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Its been a long time since I had a tooth out
« on: November 03, 2008, 02:44:29 AM »

A little story for you, but if you are proned to squeamishness this story may not be for you.

Well, its been about 40 years since I last had a tooth extracted!!  I suppose Im lucky.  So last week I decided to get rid of a tooth which was very small and had more filling than tooth.  It had grown on the inside of my mouth and was getting in way of my tongue whilst eating.  (Very sore,  ouch!) It was neither use nor ornament.

So the deed was done.  On Friday I went to have the extraction and the dentist told me he felt like a butcher, he just couldnt get the tooth out.  If you are squeamish dont read on, if you would like to help then please do.

So he pulled and pulled and it came out in bits and he pulled again and kept on pulling for about 45 minutes.   Finally he took an x-ray and didn't actually comment that he had got all the bits out, but sent me home with  a stitch in my gum.  "How was I?" you might ask.  Well fine really, I knew it might be sore when the anaesthetic wore off. but what I didn't realise was that I would be in the worst pain ever!!    I now have toothache in two other teeth and Im absolutely ravaged with pain.  OMG this is the worst pain ever. Im dying. Will someone please come and take the pain away. Having a baby is probably a good comparison!!  (For the those who understand these things)

Just tell me it isnt going to last.  Its been four days, my gum is bruised, and I've just finished a packet of Neurofen of which  a tablet only lasts for two hours.  My face isn't swollen, I feel awful and if there is no improvement I will go back to the dentist in the next 48 hours if I can stand it.   

There is a complaint called dry socket where the bone is exposed, so if there is no improvement I shall have to go back - sob sob sob, ouch, it hurts, come on Nurofen start working again. Help!

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