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 I am just wondering what antone thinks about my work.I have never written anything before as you can see,but what the heck take a look. ;)
    The T.V is on and Dr. Steve Stevens is busy in his studies as he stops and does some channel surfing. As he is doing so he noticed that gas prices are soaring to over 6.00 a gallon and it seems the politics are different from years past and he starts to notice that something doesnít seem right.
  As he starts to sit and get more involved in what is going on the T.V the phone rings and its his co-worker Bob and he seems to be frantic on the phone. Dr. Stevens tries to calm Bob down and tries to make sense of what Bob is trying to say.
  After a few minutes Bob calms down enough to tell Steve that he has just finally finished his studies on nasturtiums quatrains and the mystery of the Mayan calendar and the year 2012 and he has deciphered the code and he was scared of things to come.
   Steve was not much into what he saw as physic mumbo jumbo and end of the world theories, but Bob was his friend and he did not want to seem to not care about his friends work, even though he thought he was a little nutty and too involved in his work.
   Dr. Stevens turns the T.V off and grabs his keys and heads out in the middle of the night in what he think is just another of his friends hysterical out burst about how the world was going to come to an  end .
    As he is driving he noticed up in the night sky what appeared to be the comet he heard about while he was channel surfing ,he was amazed but not really interested ,since it was just another Halleyís comet or something and even though he thought it was cool to see it was no big deal.
     He finally makes it over to Bobís house and he noticed something strange. Usually Bobís house always seems to be so lively ,but this time there was an eerie feeling about the home but he ignored it and rang the door bell .In fact he rang it several times before Bob came to the door and answered it.
   Hey, Bob what so important that you have to get me out of my house in the middle of the night?
  (Bob)Oh, It serious.
(Steve)Well before we get to serious, Can I have a beer?
(Bob) Sure, I guess I owe you one huh?
     Bob goes to the kitchen and gets Steve his beer, while Steve hangs in the den and looks around and noticed that there are charts and drawing strewed all over the place it seems Bob was really into his work.
   (Steven) So, Bob. What you been up to lately? Did you fire your maid,this place looks like shit?
 (Bob) No I just gave her and extended vacation after my ex accused me of screwing her.
 (Steven)My type  of maid.
 (Bob)Well have  you noticed anything different? ,as far as what you seen and hear on T.V in the last several of months.
(Steve)No, Not really, same stuff, gas is going up, the presidential race is heating up and the sky is falling(As he looks out the window and looks at the comet).
  (Bob) Itís all there (As he points to the charts and calendars strewed around the room) it has always been there all we needed to do is take a look and find out the truth.
(Steve) Truth what truth? What are you talking about?
(Bob)The end of the world, the antichrist .His here and  he is going to become our president.
(Steve) Bob you gone and lost it, just lost it .I know you been down since your wife left you, but this is a little to much. Youíre talking about the end of the worlds and if that is not enough you think that our next president is going to be the antichrist, the son of the Devil .Oh, Boy of you werenít my friend I would have you committed.
 (Bob)I know how it sounds but let me show you what I am talking about .You ever heard of Nostradamus and the mystery surrounding the Mayan Calendar and the year 2012?
(Steve) Yeah I did a paper on those subject for extra credit during my senior year in school, but there is no proof of that being true, it was just a bunch of bull.
 (Bob) Well ,the proof is here and you must help me get the word out and warned everyone.(at this point Steve started to get upset and before he said anything stupid he decided to leave ,it was late and he had to go to work early in the morning)
 (Steve) Look Bob, I donít have time for this I have to get going and Iíll be back tomorrow and you can go over what you found.
(Bob)You donít believe me do you? You think I crazy. Well I am not and if you donít believe me how in the hell Am I going to make the world believe me? (Bob, Looked as if someone just took the breath out of his life and look defeated)
(Bob)This is big there are things out there that you would not even think excised.
 (Steve)Oh, come on buddy ,I am not saying I donít believe you its just that I need to get back home and Iíll be here tomorrow right after work, I promise.
  (Bob) Shook his head and walked Steve out.(As Bob watches Steve drive off  it has started to rain .As he started to close his door he noticed a dark figure out  across the street , when he looked again it was gone.)Bob entered his home and went to bed.
    Steve drove home and he could not believe he drove out to Bobís so late and just to hear some crazy story about how the world was going to end, by the time he got home he was exhausted, and went straight to bed. He hoped Bob will come to his censes  the next morning.
   Steve was in a deep sleep and was troubled he was dreaming, he tossed and turned as he seen images of horrible scenes of dead people wondering a city that was his own but looked no where to what he was accustom too, this city was in ruins and just a the people around him were going to get him he woke up to the sound of his alarm clock.
  He wiped the sweat from his forehead and could not help wonder if the story Bob talked about have had an effect on his dreams. He just shrugged it off and went about his normal routine and got ready for work. (he work as a professor at the local college, but it was the last day of regular classes as school was letting out for the spring break)

    Good morning professor Stevens, the lovely voice of Cathy echoed through the small but comparable office that Steve occupied. Cathy is Steveís somewhat girlfriend. She too is a professor and very educated young lady which would make a fine wife someday, but not for Steve she is to good for him, so that is what Steve keeps telling himself to avoid the whole marriage issue.

    (Cathy) So what happened to you last night, I waited half the night and you never showed up, I called you  at home but no one answered so I tried your cell and I got no answer.
(Steve)Oh, thatís right I am sorry, I totally forgot and lost track of time and my cell phone battery was dead so I am sorry.
(Cathy)Itís O.K but that doesnít tell me where you were.
  Steve is affix to the T.V in his office as the news talks about an up and coming Texas state senator who is running for president and is said to be the hottest thing than the Hanna Montana craze.
(Cathy) Steve, are you listening to me?
  (As he forgets about the T.V) Oh ,I was a Bobís last night he called me and wanted to talk to me about how the earth is going to come to an end.
(Cathy) You cant be serious.
(Steve) Yes, itís true. I am supposed to go over there and he is going to give me a run down on how he broke some code that tells about how the world is going to end.
(Cathy) that sounds so crazy.
 (Steve)I know, thatís what I keep telling myself and (at mid sentence the phone rings, itís the police. Cathy just stands there and sees Steven facial expression change to that of a person who just received bad news)
   Steve hangs up the phone after telling the person on the line he would be right over.
 (Cathy) Whatís wrong were you going?
 (Steve)The police are over Bobís house and they want to speak with me.
 (Cathy) O.k. fine Iíll go with you.
   Both leave and head out to Bobs place on arrival they are met by inspector Casey from the local police department.
   (Casey)Professor Stevens, I assume.
 (Steve) Yes, and this is my girlfriend Cathy.
 (Cathy)Nice  to meet you inspector.
   (Casey) So, I called since a neighbor stated you were up here with Mr. Walsh (Bobís last name) sometime last night.
(Steve)Yes, he called me over to discuss some of his work ,what is this about? Where is Bob?
 (Casey) I donít know how to tell you this but your friend is dead.
   (Steve)  Dead ?  What do you mean dead, I just seen the man last night.
(Casey)That might be a fact and that is why I called you down here to ask you a few questions. (At this time the emergency crews are wheeling out the stretcher with Bobís body on it, and inspector Casey stops them)
 (Casey) I want you to take a look to positively I.D the body.
  Casey lifts the cover and it reveals a terrifying site, It had seemed that Bobís eyes and tongue had been ripped off and he had bleed to death.
   (Steve) Yes, itís Bob. OMG who could do  such a thing and Why?
(Casey)Thatís what I am going to try and find out; who ever did this must have wanted to send a message. Your friend Bob must have seen and must have been talking about something that some one did not want people to know about and itís my job to find out what that was. 
 Casey advised Steve and Cathy they were free to go but he would keep in touch, As Steve was getting in his car, inspector Casey told him that he had been ruled out as a suspect .It turned out that Casey had already has spoken to Steveís neighbors and they stated he was at home at the time the murder had taken place according to the time line. 

                                  Chapter two ( The beginning)
  Several days have passed and Steve and Cathy find themselves at the cemetery and Bobís   ex wife sue was there.
    As Steve stands before the grave and group of people at the funeral, he canít stop thinking about what Bob had wanted to show him, The end of the world, Calendars and the president it all seemed unreal.
   As he goes deeper into a trance like state he is startled when he looks around the cemetery and noticed a  dark figure standing a few yards away from were he was. There was a light drizzle so the figure was wearing a black over coat and a dark brimmed hate.
   As he watched the figure get closer and move among the crowed it finial approached him and when he wanted to see who it was it turned into something from not of this world, it appeared to be some demon of some kind, at this point Cathy nudged Steve almost to ask if he was alright. Steve snapped out of his trance, as the sermon was over.
   (Cathy) Are you alright, you seemed gone there for a few.
(Steve) Oh, it was nothing , I must be feeling tired.
  He did not want Cathy to think he was going crazy, so he thought it was best to remain hush on what he experienced.
  (Cathy) O.k. then, lets go pay are respect to Sue.
    Sue was Bobs ex wife and she had always told everyone  Bob was having an affair with the maid ,so she finally ended  up divorcing the man, even though she knew deep down in here heart he was innocent. The real reason was his dam work, he spends more time with his work instead of spending time with her and that really bothered Sue, but even though she hated Bob for ignoring her, she thought it was a terrible thing that had happened to him and he did not disserve it.
   (Steve) Iím so sorry for your lost sue, I know you and Bob had serious issues at times  but he always spoke about you and regretted the fact you had gotten a divorce.
     (Sue) Oh, Steve hid did not deserve this, I really loved him and now he is gone for ever.
    As sue tries to regain her composure she asked Steve to do something for her.
 (Sue) I would like for you to see if you can go to his home and collect his belongings. I just canít bring myself to do it, and you being his best friend I am sure that is what he would wanted.
(Steve)Of course I will, No problem, Iíll get in touch with you when I am done.
 (Sue) Thanks Steve, I knew I could count on you.
   For some reason Steve did not really feel comfortable with the task he was given, but he had already said yes and at least he would have Cathy to help him out.

   On the way home Steve opened up to Cathy and started to talk about why Bob called him over that night and he started fill Cathy on what Bob had been working on.
   (Cathy) I am sorry to say this Steve, but Bob sounds like he went crazy, Come on the end of the world and antichrist, isnít that stuff what movies are made off.
   (Steve) That is what I thought as first, but now Bob is dead and the way he died is so weird, I donít know what to think.
   I just want to get started on getting his property in storage and hopefully I can forget all about this whole matter and put it to rest.
   That night Steve and Cathy spend the night at Steveís place so they could get an early start to Bobs place to get started on getting his thing together. The following morning they both agreed on just going over to Bobs and get a few personal items out before they call the movers to go and pick up the furniture.
    As Steve and Cathy drive up to Bobs house ,Cathy sees what appears to be a person standing at the window on the second floor, but as she looks again the figure is gone, she decide to say nothing about the incident to Steve thinking he would not believe her.
   As they entered the house there was an eerie feeling to the place more so than the night before. It just wasnít Bobs house any more, it was the place were he had gotten brutally murdered and the fact that who ever did it was still out there did not help things much.
   (Cathy) So is this what Bob was working on? (As she looks at calendarsí and notes all over the place where Bob had his office)
 (Steve)Yeah, and what ever it was its what probably got him killed
      Steve picked up a note pad and it has the words, end of the world 2012, prisedent the antichrist and what appeared to be a symbol of a comet on it. He did not really know why but it was not sounding as crazy as it sounded a few nights ago when Bob was going to explain everything to him. Only if he had listen.
 (Cathy) So what are we going to do with this stuff.
(Steve) Letís just put it in boxes and well take them to my place until we could find what Sue wants us to do with them.
(Cathy) Thatís allot of boxes, but its your call.
   That night Steve and Cathy went to bed without anything unusually happening, during the night. Steve kept on thinking about Bobís work, so he decided to get out of bed and go through some of the boxes they had brought from Bobís house.
  As he was looking through the boxes he found Bobís journal and he hoped it would shed some light on the mystery of his work.
  As he read (I have finally put the pieces together and the outcome is death to all man kind as we know it today. The comets effects have already started, as climates get warmer and natural disaster are more frequent world wide. There is a new president coming and he is young and well liked and his true identity is antichrist he speaks of change and once elected no one will be able to stop him, the year 2012 is coming and then)
    Thatís were it stops the remaining pages appeared to be burned, but why wasnít all the journal burned except the last view pages. It was something he could not explain.
  As Steve continued to go through he boxes he noticed paper clippings on the Comet he had seen and natural disaster around the world and of the up and coming Texas state senator Keith Evens who is running for president of the United States.
   Steve could not understand what all he has been seeing means and what he should do about it. He decided to go rest and returned to bed and he would discuss it with Cathy and they would figure something out in the morning . 
      In the morning Steve began to discuss the papers he had found with Cathy.
(Steve) I was looking through some of Bobs papers and they seem to be very troublesome.
(Cathy)Why would you say that?
  (Steve)Well, I think Bob either went totally crazy and planed to do something really stupid, like kill that Texas guy running for president or something.
 (Cathy) Who?  Senator Evens the presidential candidate.
(Steve)Yeah thatís the one, or on the other hand he really was on to something.
  At that point the phone rang, it was inspector Casey.
(Steve)Yes, inspector will be there as soon as we can.

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Re: THE YEAR 2012
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Hi Texas

I am not sure how to do this mate it depends what you want this to be. If it is a script there are a few things that you need to know.
Each change of scene has a heading. Describing what is happening goes between dialogue and you cannot show thoughts in a script. If
you take a read of a couple of the scripts you will see what I mean. Everyone has to start somewhere otherwise we will never learn, I am still learning myself. At the moment your writing seems to be part story part script. If you let me know how you want it to be I will try and help you, emphasis on the word try because I am not good at critting as you can tell. :)
take care
Mairi ;)

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Re: THE YEAR 2012
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 Thanks ,I would like it to be a script. As you can see I need allot of help and anything would help out at this point. ;)

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Re: THE YEAR 2012
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2008, 09:20:02 AM »
Okey kokey. I will try to get you started and maybe you will be able to follow my waffly explainations. I think what might be best is to start by your dialogue because you can always put your scene descriptions in between afterwards. I presume that you have no format program so I can only show you how I did it in word. I hope this helps you and not hinders as I am pretty naff at showing people things, but with a bit of luck someone with experience will come behind me and give you better advice. ;)

Is it serious

Well before...

So on and so forth...

So you have layed out the dialogue now you got to start from the begginning again and label up your scenes.

Steve has tidies his desk before he sits  in front of the TV with the remote control
in his hand. He flicks the button ....

Okay this might not be right for your story but I hope you get the general idea.
Make sure you double space between action and dialogue for easier reading. Okay there is your start and as I said if you look on the other scripts you might pick up more as you go along.

I will pop back again



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Re: THE YEAR 2012
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Go on the internet and type in 'screenplays for you' or 'sfy'. 100's of scripts to read and digest. This will give you a good understanding of the format and how to tell a good story. Pm me any time with any queries.

Not going to add to what mairi said. :)

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Re: THE YEAR 2012
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Thank you .

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Re: THE YEAR 2012
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Hi Texas,

I totally agree with Ma's comments. As she said, this piece fell somewhere between a play/film script and a piece of prose. Maybe you should decide whether you want to write a novel/short story or a script first.

Personally, I love writing dialogue and used to write plays, but then the world fell apart many years ago in the UK as far as new writing for the stage was concerned and there was very little demand. Now, I'm reduced to writing novels with lots of dialogue and not so much of the dull narrative stuff.  :)

Midnightcandle knows what he's talking about too. Look at his stuff on this board to see at least how you lay out a script and also to see how some great scripts can be written. - writing, podcasting and reluctant olive farming

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Re: THE YEAR 2012
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An interesting concept, but have you heard of the Roland Emmerich movie 2012 that will be coming out next year?

2012 (2009)


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Re: THE YEAR 2012
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An interesting concept, but have you heard of the Roland Emmerich movie 2012 that will be coming out next year?

2012 (2009)

Its always a pain in the butt when that happens. You can change your title which is easy enough. I was halfway through a script about Jane Austen when I found out that in production was a film called 'becoming Jane' which had the same plot as mine. Oh well :D