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Sir Nigel

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Clearout - a poem
« on: May 20, 2008, 03:52:11 AM »

I felt a tinge of regret
as I hurled you into the skip
You were old and worn out,
gathering dust in the garage.
No good to anyone.
Years ago the children grew out of you
They’re too big now
even to hold hands.
I’d lifted them out, wrestled them back in,
pushed them, whee-ed them, raced them.
They slept the sleep of angels, cried, demanded, chuckled,
and were sick in you.
They pushed you too.
You survived that
and baggage handlers
and rocky beaches
and dusty rutted roads
and lethal half built Spanish pavements.

But your time is gone
so I threw you into a skip.
You clattered onto an old cooker
and lay there forlornly
like junk.
It seemed an undeserved end.
Poor little buggy.
I watched you and thought how they grow so fast
‘til a fella with a telly said Excuse me.