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A Walk
« on: July 05, 2008, 04:31:42 PM »
A Walk

Toward the golden crest I strive, its grassy brow aglow with heavenís light
Thankful Iím a live- a survivor of the night.

Smoke rising far behind me, still my heartís bent for hallowed climes
But in my mind I see burnt memories of all my death stained times,

That dog my war worn heart, for once another man was I
For when the war did start, I gladly pulled my trigger and made other people die.   

Clawing up my back, all those people I put I down,
For all I would retract and spare those precious souls I left lifeless on the ground.

Glory honor; deadly pretence, the first to die on bloodied battle soil,
Blood lust is not defense; happy hatred of our neighbors was our only spoil.

Still their smoke is rising, where once grain swayed and dance upon the summer breeze,
Shame shall ever be chastising, for I ignored their prayers offered on their bloody knees. 

Sweet victory was ours; we marched so proudly our red knives glistened in the sun,
But guilt now quickly sours every war time recollection of every time I fired my gun.

How dare I think of blessing when I cursed the little ones and put their fathers in the dirt,
A thousand years confessing could not undo that heartless hateful hurt.

Atop the shining hill I turn to make my way back down,
To set my soul to burn, when light falls down upon me like a golden crown.

Above me angels sway, their robes fly and flutter dancing in an astral breeze,
There on my knees I pray as the Gracious God of Heaven hears all my heart felt pleas.

Suddenly Iím flying, Angels gladly part the way,
As I realize that Iím dieing, bound for Heaven on this my blessed final day.