Author Topic: Possible ending - is it any good?  (Read 2715 times)

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Re: Possible ending - is it any good?
« Reply #15 on: August 20, 2008, 03:02:16 AM »
I hope you've been to NY, at least, Chanee!

If not, read a lot  about it, though there's a danger in repeating images others have used. New York is a hard city to set anything in, in my opinion, because it's been done to death by natives who know every alley and stone of the place. Studying maps and photos/movies gets you only so far. There are certain experiences and feelings you get from a place simply because your perception is your own, you bring whatever baggage you have with you and see the place through those lenses. The details you choose of a place will be different than someone else's if you've been there.

For instance:  Summer in New York to me is the fluid from window air conditioning units raining on my head, the heat coming up out of the  ground -- from the exhaust vents of the subway -- and choosing my route as I walk based on where garbage mounds are not, to avoid the stench. Other people will remember summer in New York completely differently, of course.

That said, I'm all for people writing about places  they've never been to as long as they get the detail right. Some stories don't need as intense a setting as others. I don't know how much New York as an idea matters to or influences your story. But if it does matter, maybe you should see if you  can either get yourself over there, or talk to some native New Yorkers who can give you  the scoop.

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Re: Possible ending - is it any good?
« Reply #16 on: August 20, 2008, 06:48:45 AM »
Thanks for the tips, Bobby D.

Nadine - not all, but most of my ms is set in NYC.

Annmarie - I've been to NY a few times, which is what I base my writing on mostly. I'm actually planning another trip there in a couple of months so I will definitely be soaking up as much as I can then. My novel is all in first person so I think the experience of it is more important than the actual description. But at the same time of course it's gotta sound genuine. One of the little tricks I employ when writing first drafts is keeping it general if I don't know details yet, then with later drafts going back and filling it in. This comes in handy especially when writing about specific venues and places.