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Left On Earth
« on: September 17, 2008, 05:41:27 AM »

When do you know that the light is out?
That death is death, and your time is out.
Is it finished, and gone, and forever just black?
Is it your way or my way, is it this way or that?

I canít believe it is final and that it is simply just gone forever,
We sat talking about it all, so happily together.
If happiness lives in our conversation, so steadily herein,
How can it just be gone forever, and over so quickly when...

When he loved so very very much and lived life so fully then,
Like a blue sky and grass as green as the most alluring garden.
Conversations here and now donít make this topic forthright,
And no matter how you say it, it just doesnít make it alright.

That the big love and a life is gone when that light eventually goes out,
And you just cant change that, not even with all your might.
You can never win, because God is big and he is here,
And the fact is just that death is going to forever be nadir.

In our face and simply a way we have to be,
like the salt on our skin while we holiday at the sea.
Itís a way of life and a normal way to exist,
A happiness to live in, or a cease and desist.

Because the stairway to heaven is unfair and unleaven,
Itís never what you agreed to in your lifeís contract written.
Itís a sad time and an exceptionally vulnerable place to be,
Itís actually nothing like salt on our skin while we holiday at the sea...

So when do we believe that the light just expires and then goes out?
That death is just death, and your time is just out?
Is it the storybook version or merely just the hard black cover?
And if it is just that, will we ever be able to believe that its just over when its over?

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