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Kill Cab
« on: September 27, 2008, 11:31:41 AM »
Detective Simmons rubbed his tired eyes after countless hours studying his computer screen. He had looked through a dozen videos and although he had familiarized himself with the cabdrivers voice and the back seat of his car, they were no closer to finding out the man's identify.

The videos recently began popping up all over the internet garnering very little attention until the subjects within them began turning up as missing persons. Tracing each video's source turned up several "zombie" computers whose only task was to distribute the videos to countless fetish and gore sites.

Detective Simmons had the eery notion sooner or later there would be more sinister video se-quelling these starring the same poor souls. He'd seen this pattern before and he knew whoever was behind this was up to evilness he dared not fathom. It did not take long to confirm his fears.

"Charlie," his partner exclaimed from the desk opposite his, "I got a hit on Norah Tillman, the girl in the first video."

"What's ya got?"  He asked coming over and standing behind his seated partner.

On the computer screen Norah Tillman sat naked tied to a metal chair within what appeared to be a dark meat freezer. Her hair was ragged and tears streamed unabashed down her beaten and bruised face as puffs of vapor escaped her bluish lips with her every breath.

Charlie's heart sank in his chest as he knew these were probably the last few moments of this poor girl's existence rolling on the computer screen before them. He did not even hear the line of questioning the eventual killer put the unfortunate  girl through as he began studying every detail within the background he could pick out.

"Detective Simmons!" Charlie jumped at the mention of his name just over his left shoulder. He turned to see his captain standing behind him, a very stern look upon his face. "Did I not tell you to get out of here three hours ago?"

"But, sir," Charlie answered urgently, "we just got a break in the case."

"Your partner Walski can handle it son," shouted the captain sternly, "you are no good to this investigation without having slept for three days! I am ordering you to go home and gets some rest!"

Charlie defiantly stood his ground momentarily looking down at his wide eyed partner and then back to the captain's rock hard features as the man pointed towards the exit door with a stern look frozen upon his face. Detective Simmon's shoulders slumped in defeat and with a sigh he grabbed his coat and shuffled towards the door.

As Charlie stepped into the cold Manhattan night a cold shiver ran down his back as the image of Norah Tillman's tear streaked face still played on his mind. He began walking northward down the sidewalk when a cab pulled up to the curb and honked it's horn startling him out of his revelry.

He looked over and saw his regular cabbie Henry waving at him through the passenger window. Charlie intended to walk home allowing himself time to think about the case, but upon seeing the first flakes of an impending snow flurry within the cabs headlights, he opted for the taxi ride. Besides, he may be able to get some information from his old friend Henry about the suspect.

Moments later he was within the passenger seat of the warm cab. He had known Henry for twelve years and rarely had he sat within the back seat of the old man's car. The old Irish man was like a father to Charlie and he had confided with the man on many past cases. Henry had even helped him solve one eight years earlier.

"Where to Charlie?"

"Home Henry," he answered as the smell of fresh roasted coffee blissfully filled his nostrils.

"Would you like some son?" The cabdriver couldn't help seeing the reaction to the hot beverage's aroma on the detective's face.

Charlie nodded.

"Help yourself," Henry pointed to the thermos between the seats.

Detective Simmons relished the warm liquid's richness as it slid around his tongue and down the back of his throat.

"Henry, taxi drivers are a pretty tight knit group aren't they?"

"I s'pose," the old man answered nonchalantly as he blew his horn at a discourteous driver cutting him off from the right lane, "close as police detectives I guess."

"Have you noticed if any of your coworkers have begun taping their customers?"

"The only one I know of is that Cash Cab fella," Henry chuckled to himself, "is that who you are talking about."

"No-no," Charlie answered beginning to feel a bit woozy, "we are l-looking for a t-taxi driver that i-is." The detective stopped in mid sentence. He tried to swallow but his mouth was suddenly too dry and his tongue began to swell.

"Have you ever heard of the Phoneutria nigriventer?" Henry asked taking a left onto 42nd street away from Detective Simmon's apartment.

Charlie tried to shift in his seat and move but his arms and legs refused to respond. His skin felt clammy and he broke out into a cold sweat. All he could do was turn his head and look into the face of the trusted cabbie beside him.

"It is also known as the Brazilian Wandering Spider," Henry explain with a wide evil grin upon his face and a twinkle in his eye, "it's venom is among the most potent among all spiders in the world."

Charlie's head was on fire as he tried to scream out, but all he could manage was a guttural choking sound.

"It's venom, "the taxi driver continued on, "even the smallest amount has the delightful affect on the human physiology, rendering the subject completely paralyzed while leaving the brain completely awake and alert."

For the last time in his life Detective Simmons looked upon New York City as the cab entered the Lincoln tunnel. Maniacal laughter filled his ears and within it he recognized a familiarity he had heard in the internet videos. He had found his suspect only to become one of his victims.
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Re: Kill Cab
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I look over my shoulder when walking home at night alone, keep my blinds closed, for whatever good that does, never expose my long slender throat and now I have to be careful of the nice old taxi driver that lives across the road from me.   ??? ???

Another brilliant story Lee, thanks yet again.
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Re: Kill Cab
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Thanks FF<
I was a bit worried about this one because it was somewhat a departure from the rest of my stuff.
I am glad you liked it. I hope others find it entertaining. Thanks so much for the confidence boost! ;D

Your friend,