Author Topic: Beta readers needed for sci-fi thriller story (alt. on exchange basis)  (Read 885 times)

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I am looking for beta readers to provide feedback on my sci-fi thriller story about a sniper (84k words).

You must be willing to provide feedback for free or on an exchange basis. If you provide quality feedback, there is a good chance that I will compensate you monetarily later (when you read longer sections). Alternatively, I will mail you something. You will definately be mentioned in the acknowledgments section come publication! 

If you are interested in reading my work, I will send you one chapter at a time up until the fourth chapter. Once you have read the first three chapters, you will receive the rest of the book as two large, separate sections. 

Send me an e-mail at carlmagnus.writer (at) gmail (dot) com. I have set up a Google Mail account and I will use this to send chapters/sections to you. I will e-mail a more detailed set of instructions. 

Information about my manuscript:

Genre: Action/sci-fi thriller (speculative fiction)

Disclaimer: Some scenes include somewhat violent content.

As Jack and his partner track down those responsible for a string of murders, Jack discovers that the deaths are part of something more than just the heinous scheme of a deranged serial killer. A sinister plan to bring the 'Holy Grail' of biotechnology to life is unravelled.

Please only read my work if you...

Read action/sci-fi thrillers
Are well read in the stated genre.
You read modern books -- particularly books published within the last five years.

You may be of any age, gender and background.

What I expect from you:

Please be aware that it is a somewhat involved process. I may ask you to clarify and expand upon certain points that you make. This is because your feedback will not be useful to me unless I am confident that I know exactly what you mean.

Your job is not to check grammar and spelling. Please look out for inconsistencies, plot holes and problems with the content of the story. You will most likely find something.

The manuscript has not been professionally edited. As mentioned, please ignore grammatical nonsense and focus on the story as if you were reading a book from the library or a book shop. Focus on things like plot, pace and characterisation.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Re: Beta readers needed for sci-fi thriller story (alt. on exchange basis)
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You can read the first three chapters of my story at carlmagnusbetas (dot) blogspot (dot) se.

If you're interested in beta reading, send an e-mail to carlmagnus.writer (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll share my work via Google Drive.