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Your Own Little History
« on: September 11, 2008, 03:06:37 AM »
I smelt my childhood just now and remembered some things,
when games were games and a win was just a win......


Playoffs in yards as kids with imagination,
amongst demons and horses and gates you open to let yourself in –
to crevices and crannies in worlds far away,
a time I sometimes wish I could go to as easily, today.

Smells might vanish but they'll leave an air of mystery,
taking you to special times and places in your own little history.
Heartache or happiness from falling or riding a bike,
memories all the same, from very special parts of your life.

We grow up so quickly and so easily forget,
what made us happy was playing in puddles and getting wet.
An innocence and an outlook so unpolluted and untainted,
and pictures so colourfully and uninhibitedly painted.

Poignant questions become exam tests and class results,
giving way to insecurities and bouts of competitive clout.
Not so wholesome, and imagination is lost therein,
and no more games are played - where a win is just a win.

Indeed, if we set our hearts to answer but one very famous question, *
we might open a lion’s wardrobe finding another universe to jump in -
to remember happiness and simplicity and things that were really important,
and enforce a reawakening of those things, so previously dormant.

“Have you seen my Childhood” or smelt it go this way?
I want its innocence back and I’m eagerly awaiting the day –
I’ll own it again and remember completely what made me - me,
An unafraid and challenging little boy, so boldly facing the sea.

With the sun on my face and the dunes at my back,
I’m throwing my inhibitions in the superflous emo sack.
I’m going to go gallantly forward with my memory and smell in tact,
Not losing the impetus to say and do what made me write just that.

Games in yards as kids with creative imagination
A world you control and gates you open to let yourself in –
to coves and gardens and a happiness you found far away,
remember who you are, and find Your happiness today.

*Rabbi Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag

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