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Paradise Alpha (Adult Content)
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Paradise Alpha was a sprawling complex of buildings that rose above the 'shoreline' of the Sea of Tranquility on the moon. Everything about the facility was engineered to cater to the concept of the namesake of the very sea of rock it stood above. Tranquility. From the time one stepped off the cruise shuttle that person's pampering and relaxation was the focus of every staff member.

Soft music floated on the air amongst beams of constantly changing mood lighting of the softest pastel colors that caused the landing port atrium to glow. The atrium itself was a spectacle to see after the cramped three hour cruise from Cape Canaveral on Earth. This, unbeknownst to the customers, was on purpose. The cabins on the cruise shuttles were made drab and small to intensify this effect.

The landing atrium was a thick glass dome that rose hundreds of feet above the floor of the Sea of Tranquility. From within the onlooker would see the blackness of the moon's atmosphere ribbed with the soft pastel colors of the huge steal bands that held the dome aloft.

Customers were also treated to something else they were not used to; Zero Gravity. Humans were always subjected to Earth gravity when traveling through space by shuttle. Once they stepped into the landing atrium they were overwhelmed with the ability to fly. Many customers, because of having too much fun, would linger too long within the dome and have to pay a penalty for arriving too late and missing their reservations.

The concept of Paradise Alpha was the vision of one man who had built it from the ground up. He was present when the lunar terrain was first leveled to build the landing atrium. Now he sat in the facility's control tower sipping a hot cup of Earl Gray tea calmly watching a computer screen as one of the huge cruise shuttles slowly made it's final approach to the atrium landing zone.

"Cruise shuttle Paradise Four," a red haired woman seated at a control terminal in front of him said through her INPUT, "you are two degrees and drifting off landing target beacon… please compensate."

He sipped on his tea nonchalantly and activated his INPUT.

"Luna," he called the moon's database, "please display news pages for Earth and Mars for today."

"Yes Mr. Forest," a soft woman's voice replied within his head, "would you like the Moon News page as well."

"That won't be necessary Luna, "he said dryly, "nothing interesting ever happens on the Moon."

"Very good sir," Luna replied unscathed.

"Paradise Four," the controller's voice reached Mr. Forest's ears with elevated urgency, "you are still drifting…please compensate."

Mr. Forest turned his attention away from the news pages that hung before his eyes and glanced down at the computer screen in front of him.

The controller turned in her seat and looked up at him.

"Mr. Forest sir," the woman said nervously, "Paradise Four is—"

"I can see that Controller Lynn," he responded irritated, "I have a comp monitor too."

"What do we do?" the controller asked.

"I don't know, "Mr. Forest answered, "in fifteen years of operation this has never happened. The system is fully automated!"

He saw the huge ship lumber past the first of several safety markers five miles out.

"Luna," he called through his INPUT, "correct Paradise Four's course."

"Sorry sir," Luna responded, "unable to comply."

"What in the Hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Cruise shuttle is not responding."

Mr. Forest jumped from his seat and looked out the thick glass of the control tower to the east in the direction the shuttle approached.

The sun glinted off of it's metal hull making it appears as a star that hugged the moons surface near the horizon.

"Sir," Controller Lynn shouted, "I believe I see the problem."

He bounded off the platform his station sat on and came up beside Controller Lynn and looked down at her monitor following her pointing finger. A gaping hole was ripped in the shuttle's skin on one side.

"It appears they have been hit, "she deduced, "by a meteor while on approach."

As they stared at the comp monitor they saw a streak of fire behind a fast moving projectile slam into the side of the cruise shuttle causing the forward half of the ship to explode into a brilliant fireball that was instantly snuffed out by the vacuum around it. The rest of the shuttle slammed into the moons surface shattering into a thousand pieces and sent a cloud of gray dust before their eyes.

For a moment both stood staring silently at the image before them watching shuttle debris slowly float to the surface.

"Well unless meteors have suddenly become rocket propelled, "Mr. Forest said sarcastically, "I think your theory is full of shit."

"Luna," Mr. Forest said as calm as he could, "alert Moon Militia authorities and inform them of our situation."

There was no reply from the Moon's database.

"Luna?" he asked through his silent INPUT.

He turned to his controller. "Is your INPUT working?"

Her gaze fixed ahead of her a moment before she responded.

"No, I am getting nothing at all."

A warning signal sounded from her control station. The two turned to see three huge ships slowly descending toward the landing zone beacon.

"What in God's name?" he said leaning over his Controller and zoomed in on the lead ship.

They heard their INPUTS within their heads crack to life and a holographic head slowly materialized in front of them as big as they were tall. The head was bald and devoid of ears. They exchanged a nervous glance as the eyes on the head opened and fixed on the two humans.

"Good Morning Director," the 'head' spoke to the lips parting in a slight grin, "I am here to take over your facility."

"What are you talking about?" Mr. Forester asked indignantly, "what gives you the right?"

Outside the lead ship was setting down at the airdock. The tower rumbled as the massive ship softly settled onto the lunar soil.

"Lock the airdock Controller," he ordered.

She quickly pressed a few buttons on a panel in front of her.

"Sir," she said urgently, "there is no response, I have been locked out."

"You see Director," the head spoke, "I do not need the right. I take what I want!"

"We will see about that," he mumbled and leapt behind his comp screen. He pressed a button on the side of his monitor and a holographic keyboard materialized on the glass surface in front of him. He knocked his tea cup off the table sending it shattering on the floor as he busied himself trying to over ride the lock out command.

Outside the automated gang plank began extending towards the huge ship's forward airlock.

Director Forest looked up at the cockpit of the huge ship that was level with the control tower. He saw several figures in a frenzy of activity on it's bridge.

A short staccato warning tone sounded from his monitor and the words "access denied" flashed on his screen.

He slammed his fists down on the glass desk before him and looked up into the eyes of the holographic head.

"Just who in Hell are you?"

"I am the Devil," the head responded, "and I am here to take you to Hell."

Maniacal laughter filled the control room as the pressure within the gang plank equalized and the huge ship airlock door slid opened. Black uniformed soldiers began pouring into the atrium.

"Give it up Director you can't win." The head boasted.

Mr. Forest looked over and saw the button marked "zero g" on his holographic keyboard.

"Get out of here Controller Lynn," he ordered looking at the frightened woman.

"What about you?"

"I said GO!"

She got up and reluctantly went to the exit door looking back over her shoulder as he enabled the zero gravity within the dome. He smiled as the soldiers began floating through the air. His revelry was cut short when he noticed the black clad militia instantly activated gravity boots and from his point of view high above them he saw them methodically working their away around the atrium taking out his staff.

'At least Lynn got away," he thought to himself as he made his way over to a set of lockers on the back wall of the control room.

He made quick work of the code on the first locker and the door slid open.

"I thought I would never have to use this," he said to himself as he pulled a TazRifle out of the small space and pressed the charge button, "they are not going to take me without a fight."

He turned towards the exit as the elevator door slid silently open. There in the elevator stood Lynn motionless staring straight ahead with a blank expression upon her face.

"I thought I told you to get out of here!"

Suddenly he noticed one of her shoulders was covered in blood as her lifeless body fell forward face down on the floor.

A figure in a dark cloak stepped over the body and stood in the exit door way. The individual pulled the cloak off of his head to reveal the bald earless head he had seen in the hologram earlier. Blood ran down his chin and his lips parted in an evil grin revealing red stained fanged teeth.

"You are the Devil!!" He shouted leveling his TazRifle at the cloaked stranger, "Now it's time you go back to where you belong!"

He squeezed the trigger and watched the blue energy strike the dark figure square in the chest. He watched the man's body writhe and jolt but he did not fall. His expression barely even changed as his body seemed to soak up the energy.

Director Forest involuntarily took a few steps backwards before he let go of the trigger. He bumped into his comp monitor and stood there in motionless disbelief as the stranger strode confidently forward.

"How..d-did…" the Director stuttered.

The dark figure grabbed his TazRifle and threw it to the floor.

"That really hurt!" He said through clenched teeth as he grabbed the Director's right hand and effortlessly bent it backwards until a loud snap was heard as the wrist bones shattered. Mr. Forester fell to his knees in excruciating pain holding his wounded hand.

"What time is your next shuttle due?"

"Go fuck yourself!" the Director spat grimacing in pain.

The cloaked figure placed his forefinger on the Director's left temple and pushed it effortlessly through the thin piece of bone. Director Forest screamed out in pain. The cloaked figure fished around behind the man's eyeball until he found what he was looking for and pulled it out. He held up the silver capsule and with his other hand the cloaked man wiped blood off of the object.

"You bastard!!" Mr. Forest screamed at him in pain.

"Stop your whining," the cloaked one said nonchalantly," I am just going to borrow it."

Mr. Forest slumped over in an unconscious heap.

He looked at the black clad soldier in front of him.

"Kaldon, discontinue the database disruption."

"Yes Razel." The man answered.

"You want him?" Razel asked the guard.

Kaldon nodded.

"Take him." Razel said and watched the soldier bend over and bite into the unconscious man's neck drinking in his blood. He held the INPUT he had pulled out of the Directors head and telepathically contacted the moon's database.

"We have three hours to get the men and supplies unloaded before the next cruise shuttle gets here."

Kaldon joined Razel's side wiping blood off of his chin.

'How many passengers?' Kaldon asked telepathically.

'six hundred.' He answered in the same way.

'The men should be well fed.' Kaldon responded.

'I will contact Valden on Earth,' Razel said, 'and let him know the war has begun.'
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