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Loggerhead turtle project -volunteer workers wanted
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As many of you know Im a green volunteer and here is a job I wish I had time to do.   Great for writing about.   Apologies for the length but its worth reading down the page.


Dear Green Volunteers Friends,

as many of you know the Loggerhead Turtle nests all around Eastern
Mediterranean. We are aware of several projects in Greece. This is a unique
project in Israel, which many seaturtle enthusiasts will find very
interesting. The organization has also included a couple of sightseeing
trips around Israel in an affordable participation fee.
Good luck to the applicants!

From Green Volunteers:

The Israeli Sea Turtle Rescue Center

13 Rozanis St.
Tel Aviv 69018
Tel.: ++972 (0) 36499146

Mobile: ++972 (0) 505762797   Jonathan Gilben
Fax: ++972 (0) 36485655

DESCRIPTION: The Israeli Sea Turtle Rescue Center (T.I.S.T.R.C.),
established in 1999 by The Israel Nature and Parks Authority, is a fledging,
exciting project of hands-on sea life preservation. The Rescue Center, with
modest means, has made dramatic inroads in protecting the sea turtle
population.  One salaried manager/director together with a team of dedicated
local volunteers focuses their efforts in four key areas:

        Beach surveys and surveillance along the coast of Israel to protect

        Medical treatment and rehabilitation of around 20 - 40 injured and
sick turtles annually.

        Raising a breeding stock of 28 green turtles in order to increase
the number of nests and hatchlings.

        Educating the public on sea turtle and marine conservation.

The Center is at a critical crossroads. The time has come to consolidate the
efforts of the Center and to implement a focused program for expanding and
upgrading sea turtle, as well as freshwater turtle, conservation. Therefore,
The Israel Nature and Parks Authority (NPA) in collaboration with GoEco Ltd,
an Israeli volunteer network, would like international volunteers to join us
in a volunteer project to assist with the conservation of marine turtles and
endangered species in Israel.


Sea turtles: Loggerheads, green turtles

Fresh water turtles: Nile soft shell turtle and red eared turtle

HABITAT: Mediterranean beaches

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: The rescue centre is situated on the Mediterranean
coast 30km north of Tel Aviv at Mevo'ot Yam marine boarding school and the
Israeli Maritime College complex in Michmoret, adjacent to Alexander River
National Park.

TRAVEL INFORMATION: Airplane to Tel Aviv, Train or bus from Tel Aviv to
project area.  Specific details will be given with application.

DURATION: 21 days

PERIOD: 10th - 31st August 2006

AGE: Min. 18

QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS: Strong Motivation, good health and fitness, keen
interest in sea turtles and the marine environment, not afraid of
challenging work,  contact with animals, cutting bait and getting wet.
Applicants will be selected individually on the basis of their application


Sea Turtle Rescue centre tasks include preparation and administration of
food, operation of the sea water supply systems, weighing and cleaning the
turtles, as well as cleaning the facilities and equipment, data collection
for research and inputting data in Microsoft Excel.

Field work includes night camping on a remote beach near protected nests of
sea turtles, monitoring and assisting the release of hatchlings during the
night (if hatched).

Additional work includes Gardening tasks, assisting the Nature and Parks
Authority with ecological surveys and tasks in the area.

LANGUAGE: A good level of English is required

ACCOMMODATION:  Comfortable shared rooms with bed, shower and air condition
situated on a beach cliff at Kfar Neurim Boarding School near Beit Yannai
village, around 3 km from the rescue centre. Bicycles will be provided for
local transportation.

COST: 110 GBP/week (approx. 160 EURO/week)  per applicant.

Cost includes:

        All inland transportation concerned with the project and organized
excursions, besides first and last day.

        Accommodation and meals during the project


        Training and guidance

        Organized camping trip to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.

        Free entrance to all national parks associated with the INPA

Not included in cost:

        Air plane ticket

        First and last day transportation

        Visa, if needed

        Additional activities and purchases beyond project description

LONG TERM:  Not available yet, although Long term options can be discussed

APPLICATION: Via application form on


In addition to the volunteer work, it is important that all the volunteers
experience Israeli culture and nature.

During the day swimming and surfing can always be enjoyed at the national
park beaches. At night it is possible to check out bars, and kibbutz night
clubs in the area or just chill out by the beach. Excursions will be
organized to Tel Aviv for nightlife and sightseeing. Further more a 2-3 day
camping trip will be organized every week for a different third of the
volunteer group to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. A day off may be given,
although we find it hard to believe that anyone would want that. An optional
trip to the Red Sea can be organized at the request and expense of the
volunteers after the project dates.
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