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A Werewolf's Gossip
« on: May 12, 2008, 11:06:40 AM »
A small group of children had gathered around the caravan during this time and Jez was pretty sure they weren't after the Doctor's medicine. First of all they looked perfectly healthy, and secondly they wouldn't stop staring at him. Jez tried to ignore them, but it is very difficult to mix herbs when a bunch of creepy kids won't leave you alone. He glanced over to where the Doctor stood, apparantly absorbed in a woman's tale of her many afflictions. He certainly seemed busy. He wouldn't notice if he took a small break now, would he?

So, Jez wandered over to the small group and perched himself upon a nearby tree root. The children backed away slightly, He could just see the fear in there wide eyes as a couple clutched each other's chubby arms. Plain curiosity stayed them, that's for sure, the thought made him smile and when he did the smallest child edged slightly closer and spoke in a voice that would have perfectly suited a mouse.

"Excuse me, mister, but my mam said you were a..." The boy stared fearfully at the others, who nodded firmly for him to continue. "Well, um, a Werewolf."

"Your mam would be right in saying so."

Gasps erupted from the group, and a small girl hid her face. Jez suppressed another smile. He knew he shouldn't, but he always enjoyed the reactions he got when he told people. Two years ago and his opinion would have been very different, but as it was he loved every minute of being a wolf.

"I could show you proof, if you like?" He asked, trying to sound as innocent as possible.

A few nervous nods gave him his answer so he began to roll up the sleeve on his left arm. The children leaned in to get a better look as he revealed an impressive scar upon his lower arm. A couple squealed at the sight but the majority continued to stare in awe. They hadn't ran. That was a sure sign he had them hooked.

"Is that where...?" The smallest boy whispered again, gingerly reaching out to touch it with his small fingers.

Jez allowed him to touch it and nodded when the boy looked up again.

"Yeh, That's right."

The children had moved in very close and Jez felt he had commanded enough attention to continue.

"You know, most werewolves have their scar upon their arms. It's only natural to sheild yourself with it when you're pounced on."

The children listened silently, completely enthralled with what he had to say. Jez felt his chest fill with pride at the attention, not wanting to lose it he continued animatedly,

"If you ask me, I got off lightly! I once knew a chap who had gotten bitten in the most unsavoury of places. A werewolf had taken a chunk out of his rear-end while he was asleep one night. Surprised it hadn't finished him off really. But then again, If I'd bitten someones backside, I'd feel sick myself."

A few of the children giggled quietly and Jez grinned at them broadly. After a moment he sighed sympathetically,

"All joke and apart, the poor fellow has never been able to sit right since."


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Re: A Werewolf's Gossip
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I really liked this one. I thought it delightfully funny and even cute.
There is not enough delightfully funny and even cute stuff on the site as of late.

Glad to see you again, Britains next top model! ;)


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Re: A Werewolf's Gossip
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Delightfully funny and Cute - well that's just me all over  ;D

1,2,3...Pout  ;)

Zetos Lapier

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Re: A Werewolf's Gossip
« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2008, 06:54:53 PM »
-Cough- ^_^

That makes me happy, finally someone who isn't trying to keep along with the whole cliche of the werewolf. Well done, you actually made it enjoyable to read, unlike the other stories where it's same old same old. I like it when you mix it up a bit, most people who are bitten by werewolves in other stories, either don't know, or are extremely mean and nasty, not light hearted.

Well done.


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Re: A Werewolf's Gossip
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Glad you liked it, Zetos. ;D

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Re: A Werewolf's Gossip
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I've always loved this story :)
Great work, Shel :)
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Re: A Werewolf's Gossip
« Reply #6 on: May 13, 2008, 11:04:41 AM »
I love your story sis! ;D

This is a brilliant story and i always find reading about the incidents with other werewolves funny!

Keep up with the good work! :)

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Re: A Werewolf's Gossip
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Lass, dis be a great tale me luv.
I agree wid the folks above an find it very refreshin indeed.
I hope to see ya on the deck of tha THINGY again soon, ya are a fine addition to tha crew that you are.




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Re: A Werewolf's Gossip
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Why, thank you KF

It's not often i have a pirate invite me on their ship, So how can I refuse?

 ;D ;D

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Re: A Werewolf's Gossip
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It is not oftin we git Englands Next Supermodel board our boat lassie.
*bows eloquently*