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Rats and Fireflies (Part One)
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Agent Danny T. Norris silently crept up to the electrified fence
surrounding the Pahvali military facility outside Esfahan, Iran.
He knew his mission, sabotage. He had been training for ten years.
He had to rewire a warhead to explode inside the building.

He had to make it all appear as an accident. He knew the
inside of the building like the back of his hand thanks to a string of
several inside men. He had studied the blueprints for months.

He knew he was sent as a last resort- a desperate attempt to get Iran to give
up its nuclear weapons program. This situation had been esculating
since the early twenty first century. The Iranian government had been
playing a dangerous cat and mouse game with the UN and the US
Government since then.

North Korea's nuclear program ended disasterously twenty years before
when the country's power hungry leader went mad and launched a nuclear
warhead on japan. Millions were killed and millions more in North Korea
when Japan retaliated with three of its own nuclear missiles. Not to
mention the resulting environmental problems caused by the fall out of
the whole melee. There were thousands of miles of land in both
countries that were uninhabitable for thousands of years to come.

It was then that the US started the covert taskforce nicknamed "dark
dagger" which agent Norris was a part of. The objective of this
taskforce was to cause a "mishap" to a countries nuclear weapons
program. The logic was if the country experienced an "accident" and
the loss to its own people it would in turn, through internal political
and public persuasion, lose its will to have such weaponry.

So now here he was, the first active agent of this taskforce ready to
carry out its objective. He knew after his nights work there would be
over a million people dead including, if things did not go as planned,
himself. That was a risk he was willing to take if it would save
several million more if not the planet.

This was a very unstable part
of the world and the stakes were much higher here then they were in the
far east. Who knows what would happen if there was a nuclear warhead
unleashed in this part of the world. He knew it was his responsibility
to keep exactly that from happening.

He took a deep breath and gathered his resolve. He pulled a silver
spray cannister from his belt. He pulled a small tube of blue liquid
from his left breast pocket. He carfully set the silver spray
cannister on the ground for he did not want these chemicals to
prematurely mix. He shook up the small vile of blue liquid and waited
until it started to glow in the dark desert night. He then picked up
the cannister and turned it over.
There was a small hole in the bottom of the cannister made for the glass
vile of liquid to be inserted. Heslid the application end of the vile into the
 hole and watched theglowing blue liquid drain into the cannister. He
knew he would onlyhave about forty five seconds to dispense all the liquid
before it would explode inside the cannister. As the last drop drained into the
spray bottle he pulled the empty glass vile out dropping it quickly to
the ground. He turned the cannister up and began spraying the mixture
onto the electrified fence before him. He made sure to spray it in an
arc big enough to accomadate him crawling through. He sprayed the
bottle empty and sat back and watched the chemical reaction he saw so
many times in training take place.

 The arc he had just sprayed began
to spark and the chain link began glowing red. He watched as the metal
desintigrated before his eyes. The chain link the lay within the arc
folded over and landed with a quiet thud on the ground before him no
longer electrified. He knew he could not touch the intact fence.

He carefully dragged the orphaned peice of fence towards him. Now there
was a hole big enough for him to crawl through. He could still see
sparks flying off of the jagged peices of fence around the perimeter of
the hole.

He heard no sirens or alert horns so he knew the first stage
of the mission was complete. He had not tripped the alarm and he could
safely breech the fence.

He peeked at his watch and noted the time.
1:13AM Iranian time. He was ahead of schedule. He then pressed a button
on the side of the watch that recorded the exact GPS coordinates of his
position so he could find the breech in the fence on his was back.

"Now for the fun part." he quietly whispered to himself.
He quickly grabbed the metal spray cannister and glass vile and put
them into opposite pockets of his pants. He laid on his stomach and
crawled through the hole careful not to touch any of the jagged edges
of fence and frying himself.

He knew he had a long crawl in front of him. He had to craw through
desert brush for three hundred yards until he made the first building.
He knew he had to crawl it slow once he got close so he would not alert
the sentry guards to his presence. Thank goodness there was a stiff
beeze blowing down the mountainside behind him. He could afford
quicker movement since the brush would be moving vigorously in that

At 2:33AM he was peering through his night binoculors at the entrance
on the outter building. He knew there was minimal security on this
night because it was Ramadhan. The shift change just occured and he
knew the habits of the night guards well enough to know that the late
shift would not be around for another fifteen minutes or so.

He still had to get past the camera and the motion sensor. He pulled another
vile from his belt. This one was different from the first in that it
had a cork on one end and instead of liquid it contained a small metal
ball looking alot like a large BB.

He pressed another button on his watch until the watch screen read
"firefly". He then pressed his index finger on a small ball on the
front of the watch that was disguised as a screw. He held up the glass
tube. The 'BB' split in half and unfolded. The outer part of the
small ball began vibrating much like an insects wings.
'God Bless nanotechnology,' he thought to himself as he uncorked the

Using the watch screw like a joystick he guided the firefly out of the
tube. The watch screen blinked to life with a fireflyeye view. With a
skill that only years of training could provide he steered the firefly
to land above the entrance way of the building just by using the
watches tiny screen and joystick. He pressed the joystick down on the
watch until the word "menu" popped up on the lower lefthand corner of
the image that was being transmitted by the firefly. He then scrolled
down to scan/record and chose the option. After being prompted for
"time of recording" he chose five minutes. He just hoped the guards
didn't show up within the chosen time frame.

The firefly found the frequency the camera operated on and began
recording the image footage. After five minutes it would automatically
play back the footage in transmit mode. All anyone would see in the
control room was the recorded footage until agent Norris switched

Five minutes later his watch flashed at him indicating the recording
was done and firefly was now in transmit mode.
'Good.' he thought to himself, 'still no guards.'

He pulled what appeared as an inkpen from his other breast pocket and
what looked like an american express gold card out of his back pocket.
He gave the pen a twist until the ballpoint extended outward. On the
other end of the pen a small red light blinked to life indicating the
device was working.

He and only he knew that this divice was jamming
the motion sensors. Anyone else would only suspect a ballpoint pen. He
stood up and quickly closed the distance to the entrance way. There
was a key card slot above the door handle in which he slid the american
express card. The american express logo suddenly glowed red. He
awaited for it to change to green before he tried the door knob.
Tripping the alarm now would result in assured capture, the last thing
he wanted.

Then he suddenly heard voices from around the corner. The guards were
returning to their post at the door.
"Come on, come on," he said under his breath urgently.
The cards logo still appeared red.
The voices grew closer.

His heart began to pound and he felt sweat beading upon his brow.
The voices were just around the corner now and he had just seconds
until being discovered when the amer express logo turned green. He
quickly turned the knob an pulled on the door. Nothing happened.
"Damn," he cursed quietly as the guards were so close now he could hear
their footfalls.

'Push,' he thought to himself. The door swung inward. He hastily
stepped inside and closed the door quickly and quietly behind him. He
suddenly realized he was holding his breath and exhaled a long breath
and slowly slid down the wall into a sitting position.

His heart was still pounding inside his chest when he suddenly realized
the guards always checked in with the control room by saluting the

"Shit!" he fumbled with his watch and switched the firefly into
"dormant" mode just as the first guard looked up and saluted the camera
on the other side of the heavy steel door.

The guard in the control room nonchalantly dismissed the sudden jump of
the camera and appearance of the guard on his monitors view as a
technical glich and went back to reading his magazine.

Agent Norris sat on the tiled floor gathering himself for the next
phase. All the reconaissance they had done and he cursed himself for
not knowing which way the doors opened. He looked at his watch and
noted the time. 2:45AM.

"Still ahead of schedule," he said softly and allowed himself a few
moments to rest and let his heartbeat slow abit before moving on.
Five minutes later he was headed down the hall to his first target
destination. A small broom closet. Within the closet he found the
technicians goldcolored jumpsuit that was hiden right where it was
supposed to be. He found the hard hat and goggles above the ceiling
tiles, so far the inside man was batting a thousand. One more thing,
the lamenated identification card. He looked around the broom closet.
Bleach, where is the bleach. He scanned the shelves before him. He knew
he would not get much further without that id card. Then he spied the
squat white bottle with the word bleach written in arabic across its
front. He picked up the bottle and turned it upside down and screwed
the bottom off. There concealed inside was what he was looking for.
The full access id card.

"Bingo." he whispered and quickly changed clothing.
He checked his watch once again. 2:58AM. He was still way ahead of
schedule. He put his ear to the door making sure there was no one
present on the other side, then he turned the knob and exited the
closet. He reached inside the jumpsuit to make sure he still had the
leather pouch the detonation device was encased in. He breathed a sigh
of relief and made his way purposefully down the hall trying to look as
inconspicuous as possible.

He knew his course through the labarynth of corridors he had to take
and he made his way with haste. He wanted limited contact.
He came to a set of thick double steal doors reinforced by huge steal
bands. Accross the center metal band large arabic letters read "central
weapons facility." There was a guard on each side standing at eternal
attention. As he approached one guard stepped forward and grabbed the
id that was clipped to the pocket of the jumpsuit without saying a
word. He brought it over to a desk nearby and ran an ultraviolet light
over it. He nodded and handed it over to the other guard who ran it
through what resembled a credit card swiping machine that was mounted
on the wall above the desk. He nervously watched this whole process
wondering if he was going to have to make a pointless break down the
hallway wench he came.

He felt the sweat beading upon his brow and
running down his back. His stomach tightened and he felt fear building
in the pit of his stomach. He was about to give up hope and he clinched
his fists getting ready for a futile fight. He knew there were several
cameras trained on him at this very moment. The inside informant must
have been not as good as he was lead to believe.

Just as he convinced
himself he was going to lunge for the closest guard and go out fighting
there were two short stocatto beeps that broke the tense silence. The
second guard walked over and handed the card back to him.
"Good evening Dr. Norris," he said in well spoken english suprising the
agent, "we have been expecting you. Your credentials check out. Your
level of clearance is confirmed."

"Umm. Thank you," agent Norris said clipping the card back onto his

" Protocal dictates that you check in on the hour," the guard said in
stern tone, "you must not break protocal. Do you understand Doctor?"

"Yes," Norris said managing to sound pretty calm, "clearly."

"Very well sir," the guard responded, "areas that are a radiation risk
are clearly marked. Make sure you suit up in a radiation suit in
decontamination once you pass through this door."

"I know the proceedure well enough," he said to the guard "enough with
these delays. I have important work to do."

"Of course sir," the guard fumbled abit taken back by the indignant
tone, "my apologies sir."

He gave a curt bow and signaled the other guard to open the door.
The second guard went over to the a keypad and punched in a long code
and ran his card through a slot on the side of the keypad.

Giant gears could be heard turning inside the door and several snaps as
giant tumblers retracted inside the door. They slowly swung open on
giant hinges. Agent Norris nodded to the guards and passed between the
large doors. It appears their inside man was really worth the money
they were paying him.

He checked his watch. 3:12AM. He was well ahead of schedule.
As the door closed behind him he breathed a sigh of relief. He knew in
this restricted area he would not have to contend with anybody else
until he had to make his way out.