Author Topic: THE BUZZ. short poem type thing. sexuality.  (Read 1443 times)

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THE BUZZ. short poem type thing. sexuality.
« on: June 21, 2008, 05:37:01 PM »

My heart be still.
He's looking into my eyes with such desire.
Jims touch is electric
as his fingertips move over my skin.
I nearly cry out.
His mouth a silky appendage of sweet torture.
His skin against mine.
Our foreheads meet.
He kisses my lids as they close.
This is it.
Jim will finally be inside me.
His strokes will bring me
to an escstasy
i've never know.
I can feel it!
"Jim" I cry out....

My weary eyes open.
The alarm buzzing about.
Another exciting dream
has plagued my night.
It only means
another cold shower
will rule my morning.

Must be 18 or older to come on over and show some skin.