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René Paul de la Varre
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Many expressions such as “over the hill,” and “act your age,” are directed at men turning forty and older. They bounce off the GEEZERS like Teflon. One look at these hyperactive forty-eight year olds, and you can put aside all the stereotypes. To these maverick musicians, age is just a number. Introducing:

FRED BURNS, Singer/harmonica             JEFF “MOON” BEAMER, Guitar,                                                     MIKE SAVINO, Drummer                       TODD SPIKER, Bassist
SARA SLICK & TARA SLICK (the GEEZERETTES), backing vocals/go-go dancers

In 1976, during the carefree days of high school the four protagonists achieve a degree of success with their band, Squat On My Grunt. Their aim in life is to sell a million records and tour the world. The band attains a loyal following during their four years of playing gigs and dances. On weekends, they practice like fiends, while watching episodes of Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert, or going to a concert in Central Park. Attending college is a priority, but they never lose faith that they would regroup after college. 

Anthony “Tony” Palmietto is the school loser, but his calling card is Mr. Music…. scalping concert tickets, getting backstage passes, and reading Circus. He also spends time glued to the TV, salivating over the beauties on the Dating Game, or tuning into Cousin Brucie on WABC, in order to keep up with the latest music news. His classmates are convinced that he won’t amount to anything more than an air-guitarist. Thirty years later Tony and the Geezers will cross paths.

Fred, Jim, Mike, and Todd remained friends, although their dreams were overshadowed by the realities of life. They settle down in the New York area where they grew up, but instead of rehearsing, they commute to their boring, yet prestigious jobs in New York City. After twenty five years of doing the commuter routine, they’re burning out fast. Could it be a mid-life crisis?

In 2006, the former band members receive an invitation to their thirtieth high school reunion, which immediately sets off a spark in Fred Burns, the former band leader. Why not get the band back together and perform at the reunion! Within a few days all agreed that the idea was totally far out. Fred knew that as baby boomers they had questioned authority, and now THE MELLOW GEEZERS would defy authority.

For the Geezers, it’s a nostalgic trip back in time. The common thread linking their musical tastes remain: Queen, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Grand Funk Railroad, J. Geils, and the Allman Brothers. After months of rehearsing in Fred’s Garage, they’re fired up.

With the full support of their spouses, they pack up and head off to Blackthorn, NY where the reunion takes place.

As the alumni arrive, a black, stretch limo pulls to a stop, and a sharp dressed man in a silk Armani suit hops out. Tony, eager for new talent, comes to hear the mystery band perform. To the astonishment of the surrounding guests, it’s the former loser.

During the reunion, Tony bonds with Fred, Jeff, Todd, and Mike as they converse about the evolving trends in music and pop culture over the past four decades. Later, The Geezers take the stage, to a thunderous roar of applause from the alumni who recognize the old band. The stage is adorned  with  70s memorabilia—Elvis Presley’s coffin, peace symbols, a Rocky Horror poster, a Mr.Spock decanter,  and a pair of roller skates, below a large flag announcing: THE MELLOW GEEZERS – OVER WHAT HILL?

After the reunion, Tony takes the band to a local bar. Toying their drinks and swizzle sticks, they discuss their future. “Fellas, you’ve gotta go part time on your day jobs in order to pursue this,” Tony encourages.  Their sensible wives agree that dealing with a midlife crisis by playing in a band is preferable to fast cars, and alluring young women. Judging by their strut, Tony sees star potential in these old farts, and he’s convinced he’s found something new. He further envisions a TV show like American Idol in Mid-life Crisis. For the optimistic Geezers, success is on the horizon, and their goal of releasing a record and gigging is a step closer to reality. Between recording sessions, the band travels relentlessly up and down the east coast playing small bars. The geezers begin to feel like old geezers; relics of their former selves. Age catches up with them, except for Todd.

*** Over What Hill? will be there their first studio album, released in 2008. The set includes:

1) Over What Hill? – 4:50                       6) Where’s My 6Pak Gone? – 2:20                               
2) Age Is Just A # – 4:54                     7) Sy Sperling Blues – 3:00
3) It’s The SPAM MESSAGE (Not Me, Not Me) – 4:45               8) Love Handle Rap – 2:48
4) Wheelchair Boogie– 5:21                     9) Fizzies & Kool-Aid – 3:03
5) Cholesterol Swing– 5:04                            10) Email the Female – 5:00

In 2008, The Mellow Geezers album sells a modest 1,976 copies, which is enough to pay off some of their debt. Fred, Mike, and Jeff have achieved nirvana, and can go back to their normal lives, while concluding that rock and roll is, indeed for the younger generation.

Todd signs with another reformed band, and spends his mid-life crisis going on a world tour, while Tony goes back to L.A. to find investors for a feature film based on his experiences with the Geezers.
*** All songs written by René Paul de la Varre

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Re: The Mellow Geezers Synopsis For Review; Have Publisher, Want Film
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Wat type of film are u wanting this to be?

Comedy? Drama? Adventure? Road Movie?

I guess it's a comedy adventure, as i cant find any conflict or tension in the synopsis anywhere. There dont appear to be any problems, and everyone achieves wat they want. Therefore, it cudnt work as a drama.

Oh, and at the end, u say they sell enough copies to repay a bit of their debt.

wat debt? did i miss summat?

Other than that, it seem OK. This type of film would be carried by its characters, so a lot would depend on their structure. I think that maybe it might be more interesting if they didnt all grow up to be similar people with similar jobs and similar lives, which was the vibe i was getting.

Anyhoo, let me know how it works out.