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The Lament
« on: May 14, 2008, 12:45:54 PM »
He thought back on the time before he moved and settled here. The
Provider was not as kind, even cruel to a point.

Upon moving here his life changed and the Provider made sure life was
good. Food was plentiful and he even found a mate. His mate had just
birthed and now he had succeeded in insuring his line would live on.
Life was good.

He had to squeeze through a passageway that long before he could fit
through with ease when he had first arrived to this new home. He had
gotten fat.

He thought about his brothers and sisters still living in the old
place and he was momentarily flushed with embarrassment. He remembered
the starvation. He thought back to having to forage for food late at
night and how many of those evenings were filled with hungered

That brought his thoughts to his own newly born young ones. He thanked
the Provider and swore that his offspring would not suffer the hard
life he had to endure when he was young.

A heavenly scent met his nostrils as he rounded a corner.

"What is this?" he thought to himself and his mouth began to salivate.

A small white building stood before him like a beautiful godly
errected temple. There was an entrance way in the front and one in the
back. The heavenly scent tantalizingly wafted from within beckoning
him closer.

"Thank the Provider," he thought to himself and moved in closer
picturing the delightful morsels that were the source of this
wonderful smell.

There was a small wall he had to jump over and then this bounty would
be his to take home to his mate and children. He beamed when he
thought of how happy and full they would be this night.

He leapt over the small wall and then landed with a squish on the
other side.

Confusion went through his mind and panic set in when he realized his
feet were stuck fast. He lost his balance and fell over and now the
whole side of his body was stuck in sweet smelling mushiness.

He could not move a muscle. All he could do now is bask in the sweet
smell and the disappointment his family would go hungry this night and
probably many more to come.


John reached behind the fridge and felt around for the trap.

"AH," he exclaimed as his hand found the white cardboard box, "there
you are."

To his satisfaction he felt it's heaviness as he slid it out from
behind the appliance.

John peered inside at gray fur and twitching whiskers.

"Rose we got him!" He shouted towards the bedroom, "And he is a fat
one too!"

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Re: The Lament
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So funny, it seems everyone has problems with the vermin of this world. But I never thought about the other way around. I never thought about vermin at all till my fight for my life with mightly mouse in Corpus Christie.  I don't care the way they see it. A good vermin is a dead one.



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Re: The Lament
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Thanks Dedelite,
you are a kind soul, and a kind friend...


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Re: The Lament
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Dearest Lee,  this is a truly inspirational piece of work.  You could definately work this into a childs story.  My dear freind, you never fail to please. I'm so sorry I haven't commented for a while but I have a really punishing
work schedule lately but you know in your heart you have true freinds here and we're really big fans too!! ;D
Please come back Lee!!

Rowena :-*

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Re: The Lament
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Lee! What happened?  :o Don't tell me that you're off for good! This place wouldn't be the same without you, and we'll miss you commenting on The Thingy, too.

I haven't been commenting on pieces for a while, either :( I've been too busy as of late, but I promised to go through all the pieces that I could once I finished everything else. But forget about my busy! You're free to contact me and spill any tiem of day!

Please come back Lee!!

 :( :( :(
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Re: The Lament
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I caught me pet parot like this me boy....