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Willis' Writing Workout #1
« on: August 11, 2008, 04:30:10 PM »
Ok people. Workout time. We should all strive to be better writers everyday of the week, and seeing how this site is filling up with stupid word games,, rather than writing tips and advice, I've decided to do this so I'll be more active on the boards since I just joined and all. There'll be a new exercise every two weeks! Don't forget to critique other people's parts too.

Now directions:

This writing exercise is a bit choppy, but an exercise nonetheless. I will give a name, age, likes & dislikes, and two key details etc. and I will (in case it's not obvious,) note whether it's a male or female. Then the next four posters will post a paragraph or two (limit five) completely describing the person in a way that your reader(s) should feel that it's their best friend they know them so well. Then after four posts, I'll change the name up.

Name: Caris Benjamin
Age: 23
Ethnic Background: Caucasian

Key Details: Strawberry Blonde, and very intelligent woman. Very observant and critical.

Likes: Coffee and all elements of coffee (i.e. reading a romance novel while drinking said coffee.) Animals, Volleyball, Cooking, People Watching, Writing poetry, and Public Gatherings. Is known to enjoy laughter, so she frequents stand up comedy clubs.

Dislikes: Loud Music, General Degenerate/Rude Behavior, Milk, and Being Alone.





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Re: Willis' Writing Workout #1
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2008, 11:24:51 AM »
"Good morning everyone, Im Caris Benjamin, I hope you are all enjoying yourselves on this lovely sunny day and thank you for coming"  She sipped her coffee, only the best freshly ground beans would do, nothing less. She had been known to bring her coffee grinder to the meetings, slipping the plug into the socket in the back room and the smell of freshly roasted coffee would drift through the hall.   Carrying her cup into the meeting room and brushing aside her strawberry blonde hair she watched as Joanna Brown sat down heavily on a small stool hardly supporting her overweight backside.  She chuckled to herself, "Gawd I hope I never get to that size"   

"As your host today I would like to call upon Joanna Brown to read her poem "Malaysian Blue" but first allow me to recommend the  novel "Four births and a Mother"  I just finished reading it last night and...."
Another sip of Douwe Egberts, she swallowed then continued "its one of the most moving books I have read in a long time.   I enjoy a good laugh, but this was all the emotions rolled into one, excellent."

She thanked the audience and