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Un Named
« on: September 08, 2008, 02:21:33 PM »
This script is un named sorry, because I started to write it when I got the ideas in my head, and from there it started to form into something. I'm not sure what, and it's not really well formatted, but here goes.

[Scene: A small town in Ruines. Standing among it is a dark haired slender teenaged girl. Opposite her stands a blonde boy, armed with a crossbow.]
Elias: Where is it?

Alexandra: I've hidden it from you. Besides it's more power than you can handle. You know that.

Elias: That wasn't your call to make.

Alexandra: Yet I still did. Best decision I ever made.

(Elias takes out his crossbow in fury.)

Alexandra: Put it away Elias, it will do you no good anyway.

Elias: Yet I am still willing to try. (he aims it and fires at her.)

[Time lapse]

[Scene: Present day 2008. The hallway at Port High School, where teenagers pass and some are at their lockers talking to friends or getting books. The camera stops at a locker where a girl rummages for books as her friend comes over.]

Kayla: You would not believe my day I am having so far.

(A teenaged girl identical to Alexandra, closes her locker holding her lock and looks at her friend.)

Kayla: Lexie I really do not know how you don't go crazy like me.

Lexie: I have no idea either Kay. I must be immune to school or something? besides it's only after lunch, we only have two more classes to go to. You'll be fine trust me.

(School bell rings)

Kayla: Yeah well- I hope you're right.

(Lexie goes to put her lock on and when she goes to push it closed it breaks in her hand.)


Lexie: Yeah. (Examines her hand which is bleeding a bit.) Fine. I'll catch up with you after class.

Kayla: Sure. But are you sure you're alright?

Lexie: Since when am I ever not?

Kayla: When you're parents find out you go detention for being late for Bio class. Yet again I might add.

Lexie: True (She looks at her hand when Kayla leaves, and is confused because there's no pain where a small cut is.) This is so..weird.

[Opening Credits]
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Re: Un Named
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2008, 01:23:58 AM »
Hi, this is very difficult for me to read.  Do you think you might consider changing to black or a more easily read color (red or blue)?

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Re: Un Named
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sure can, sorry eric I didn't know it would be hard for others to read, I just wanted to add a different color than black or red is all.