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The Man of Sorrows 2 (Revised)
« on: May 18, 2008, 02:27:46 PM »
The Man of Sorrows

Part One Reprise:

 And the truth was Chaos - mayhem, bloodshed, rape and murder were taking place in the town beyond the temple.
It was like the 'Hell' section of Bosch's 'Garden of Earthly Delights' come to life. I saw not only Antwerp destroyed,
but  also Eden itself. I saw the witch trials, I saw the death camps, I saw famine, disease, and Death himself.

 It was obscene, it was intoxicating, and was a revelation meant only for me.

Part Two

  I pressed Andreas for information. Old films were his passion, and he was very knowledgable about the silent era.

  "What do you know of this Reinhardt fellow, Andreas?"

  He turned towards me, and opened a rather forlorn-looking copy of 'Sternenlicht' Magazine.

  "Not much, but there's a little information about him here, how he became an actor, and a little about his career. It says that he began his youth as a thief."

 "Go on..."

 "Well, one night, he broke into Dieter Weber's mansion, in Berlin. You know Weber, the director who made 'Barbarossa', 'The Death of God', and 'Gilles de Rais', of course?"

  "Yes, I've heard of him."

   "Apparently, Reinhardt was in the middle of bagging Herr Direktor's crystal collection when Weber disturbed him. But instead of shooting young Klaus, he offered him some the very crystal glass he was holding!"

  This article was becoming more preposterous by the moment.

  "Perhaps he wanted to celebrate the fact that he was well insured.", I mocked.

  "Not quite - Weber began praising Reinhardt's profile, his lithe body, his presence, etcetera - of course, Weber was quite a predatory homosexual, and an opportunist like Reinhardt would have guessed this swiftly; he knew he was being courted, but when one has a choice between prison or an audition, that really is no choice. Reinhardt was invited to stay the night, an audition was scheduled, and the rest is...biology; the young man was now the subject of a more flamboyant queen than England has ever had".

  "It doesn't really say that, does it?". I was perplexed.

  "No, I filled in the gaps - I've heard rumours about Reinhardt and Weber for years."

  "What about the films? Have you seen many of them?".

  "Only the ones I've mentioned. Some were lost, others were confiscated by the State."


  Andreas look a little shocked at my question.

 "Well, because of the murders, of course...the killing that took place in every film made by Weber and Reinhardt. You witnessed some of them yourself just now...".

 "My God, if I could speak to Klaus Reinhardt, or Weber...I have so much to ask them."

 "Weber is dead, he died in a concentration camp in '39."

 "And Reinhardt?".

 "He went into hiding after the War. But his disciples are still around."

 Andreas appeared distracted, irritable.


 "Yes, yes, what else could you call that rabble? Even his fellow actors were devoted to him, let alone the scum - the criminals, the whores, the Kabarett performers...all of Berlin's lowlife."

 "I don't understand, why would people be so devoted to a killer?"

 "Because he offered them freedom from responsibility, or at least, he appeared to."

 "Responsibility for what?".

 "Their sins. You see, they all believed that he was the Perfect Man."

 "Like in 'Tanchelin', the film?".

 "My friend, Klaus Reinhardt was Tanchelin."

  Obviously, I was shocked by this, and puzzled. Andreas seemed somewhat disillusioned.
He had known far more about Reinhardt than he had told me, that was certain.

 "What do you really know of Reinhardt, Andreas?".

 "Enough. More than enough. You should steer clear of him."

 "Do you know where any of his old acquaintances live?"

 "Yes, I'll tell you. But don't seek out Reinhardt himself, Paul - you'll lose your soul."

   I wanted to tell my friend the truth - I had no soul to lose.

  Let me tell you something of my former life. I was seven years old when my father gave me a small, illustrated Bible. Such a thing of beauty it was, but then, poison has often been served in a golden chalice. My name, 'Paul Jaeger' was etched in gold on the cover. At first I judged the volume's worth by the wonderful colour pictures rather than the cold black text surrounding them - as I opened the book, light seemed to escape from it's pages. I saw this man Jesus, a remarkable man, telling others that they should live by his flawless example, by his code. But this was a cruel dream for me, a sickening fantasy.

  I tried so hard to be like Him, but my wretched life made this an impossibility, and I grew to hate that precious book. The pictures bled pastel colours, their beauty faded, and I saw the world, my world, only in tones of black and grey. My father had demanded that I enter the Church, as his father had done, but I had lost the little faith I had ever possessed. My father beat me until I reconsidered...he was so unlike the Christian saviour, yet I couldn't help but see the similarity both of them wanted to control me, and both had punishment in mind should I resist.

  I tore my Bible into pieces one night, after yet another beating. That beautiful book mocked me, I felt that Jesus himself had lied about the Heaven that awaits those who suffer; I had died and gone to Hell many times in my seven years, and so had divined the real truth. I learned the uncompromising commands of the Father they were beaten into me until I obeyed them, and I knew full well the seductive voice of the Son, the Liar.  As the years slowly passed, I resolved that I would never be lied to again.

  Andreas, my only friend, had led me into a world without lies; I have never returned.
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Re: The Man of Sorrows 2 (Revised)
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*does a dance*

I am so going to file this...  ;D ;D ;D

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Re: The Man of Sorrows 2 (Revised)
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It was great to read this again Dink. ;)

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Re: The Man of Sorrows 2 (Revised)
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Blimey, you have a file titled 'Pretentious Piffle', Lou?? ;D ;D

Thanks for reading, both :) :)
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Re: The Man of Sorrows 2 (Revised)
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 ;D It doesn't have a name. It mysteriously has this icon of a posh pirate doing a heroic pose...

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Re: The Man of Sorrows 2 (Revised)
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Ye seem ta be a brilliant writer. I'd sail to hell n back withya on me crew if ya be askin'
May tha shark god be as impressed as I am with yer work me boy.

Katang ;D