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Seeking to Exorcise The Demon: II
« on: June 19, 2008, 07:34:29 AM »
I have a lead.

I came up with something that cross-referenced possible cures for my dark illness. The problem is, the remedy is a mystery, a myth and one that everyone believes in but no one can prove. This cure could be the only chance I have of becoming mortal again of putting an end to my anguish.
This cure, well, is the cup of Christ. Yes, I know it brings a smile to ones face but the fact is I have to believe in something, and this is surely my solution, my repast.

It is said in arcane writings that the cup, the chalice of Christ can cure. Here is the good part now, listen close; it is said the cup of Christ can exorcise the demon. Is that not what I am, what I became on that island ages ago off the Indian coast?

So, I am seeking the Grail and have been for nearly a hundred years, ninety eight to be exact. It started as a lucky find a small mention of the healing powers of the cup; the more I dug the more I found hope.

According to legend, the cup Jesus Christ used at the Last Supper (when exhorting his apostles to vampirism) was saved by a certain Joseph of Arimathea. Joseph, for reasons incomprehensible to anyone but himself, used the cup to catch some stray blood dripping from Jesus during the Crucifixion.
Subsequent to this, Joseph took off for parts unknown, where he eventually deposited this cup in a weirdly unreachable location for safekeeping... Against whomever.

Over the centuries I have accumulated and spent many a fortune. Now I will use my vast wealth and experience to mount a search, the most incredible search of all time; the search for the Holy Grail. I will find the chalice and when I do, I will rescue my soul!

Pin-ping, a sound wakes me from a red nightmare that is the bitter reflection of my life. The Captain turned off the seat belt warning and now we can move around on my private jet; it’s of medium size and full of leather, polished wood and luxury. I never took to flying and hate being in the air. I am afraid this is the result of my ancient sensibilities at play. I have a good crew who I’ve come to trust and of course Sahmir, my faithful assistant.

I found Sahmir in the dusty ghettos of Marrakech. A young Berber waif who was living off pick pocketing tourists and the sale of anything he could get his hands on. He was only eleven then and had mastered four languages. His savvy streetwise toughness and quick honest smile made me give him a chance. I took him in and honed his talents and offered only friendship, education and respect. He took to honest work and research fast. He truly enjoyed reading scrolls and manuscripts and became a proper student. Soon he was doing translations at an amazing rate and became an invaluable resource to my cause.

I got him into Oxford and over the years he has aged and become a companion of sorts. Now he is greyed and in good shape for a man in his early sixties. Long, lean and dark, there is wisdom in his lined face and onyx eyes. He is perhaps the only human alive who knows my secret.

Sahmir would assist in all my affairs and sadly gave up the life of a scholar to help me with my search. He never had time for a wife though there were women. He somehow remained stalwart and true in his promise to help cure me and give me back my mortality.

I got up and stretched noticing Sahmir still sleeping snoring a bit more than I remembered. I went to the bar and poured cold water and squeezed a lemon into the glass, seeds flying. Ninety eight years of research and finally the beginning. Our first stop would be Israel, Palestine to be exact.

Landing in Tel Aviv was like dropping into a shoddy dust bowl, with a bump and a screech we were safely on the ground. The tower had given us clear orders and had set a hangar aside for us to disembark in. Coming out the door and onto the steps I was hit by a blanket of dry heat. At the bottom of the stairs the customs folks were there and the crew were already handing over papers. I rarely ever had any interaction with officials.

The sun reflected off the tinted glass of the low slung armored limousine and I looked out at the wash of humanity seeing nothing. I broke from my daydream surprised by a huge wall and gate system, the driver bickering, Sahmir was offering cash to the guard. We were now moving away from the West Bank and into the Palestinian zone, the kingdom of Judea, in my day Canaan.

Our meeting was with an Imam named El Hasar Bamihr. He was to double check an ancient codex we obtained with we hoped a clue. It was written in old Arabic and there were only a handful of freelancers that could translate it properly for us. There were many scholars who could do this but they tended to be curious and jaded.

The old Imam was stooped with Rheumatism and had an odd limp. He looked to be over a hundred but the hard life and potent sun here made one age fast. He stooped over his marble table shakily holding a magnifying glass. He muttered something. Though good with Arabic I could not understand him. Sahmir leaned in close and whispered back, “What holy one, what did you say?” The ancient little Imam turned and said in clear modern Arabic “in Petra lies the cornerstone, when Allah shines be supine and the way to redemption is clear.”

He smiled a toothless grin and placed a shaking hand on my shoulder.

With shocking speed he withdrew his hand from my shoulder as if being burnt. His face went ashen and he turned as if to run then collapsed to the stone floor.

I quickly reached down to examine the Imam and felt a slow but steady pulse. The door opened with a crash and a group of clerics stormed in “What has happened here?” they demanded quickly surrounding Sahmir and me. Sahmir spoke quickly in Arabic explaining how the elderly Imam had simply collapsed, but I knew different, I knew exactly what had happened for it had happened to me before. Some mortals, very few indeed are mediums and with a touch they see what I truly am, what I became those many centuries ago. They see a demon. The Imam is very old and he simply fainted from the fear of what he saw.

I was afraid I would have to use my preternatural powers to assist in our escape, when the old man stirred and began to mumble in Arabic about modern monsters.

We carefully and diplomatically made a quick retreat mentioning I had another appointment, at first I thought they would attempt to hold us captive but a young cleric looked me in the eyes searching and delegated in loud clear Arabic, “they may go: get our brother some cold water.”

Cruising at a decent speed through the ghettos, the sleek limousine filtered the cacophony of sounds and smells. I was lost in thought when the wall and gates appeared, we were moving back into the west bank now and towards the airport.

Our next destination Petra, in the country of Jordon.

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Re: Seeking to Exorcise The Demon: II
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2008, 09:27:20 AM »
Hi Chris
This story is coming along nicely mate.
Looking forward to more. Just a little bit
of tightening up needed. I have a vague
feeling I know where the story is going
and it would be interesting to know if I
am right. :)
Well done

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Re: Seeking to Exorcise The Demon: II
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2008, 06:55:55 AM »
Wow, somebody read it. Mairi, I can always count on you to take a moment from your day to read my dribble.



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Re: Seeking to Exorcise The Demon: II
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Oops  :-[

I read it Chris, but was at work and got distracted by having to work (how inconsiderate of them) and then forgot to comment when i got home *slaps own wrist*

It's progressing as i'd expect, although using the Grail as the cure was unexpected. As long as we dont see the knights that go "Ni!" or the vorpel rabbit, i'm still interested to see where it leads. :)
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Re: Seeking to Exorcise The Demon: II
« Reply #4 on: June 28, 2008, 09:57:04 PM »
I loved it. And can't wait for more. Thank you for the great stories that you enthrall us with.


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Re: Seeking to Exorcise The Demon: II
« Reply #5 on: June 29, 2008, 02:39:29 PM »
Dedelite,  Thank you for reading and the wonderful comment.