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What is the War Star that's "Rising"?
« on: November 04, 2008, 03:37:42 PM »
People often ask, "What is the War Star that's Rising?"  In ancient Mayan astrology, if the "star" of war god Chak Ek was seen "rising" toward the moon (the goddess Ix Chel), some mythologies explain that this was an omen in favor of the human king making war against his rivals.  Victory was assured!   

So in my fictional story War Star Rising!  The Legend of Toucan Moon the emperor of Tikal (Jewel K'awiil--nicknamed "Quatzl") wants to be the top emperor of the Yucatan.  He has subjugated all but one kingdom and is hell bent on conquering the Royal Realm of Kamenkamen, good emperor of Mopan Valley and the adoptive father of Toucan Moon.  But before making war with Kamenkamen, king Quatzl wants the blessing of the war star. 

Therefore, at midnight Quatzl performs a sacrifice to Chak Ek and, with blood running down the stone steps of the great Temple of Dark Sun, he raises his hand containing the palpitating human heart of the sacrificed victim and holds it high in the direction of the full moon.  "To the war star!" he shouts, with murder in his eyes.  Thereafter, with torches lighting the night, Quatzl and his army of 300 warriors depart into the jungle in the easterly direction of Mopan Valley.

Will Quatzl succeed?  Will the "war star" bless his aggression?  You must read War Star Rising! to the startling conclusion!

Interestingly, what was considered to be an ancient Mayan war "star" actually turns out in modern astronomy to be merely a planet...Venus.  On my book cover, you can see the war star "rising" toward the jaguar-faced moon.

So if ever on a clear night you see the full moon glowing brightly in the blackened sky, and just below it is a bright "star" that appears to be climbing, or ascending, yes, rising mightily, aggressively toward that luminous goddess of the night, just think back to the ancient Mayan past and remember that such a celestial sighting was an omenous astrological prognosticator of WAR...that somewhere on the Yucatan Peninsula a wild-eyed emperor and his army would be on the march, bent on conquest, with full confidence that this phenomenon that you are witnessing was his grand assurance of victory. 


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