaquin pays the cabbie, as Xiuhsana enjoys the harbor sights and sounds.  “Nice place.”  They hurry into the hotel, check in, take the elevator to the 10th floor and, after a long, passionate kiss in the hallway, he says:  "I'm bushed.  Jet lag, I guess."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah.  Guess I'll take a little nap.  Then we can get dinner, okay Hon?" 

"Okay, if you're sure."

"Yep.  Anyway, you promised your 'old-fashioned' parents that we'd stay in separate rooms, remember?"

"Ah, you're no fun!" 

He gives her an affectionate swat and peck on the forehead, and they enter separate, but adjoining, rooms.

Embassy Hotel Restaurant has this breathtaking view of the waterfront from the top floor.  Fishing boats, sailboats, sea gulls, the view is spectacular! 

When the elevator opens right inside the restaurant, Joaquin and Xiuhsana are dressed in semi-formal attire.  He’s wearing a taupe herringbone Alfani, white shirt and gold tie, and she’s dressed in an elegant, coral, low-cut party gown full of lace.  The place is jumping to “DE TREE MONS” playing marimba, steel drums and a bass.  A slender black Carib in jeans and a floral short-sleeve shirt introduces himself.  “Hey, mons, welcome to Elmo’s.  Name’s JohnBoy, I be your host.  Show ya to a table?”

Juaquin:  “Yeah, t’anks, mon.”

“‘T’anks, mon’?  What’re you, Belizean all of a sudden?”

“When in Rome....”

At a nicely carved mahogany table with high-back, carved mahogany chairs, JohnBoy winks at the beautiful lady and informs:  “Your waiter’ll be wit’ ya shortly.  Wha’ can we get for ya dudes to drink?”

Xiuhsana:  “What’s the local drink here?”

“Chillin’ wit’ de Belikin, mon.”

“We’ll take two.”

“Hon, I was kind of  thinking about some Korbel Brut.”

Xiuhsana:  “When in Rome….”

Before they can focus on the menu, Thomas’ arrives (tall, husky black Carib, in a white Caribbean outfit), removes his hat and interrupts.  “Excuse me, but are you Professor Sandoval?” 

Xiuhsana is startled. 

Joaquin:  “And you must be Thomas’.  Please be seated.”

“Joaquin, is this the gentleman you told me about?” 

“Yes, yes.  Thomas’, let me introduce you to my fiancé, Miss Xiuhsana Zamora, chief veterinarian at San Diego Zoo.”

Thomas’ and Xiuhsana make eye contact with a jolt!

(For just a beat, there are loud drums, and a shout of  “Xuka!”  But nobody hears it.)

“H-m-m-m.  D’ya get a strange feelin’, like I jus’ got, Missy?”

“You felt it, too?  That was kind of weird.”

“Have you two met?  Let me in on your little secret, Dearest.”

Xiuhsana:  “It’s nothing.  Really.”

“Oh, now you’re playing my little game.”

“Missy, I was wonderin’, as a vet, what animal is yur favorite?”

“Why, the jaguar, I suppose.  Why?”


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Re: Legend of Toucan Moon--segment 4
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Brilliant! I love the direction of the story. – But I sort of guessed.

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Re: Legend of Toucan Moon--segment 4
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Thanks Sherry.  You're very encouraging.  ZD
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"Success is a little like wrestling a gorilla. You do not quit when you're tired -You quit when the gorilla is tired." -Robert Strauss