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The Wizard War (reloaded)
« on: August 26, 2008, 01:15:08 AM »
I have decided to get back to work on the Wizard War. Here are the last two chapters (16 and 17) to refresh the memory as to where we were in the story. If you are interested in re reading the series, just turn to the last page of the Gallery Forum. You will find Chapters 1 through 15 on the last two pages of this forum. Thanks, DLJ13

Chapter Sixteen

Jerik waited outside the cave entrance as instructed. He thought of the young girl he had just delivered here. He tried to swallow the lump in his throat as another tear silently slid down his face. Jerik knew Tika was probably being made to endure some evil torture from his Dark Master.

He liked the young girl so much Jerik actually hoped his master had killed the little one. In his mind death would spare her the hellatious agony the cloaked one was infamous for inflicting.

"I know that all too well from first hand experience," he mumbled looking down at his arm and rubbing a hand across the hard coarse, once human skin. In recent days his body was going through more changes. At night, while resting, his pores secreted a thick liquid. Upon awakening Jerik found the liquid dry, white and hard upon his flesh.

It was Tika that put an absurd thought in his head during the earlier trip to the heart of the Eastern Woods. She had told him his bones were leaking and that he was developing an exoskeleton.

"Bugman." He repeated Tika's childish nickname for him and could not help a smile.

There was a tingling on the back of his neck. His heightened senses told him there was someone exiting the cave. Jerik silently slid behind the thick trunk of a nearby tree. His heart raced in fearful anticipation of his Master exiting the darkness of the yawning maw that was the cave's entrance.

Instead Tika's small form materialized from the shadows. She was followed by one of his evil Master's huge knights. In the black armor clad soldier's arms was what appeared as the Dark Master's lifeless body.

Jerik's heart leaped from sudden joy. Had this little one bested the evil being that held him captive for these last three years? He stepped from hiding and the funeral procession made it's way over to the tree of his recent concealment.

Tika stopped in front of Jerik. He looked down upon her small face and blue eyes met his gaze calmly. A small half smile parted her lips that he could not help returning.

"Tika, how-" he was suddenly cut off by the little girl.

"Jerik!" She said with a darkening expression furrowing her brow, "get the hell out the way."

Jerik stepped to the side slack jawed.

"Guard," she ordered in an all too unkind manner, "nail that body to this tree. I want all to see in the Eastern Wood that the Dark Master is dead!"

As the soldier obediently carried out his order Tika turned to a very befuddled Jerik.

"Bugman!" She ordered as if spiting venom with her words, "we fly north to the Nureaytumea."


As Moncrede made it to the west end of his forces the funeral pyre lit up the post dawn sky in a brilliant rouge glare. A red glow touched the low lying clouds that were just beginning to roll in behind Moncrede and his approaching horse.  As he dismounted the great dark beast the clouds thickened above this scene that was just recently his enemy's last stand.

Moncrede surveyed the scene until his black obsidian eyes came to rest on the only knot of enemy survivors diligently tossing dead bodies onto the blaze. They were being directed by a young captain who barked out orders above the roaring fire.

The dark eyed General strode over to the young captain and a loud clap of thunder boomed causing the captive soldiers to pause in their grueling task. As Moncrede marched up to the group a bolt of lightning shot from the ominous clouds and knocked everyone but Moncrede and the opposing captain to the ground.

"What is the meaning of this?" Moncrede barked the question at the enemy captain.

The enemy soldier stood at attention and raised a proud chin toward the evil General as another loud clap of thunder rocked the ground beneath them.

"Battlefield etiquette sir," the man answered dutifully, "the vanquished shall be allowed to dispose of their dead at the end of a battle."

Rain began pouring down on the scene and there was a great hissing sound as the fire began sputtering against the heavy deluge of cold sheets of rain. A black choking smoke began enveloping the clearing. The smell of charred human flesh hung heavy in the air and the pouring rain caused the smell to almost stick to the skin.

"The only etiquette that applies here,"Mondcrede coldly stated unsheathing his sword, "is the Nureaytumea's etiquette!"

The General ran his sword through the enemy captain's breastplate and through the man's heart. The Nureaytumea flared in the quickly darkening clearing and though the captain's heart was pierced he did not die.

"I want everyone to see what the price of defiance to me will bring." He said to the bulging eyed captain. "I want the rotting stench of your decaying men to be a beacon to all who would oppose me!"

Moncrede lifted the man off the ground with his sword. The captain groaned in agony as another soldier brought a pike over. Without straining a muscle Moncrede neatly impaled the man upon the stick. The agony stricken captain could barely breath as the evil General climbed the pile of the former funeral pyre. With little effort he plunged the pike deep into the crest of the mound of dead as the rain suddenly stopped.

"And if there is any confusion in the matter," Moncrede said standing back and looking up into the bleeding eyes of the unfortunate captain, "you are to tell them personally."

Chapter Seventeen

If you have not read the first part of this series, you can find all previous chapters over in THE GALLERY, under the COFFEE SHOP forum. Thanks for reading...

Devon stood atop a mountain looking down upon the darkness far below him. He could see on the eastern horizon the sliver of a finger nail that was the moon just rising from a pool of soft blood like haze signaling the sun was not far behind his celestial lover.

He took in the dark landscape far below in a long sweeping gaze before pausing on the opposite horizon of the sleeping world. There he saw two dancing lights crossing the black valley towards the impending dawn. As they made their way closer he noticed one was a white pin prick of light shining with the brilliance of a hundred stars. The other was a floating orb that was a smudge of greenish glow, reminding Devon of moonlit fog on the moors.

He saw as they moved in and out of one another they were drawn together by an unseen attraction. But, another equally unseen force kept them from touching. The two lights passed in front of Devon and he sensed a familiarity radiating from the bright one and immediately realized this was the Nuytumean.

His heart lurched as a loneliness caused by the hinderance of a joining filled every fiber of his being. The Nuytumean was incomplete and longed for this joining with such soulful yearning that it galvanized his emotions and sent a torrent of tears running down his cheeks.

Then, the other orb passed close before him it's sickly light touching his skin. Devon felt a dull ache as it yanked at the bonds holding his soul to his physical body trying to draw on his life's energy. He felt a brooding evilness that sent bolting shots of chillness to the center of his heart. His mind flashed back to the memory of a childhood friend who had died of the plague before his eyes. The same dull green of this boy's face when drawing his dying breathe reflected in this orbs light. The Nureaytumea. He was relieved when it's touch passed beyond him.

The two orbs danced toward the brightening horizon as a new feeling pressed down upon Devon. It was as if the heaviness of thousands of years pressed upon his frail skin from every angle. The air about him grew thick and he found it hard to breath as the decaying stench of passing time filled his nostrils. Comprehension brought the realization of the symbols he saw before him. The Nureaytumea and the Nuytumean had been performing this dance for eons of immeasurable time never being allowed to rejoin into the wholeness they both once were.

Devon watched them move toward a rising sun that briefly poured blood red light into the cold valley below before passing behind the lagging moon. As the two celestial lovers met as one so did the two dancing orbs, celebrating their respective reunions in a great solar eclipse that brought day and night together, awakening the world below.

He felt a presence behind him and turned to see a Raven haired beauty placing a loving hand upon his shoulder.

"Now," she smiled looking into his face lovingly with crystal ice blue eyes, "we can be together again."

The clouds of dream parted and before his bleary blinking eyes the raven haired goddess was replaced by the wizened old face of Favereau.  He closed his eyes tightly trying to picture her beauty again but the old man shook her image away from his mind's eye bringing him to a rude wakefulness.

"C'mon my boy," He said with uncharacteristic urgency in his voice, "it is time to start training."

Her heard Ione stirring beside him in the bed and reached over to wake her.

"Shhh," Favereau prompted, "leave her be. Today just you and I train."

Devon yawned and threw off the covers as Favereau shoved a bundled set of clean clothing into his hands.

"Besides," the old man placed a hand gently upon his shoulder, "she will need her rest now that you have left her with child."


Jerik flew high above the canopy of trees below, but even at this height he could sense the disturbance within the insect population below. He could smell death and decay through the collective bug community but some evil magic kept every insect at bay from instinctively descending upon the dead.

They passed over a wide swath of churned earth and damaged trees as the bodies of the fallen began filling their field of view. Jerik felt Tika squirm within his grasp.

"Over there," she shouted over the rushing of the wind, "there on the horizon."

He followed her gaze to see the sun rising from behind a mound of slain soldiers. There atop this gruesome pile one soldier was skewered upon a long pike pointing skyward like a beacon.

"Land!" Tika ordered disrespectfully.

They set down upon the dew covered mud with a soft thud. The smell of the dead embraced them as if beaconing them towards the crest of the rotting mound.

"Magic," Tika explained a scowl upon her face, "The Nureaytumea has grown powerful more quickly than I had expected."

There was the sound of retching and hacking prompting the two to look up. There the soldier on the pike shifted and coughed sending a spray of warm blood upon them.

"P-pl-please," the man begged through bubbling blood upon his lips, "k-ki-kill m-me."

His breath came in raspy painfully sounding gulps.

"M-mon-crede" the unfortunate captain sputtered," M-mon-crede!"

Tika bent down and rummaged among the dead bodies coming up with a sword in hand. With surprising agility Jerik watched astounded as she leapt effortlessly through the air and with one skillful swing of the unwieldy sword, neatly severed the soldiers head from his shoulders. It rolled to a stop at the base of the deadfall.

"P-pl-please," the dismembered head still spoke, now missing one eye.

"Much more powerul than expected," the eight year old girl said scratching her chin thoughtfully.

"M-mon-crede" the head babbled through bubbling blood.

"Shut the HELL up!" She screamed and with a powerful kick she sent the head into the underbrush at the edge of the clearing.

"Birdman, let's fly!"

As he obediently launched skyward and grabbed the little girl up in one deft move, he could still hear the unfortunate captain painfully shrieking from the underbrush.

"We fly to Moncrede Master?" He asked.

"No," Tika shouted, "we go North first. We will need help to take the Nureaytumea from Moncrede."

"Where to then?"

"Petriputrid Peak." Tika replied blandly causing fear to rise and burn in his throat like bad tasting bile...

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Re: The Wizard War (reloaded)
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I'm naturally suspicious of anything with "reloaded" in the title, but because you're you, I gave this a read. It's boring, you have to know this.

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Re: The Wizard War (reloaded)
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Whoa Master Lee, now you make me have to go back and read the rest of the stories.  :o :o

As you know I am not really into this sort of story, but it has captivated me and I must now go forth and source the rest so I can satisfy my curiosity. I noticed this spelling mistake (below) and assume you meant the latter.

Devon watched them move toward a rising sun that briefly poored should this be poured? blood red light into the cold valley below before passing behind the lagging moon. As the two celestial lovers met as one so did the two dancing orbs, celebrating their respective reunions in a great solar eclipse that brought day and night together, awakening the world below.

Thankyou Master of all things evil, thoroughly enjoyed this. Full of excitement and I love the description of night meeting day, I have never heard such a beautiful way of describing it.  ;D ;D
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Re: The Wizard War (reloaded)
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Thanks FF,
You make me blush. I thank you for your kind comments and your helpful edit. I shall make haste and change the mistake right now.

I am so glad I have the ability to captivate you so. I have enjoyed your latest challenge and I hope to live up to the title you have bestowed upon me, Master of all things Evil.

I believe if you follow this string you will find it full of action, suspense and unexpected twists. I have recently recieved several requests to continue on with this story, that is why I have reasserted my efforts in this direction. I am so thankful for those on this site, and others, who have followed my work and have given me new found confidence. You have been one of the most instrumental as of late, and I just want to state my heartfelt appreciation.

Your friend,

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Re: The Wizard War (reloaded)
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First let me say I am flattered my name gave merit enough for you to give this a read. I am a bit vexed that you found it boring. I have read your work and I do believe you have a talent, so I respect your opinion.

Last night I went back and re read the entire thread and, after checking out everyone  elses comments, I am thankful you are in the minority when it comes to this story. Most found it fast paced and interesting.

I am sorry that you found it otherwise.

DL Jones.


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Re: The Wizard War (reloaded)
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I can see where others would find it interesting, it just didn't work for me.
Best of luck with the rest of it.