Author Topic: So Barack Obama clinched it...  (Read 37141 times)

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Re: So Barack Obama clinched it...
« Reply #255 on: November 16, 2008, 11:36:36 AM »
Add on all the community initiatives since the mid 80's and he doesn't look like the rookie he's made out to be.

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Re: So Barack Obama clinched it...
« Reply #256 on: November 17, 2008, 03:53:52 PM »
Forgive my ignorance...this is however a serious question.

What are Obamas policies?

His rise seems, by all accounts, quite meteoric. What is his history?


The core of Obama's "meteoric" rise is based on the fact that he is entire campaign was funded by individual donations. He owes $0.00 To any special interest group and therefore can make policies or changes as he sees fit.

His policies (off the top my head...)

Forcing health insurance companies to provide total cover without discrimination
... Currently in the states if an individual discovers they have a illness like cancer/sickle cell, the insurance company can (by law) refuse that individual cover and health care costs on the grounds that the illness is hereditary.  ::)

Provide tax cuts to companies that keep jobs in the united states... As it stands companies that outsource their jobs to places like china are eligible to claim the same tax breaks as companies who employ an 101% American workforce...

Aim to make America energy independent within 8-10 years.
He plans to do this by providing grants to auto makers that are willing to invest in new technology/the production of fuel efficient vehicles of tomorrow... Vehicles that use new fuels like the bp's 'gas/petrol to air' and exxonmobils clean fuel tech. And also by investing/harnessing alternative forms of energy like wind/solar and bio fuels which would drastically reduce fuel bills and also stop placing billions in saudi pockets (which of course has implications on national defense and terror spending.)

Commit the states to all the global initiatives on climate change that Bush refused...
Nothing more needs to be said here...

Engage in talks with states that hold a "unfavorable" view of America...
As opposed to bush's policy of Bomb first and ask questions later...

Withdraw all troops from Iraq and invest the ten billion America currently spends in Iraq back into the domestic economy...

Close torture Guantanamo bay...

His most popular policy with young voters: Enable any student willing to invest his time in the local community (community organisers/national service/social care/social assistance etc etc) with the funds to attend Uni... Basically uni fees in the states are astronomical. However, should the student commit to assist in goverenment programs beneficial to that state or community. Their uni fees will be taken care of...

Reduce the cost of medicine...
Pharmaceutical companies basically collude and can price (again by law) their product at  whatever $ they see fit.

Tighten gun laws...
Take military designed hardware out of the domestic trade ie ak47s, Oozies, and chain guns...

Regulate wall street::)... About time!!!

Obviously there tons more but the ground breaking thing is that by giving a particular political party large donations, industries then hold clout with that party and in turn can get laws introduced that allow them to make zillions. Obama's campaign has largely been about reversing that trend.

He was funded by the people... And from early on refused money from every industry/cooperation. All of whom were practically salivating at the mouth and losing their minds because they couldn't donate. This particular aspect of his campaign is what allowed him to beat Hillary Clinton in the primaries. Particularly since she was funded by those very same special interest groups. 

Interestingly enough the same system of special interest donations applies here in the U.K. For instance, the wholesale cost of fuel (heating and electricity) has dropped drastically. However, we the consumer are yet to benefit from this reduction in cost. In short the reason is that the ceo's came together and donated to Blair/Brown and in turn can basically charge us whatever they please. ::)

But what's most worrying to me is that the same insurance companies that have obliterated the health care system in the States are starting to rear their heads here. And their 'donations' have already been made  :-[



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Re: So Barack Obama clinched it...
« Reply #257 on: November 17, 2008, 05:51:40 PM »
I always thought of Microsoft as big business.

Education here is big business, especially when they have their hands out for grants that fund private research.

Obama's campaign contributors.
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Re: So Barack Obama clinched it...
« Reply #258 on: November 17, 2008, 08:23:32 PM »
Thank you, Booby, for  articulating things so well.  I have "gut" feelings about Obama, but you put it into words.
Thanks. Ishtar
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