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New site for promoting your book
« on: July 04, 2008, 04:49:52 AM »

Not sure where this should be, but the brilliant site has just launched a site for writers to publicise their books, plus advice and offers for unpublished authors about independent publishing and promotion. If you have a self-published or independently published book, can publicise your book, offer downloadable extracts to attract readers and even link your book to the original site. It's free to register and they offer a range of pricing options for promoting your work.

If, like me, you're an as yet unpublished author, they are offering independent publishing packages with the same options for promotion at the end of it. Or, if you just want to visit as a reader and discover some brilliant new writers, you can do this too!

I can thoroughly recommend this site - I've discovered so many authors through Lovereading's downloadable chapters and they have always supported independently published authors on their site.

Check it out at:

Hope it helps!

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Re: New site for promoting your book
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Prices start from 100 ...
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