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Over The hills Part 1 and 2
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Piper Cove was a picturesque village, right down to the seventeenth century Pipe and Whistle Inn with its slate roof and black and white fascia. The narrow cobble streets attracted visitors worldwide. Bay-fronted curio shops, mouth-watering tearooms and locally-grown produce add to its old world charm.      ``

Dale strolled down the cliff path that surrounded the Cove. He never tired of the walk through the lush green hills, always pausing at the top, absorbing the detail of the seemingly minute town below. Reaching the beach, he leapt on to the harbour wall and scanned the stranded boats dotted about the wet sand before heading for the pier.

“Hiya, Sally,” Dale said, squeezing past the puppeteer. He nearly knocked her over with his guitar case as she pushed home the tent pegs for the stripy canvas theatre. “Whoa!” He grabbed her by the back of her top, and yanked her upright.

“Phew! Babe, you're such a flippin' klutz,” she said, a wide grin crossing her flustered face.

Laughing, Dale said “Yeah I know Sal, but you still love me”, he wriggled the last two pegs into the sand for her before weighting down the apron with cobbles.

 “Last day then; gawd, I hope the crowds are feeling generous!” Sally plucked the grotesque Punch and Judy from the trunk, and kicked the lid shut.

“They will be Sal I'm gettin' good vibes.” he said, stepping backwards toward the entertainer’s area.

“Well make sure you don't hog all those vibes,” she said jokingly.

“I won't, I got somethin' special for the finale. You'll stay on won'tcha?” A twinge of sadness gnawed at Dale's heart. The loss of Sal's husband in the lifeboat accident had left her with little heart to carry on with the puppet show.   

“Of course I will babe, wouldn't miss it for the world,” she said. “I'll even pass round the hat for you.”

The beach entertainment season had not been a good one, and money was in short supply. Dale knew that some of the tourists had come to Piper Cove to forget their troubles at home. Most were only increasing their problems by taking a holiday they couldn't afford. Some stepped into a make- believe life for a while, wearing large smiles and behaving totally out of character, before heading back to their mundane lives. For Dale, happiness and music are the keys to everything. He hoped his own happiness would be fulfilled today.

The young man was popular with the beach entertainers, his infectious enthusiasm and bubbly personality, softened the hardest of hearts. Even Mojo, the clown, ever the pessimist, warmed to him and gave a cheery wave as he passed. No one knew where Dale came from, but nobody cared, they were happy to be in his company.

Placing the battered guitar case on the sand below the pier, Dale started whistling the melody of the pier's carousel ride; he bobbed his head back and forth to the tune, floppy, dark blonde hair bouncing as he moved. Bending over to open the case, his bum cheeks wiggled involuntarily as his ears tuned in to the lyrics of ‘Sugar Pie Honey Bunch.' He picked the guitar up by its neck and thrust it back and forth as if it was his dance partner, fingers drumming the body in time with the beat. Dale was into his music before playing a single note.

“Ya soppy sod,” Belle said, hobbling toward him with her donkey, who matched her limp for limp.

“Hey Belle, you got to go with the beat,” he grinned, grabbing her hand and swinging her arm.

“You’re like sunshine in a bottle Dale, that's for sure,” she smiled; crevices appeared on her dark leathery skin. Her tone of voice sent a different message to Dale.

 “What's wrong, Belle?” he asked, with concern.

“Ahh! It's Paddy, I can't keep him no more Dale. He's getting old like me see, and his arthritis is pretty much as bad as mine. The donkey sanctuary won't take him and I'm just not making enough to keep him...” She swallowed down the lump that threatened to trigger the tears, floating at the corners of her eyes.

Dale smiled, then threw his arms round Belle like an excited child, giving her a huge hug and a sloppy kiss. He took a step back, keeping both hands on her shoulders, and looked the old lady in the eye; “Belle! Don't cry love. I promise on my life, Paddy and you will be alright.”

She searched his hypnotic brown eyes. Dale could see she was looking for some spark of hope in them. 'Go on ol' girl, go deeper, you’ll find the peace you crave,' he thought.

Belle saw the concern in his eyes and felt comforted. She tied Paddy to a mooring post, then, stroking his thick grey mane she sighed, “It's his last day today, as well as yours Dale, I thought it fitting that he come to your last performance.” Belle shuffled away her shoulders slumped in defeat.

“Belle!” he yelled after her, “Make sure you're here for the end of the show, promise me.” His voice pleaded, as if his life depended on it.

She turned to him, a sad smile crossing her face, “Course I'll be here sunshine, I wouldn't miss it.”

The beach shops had opened; the performers had started to arrive. Punch and Judy were knocking seven bells out of each other in front of bored children most of whom  would rather be at home playing on a computer, parental enthusiasm was really boring.

Deck chairs were filling up with people, some smiling, others not. A fair number were sprawled about, preferring to stay on the softness of the sand. The tide was far out and only the enthusiastic exercise fanatics braved the long walk for a swim. The aroma of fish and chips, mixed with candy floss, filled the air and a feint whiff of onions drifted in the direction of the decked stage alongside the pier.

Dale smelt the onions, realised he was hungry and decided it was time for a hot dog. He climbed over bodies lying on the sand, misjudged his step, and tripped over the sour-faced lady wearing a red bikini top and shiny leggings that gave an appearance of cottage cheese wrapped in cling film.

“Oi! Clumsy bleeder,” she said, scowling at him, then laughed as Dale fell, landing face to face with a very surprised boxer dog.

“Oueff! Sorry love,” Dale apologised.

The dog sniffed, then licked at Dale's face. "Gerroff'! Ha ha, gerroff'!" The friendly dog's tongue tried to invade his nostrils, drool dripped on Dale’s chin. Clambering to his knees he took the dogs face in his hands ruffling his ears 'You're a beaut,' he thought 'I wish you were mine.'

He brushed the sand from his waistcoat, stood up and decided to skirt the rest of the bodies, he sauntered toward the hot dog stand, the aroma of fried onions exciting his taste buds. “Hey! Gio do us a big ‘un will yah, loads of mustard.”

“Always say you sound as 'eef you have, eh, how you say? l'indigestione,'” Gio laughed.

“Shuddupa' your face” Dale teased, understanding exactly what Gio meant.

Soft hands covered Dale's eyes, butterflies jitter-bugged in his tummy; he knew instantly that it was Jez. He squirmed away from her tiny fingers and lifted her petite frame into his arms spinning her in a circle. Her contrary curls, bounced across her creamy cheeks, covering her dancing green eyes.

“You came, Jez,” he said, his face flush with pure delight.

“Course I came Dale, I wouldn't miss it. You know that,” giggling, the tiny twenty year-old grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the promenade.

“Hey, the hot dog!” Gio yelled.

“Oops!” Dale ran back to the stand, gave Gio the money, and bit off a huge mouthful; mustard oozed down his chin.

  “Blimey! I thought you were gonna' swallow it whole,” Jez said, playfully tapping him on the stomach.

“Come on, quick, the clowns are about to start,” Dale nudged her towards the bustling crowd.

'Entrance of the gladiators,' exploded from the speakers, happy faces cheered as the clowns scattered before them, scurrying and somersaulting into position. Dale and Jez weaved between the crowd, stopping in front of the wooden boards embedded in the sand.

With a lavish flutter Coco produced a bunch of multi-coloured flowers from his patchwork coat. He sniffed the artificial blooms before tripping over his gigantic boots and tumbling beside a row of seated children.  Giggles and tears erupted. One little girl was so terrified she dropped her ice cream and  darted through the legs of the man behind, pinching his thigh as she forced her way through. Her mum sidestepped the man and followed in hot pursuit.

Another child caught Dale's attention. The little boy watched Beppo juggling his hoops, whilst stealing furtive glances at the other kids who all seemed to have some sort of edible delight. It struck Dale as odd that he was the only child without a sticky mess around his mouth. The boy’s mother licked greedily at a cone, her long reptilian tongue flicked out rapidly like a lizard capturing its prey. Dale saw the little boy tug on his mum's skirt pointing at her ice cream, and then winced when her hand answered the child with a cuff round the head. 'Some people don't deserve kids,' he thought.

Mojo went into his comedy routine on the unicycle, his skilful manoeuvres made it appear as if the cycle was a clever extension to his body. The melodic tones of, 'The Entertainer,' gave the other clowns the cues they needed to juggle the skittles over his head as he feigned falling off. Everyone clapped at the antics; the crowd were in a receptive mood and cheered the jollities along. The finale was Mojo jumping the spaced planks, after several failed attempts.

Dale pulled Jez through the applauding crowd to the staged area. He had to get ready and he wanted to talk to her before he went on.

“Jez, you know how I feel about you don't you?” he said, plucking unruly tendrils from her face.

She gazed into his eyes and saw the intensity of his question. Hot red patches appeared on her neck and cheeks, “I feel the same Dale,” her eyelids drooped as her colour intensified.

“I won't be back here again Jez.” Dale tipped her chin with his forefinger, searching for her reaction.

“B...but what about us?” Tears spilled from her almond shaped eyes, big rolling tears that splashed her bikini clad breasts like raindrops.

“Don't cry Jez, please don't cry,” He drew her into his arms stroking her back and kissing her head,   the fragrance of freesias wafted from her hair. Dale realised she wouldn't be able to understand, but somehow he had to get through to her, he had to make her see.

“You could come with me,” Dale lifted her onto the edge of the stage and clasped her soft hands in his.

“What?” she looked at him sniffing, trying to stop a slow trail of snot from reaching her top lip. Without thinking Dale tugged his sleeve into the palm of his hand and wiped the glistening moisture from her eyes and nose.

“Come with me Jez. I love you hon', please take a chance on me, on us,” he said intently.

“W...what!” she stared deep into eyes that, somehow, had taken on the appearance of a tawny sea, waves crashing against a black rock . “B...but where are you going?”

“Does it really matter as long as we are together?”

“M…my job, my friends, we've only known each other six weeks.”

“Six hours, six weeks, I know how I feel. Do you?” his heart beat ricocheted against his chest, bullets of hope desperate in their intent.

“I can't just go today, I have things to get ready, I...”

“Jez it's today or never, trust me, come with me.”

“Wow! I don't believe I am going to say this but, Yes. Yes, I'll come. I love you Dale.”

Whisking her off the stage he spun her round holding her tight against his body before a long lingering kiss exploded the fireworks in his mind. He squeezed her close, they laughed in unison.

“You must listen carefully Jez, when I go into the last song no matter what happens, follow me. Do you understand? When I start 'Over the hills,' I cannot come back for you, just follow. Promise me. Don't go away.”


“No questions, promise me.”

The urgency of his voice had her spell bound. She searched his eyes once more, nibbling her bottom lip before half whispering, “I promise.”

Wiping away the sand that had settled on his guitar, Dale thought about Belle. He knew he had to lie to her, it was the only way, the truth was much, much worse.

Angry black clouds started to form in the sky, the creeping calm of the incoming tide gave the appearance of an army, forming an attack. Foamy overlapping greens, blues and browns approaching from three different directions.

He walked over to Paddy who was happily munching on an apple. Stroking the donkey's coarse hair at the top of his nose he whispered into his crinkly, upright ears. Anybody watching would have sworn Paddy was actually listening.

“Well slap me with a wet fish, I thought I was the only loony that talked to animals,” Belle laughed, her hobble seemed more prominent as she limped toward him.

“Nah! I am soppy sod too,” he laughed. “Belle I’ve got some fantastic news for you. A guy I know is prepared to take Paddy. He will have a great home for sure. The only problem is you got to meet up with him now ‘cos he won't be back this way again.”

“What? Where? He won't be put down?” Excited questions spilled from her mouth.

“You and Paddy have got to climb the footpath Belle; he is waiting at the picnic area.” Dale said, pointing toward the cliff top.

“Ahw, Sunshine I will never make it love. Me ol' bones just won't...!”

For the second time that day Dale placed both hands on her frail shoulders and looked deep into her weary eyes. His own shoulders clenched with tension. The serious look on his young face gave an appearance of someone much older than his years

“You can do this. Trust me. Paddy will help you.”

Belle's eyes locked on his hypnotic stare, unblinking, intense. She glanced at the donkey then back at Dale, a smile forming on her lips, spread to a beaming grin.

“Okay, I will do it.”

“Oo hoo!” he squealed, as his body relaxed, “Now off you go and I’ll meet ya' at the top.”

“You really are a big kid.” she chuckled. Freeing the tether from the mooring post, Paddy and Belle headed off toward the footpath.

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Re: Over The hills Part 1 and 2
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Hmmmmm...   *wonders what is gonna happen next*

also wondering if the "Over the hills" tune is the one played so much in the TV series "Sharpe" ??

;D ;D ;D
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Re: Over The hills Part 1 and 2
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The build up comes next mate. ;D

No the music 'Over the hills' is an original track by a young singer songwriter and I have the permission to use it.

Thanks for reading Andrew. :)


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Re: Over The hills Part 1 and 2
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 This is great/brilliant/fab. I love it, especially things like the mum's tongue flicking out like a lizard. The whole scene is beautifully described right the way through. I said before that this is what you do best and I think this proves it. There's great dialogue, a touch of humour, and fabulous scene setting. You need a more advanced person than me to advise any changes - this is beyond me mate. Well done!   ;D


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Re: Over The hills Part 1 and 2
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Hay Ma!!  Love the Hat! ;D  What will you be wearing for Ascot??? ::)

Anyway Sweetie....grrr...I wanted to find just one incy wincy thing to crit..but!!  Oh No!...'Lil Miss Perfect' comes up trumps again!!  >:(

One little girl was so terrified she dropped her ice cream and  darted through the legs of the man behind, pinching his thigh as she went through. Her panic stricken mum followed in hot pursuit.

Loved this discriptive.I could actually see what was going on very clearly!! ;D

 :-[ < me being jealous!!

Rowena x

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Re: Over The hills Part 1 and 2
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Hi Orph and Rowena
Thank you for being so kind.
Take care
Mairi :)