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Viracocha's Revenge
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"Wait a moment, I thought I just saw something of interest over here." Said Helen, Dr. Hirham's assistant, and moved towards a statue in the center of the huge underground chamber. She picked her way carefully, stepping over ancient bones bleached white with the passage of eons of time.

Dr. Hirham turned and followed her his curiosity peeking with the excitement of her voice. There in the flickering torch light he saw them.  Four crystal skulls neatly lined up at the base of the strange statue.

"Whoa!" He said under his breath. "Unbelievable."

"Hirham do you know what these are?" She asked in a reverent tone.

He answered her question with a slack jawed look. He just stared at the artifacts on the floor in awe.

She bent over and picked one up.  It was obvious that the skulls were solid throughout by the shear weight they possessed.  Helen handed the first skull over to Dr. Hirham. He was expecting it to be cool to the touch after sitting in the cool dankness of the cavernous room for so long. To his surprise it felt warm and seemed to vibrate slightly in his hands.

Suddenly, he wanted to know what Helen knew about them but she was doing something he had come to hate over the years they had worked together. Pausing for dramatic effect, building suspense.  Over the years he had learned to counter this move by pretending not to be interested but the suspense was killing him and he quickly gave in.

"Helen?" he shrugged trying to prompt her with a hand gesture almost dropping the skull.

"These are the four skulls of wisdom."  She said excitedly.

"Do you mean the holy relics supposedly used by the Incan Sun God?"

"No, the Sun God is Inti." she answered shaking her head. "These were possessed by Viracocha, he that came before Inti. These skulls were said to be the source of all his power. Power that could bring enlightenment and death all at the same time. It was written that Viracocha used these to bring down fire from the sky vanquishing all the enemies of his people."

"It seems there is still power over fire still left in these skulls," he replied. "Check this out."

He moved the skull he held in his hand a bit further from the torches' flame and it sputtered out plunging the room into thick blackness.  He then moved it back towards the torch and it leapt to life again.

"Unbelievable," she breathed.  "Hirham this is THE holy grail of pre-Incan beliefs."

"And WE are the ones who uncovered it!" Hirham said excitedly. "This is absolutely amazing." Hirham said with a giddy tone in his voice.  "Apparently these pre_Incans were more advanced then anyone had ever imagined."

"You may be more right than you know Hirham." she bent over and picked up an object that was tucked behind one of the remaining skulls on the ground. She blew an inch thick layer of ancient dust off the object.

"What in Hell is that?" the doctor gasped bewilderly.

In her hand Helen held a very peculiar object that appeared to be a metal casing with a flat crystal mounted on one side. This crystal reseambled a display screen about two inches square and the object fit in her hand much like a small sleek cellphone. Three crystal "buttons" aligned the artifact just below the "screen."

"What could it be?" she breathed awestruck. "It looks modern."

"Hand it here," Hirham asked indignantly shoving the skull he held at Helen and snatching the artifact from her.

She shot him a glaring look as he touched one of the crystal buttons. A low hum eminated from the object and the square crystal "screen" began to glow with a soft blue light.

Hirham and Helen exchanged worried glances then he quickly set the object on the ground and backed away from it eyes wide. Helen suddenly realized she too, despite her curiousity, had taken a few steps back herself.

A tiny beam of red light shot about six inches above the device. The beam began to pulsate and rotate rapidly until it began to take on a strobe effect. The beam split into several more and began taking the form of random lines.

Helen and Hirham just stood in place fixated on the blurry image that began materializing .  It resolved into a spinning three dimensional globe of the Earth hanging above the object on the floor.  A small blue light blinked over what appeared their location just outside of Machu Pichu.

"Jesus Hirham,"  Helen looked up at him a huge smile growning on her face," we have just found the proverbial 747 in ancient Egypt here."

"Hell 747 my ass!" He scoffed," This is the freaking Space Shuttle! And you and I will go down in history as the scientists who uncovered it!"

They both grabbed ahold of one another embracing in a hug.

The device began to beep in slow ominous sounding low tones about one second apart. The two archaeologists exchanged worried glances and began backing away.

"I really don't like the sound of this Hirham," Helen said fearfully as the tone began to crescendo into a shrill shreaking high pitch threatening to shatter their eardrums. The frequency and volume of the tones increased and they each noticed that the crystal skulls had now begun to glow with a bright searing light. They felt growing heat flowing from the skulls even though they were now halfway across the giant chamber as they ran in fear. The whole room lit up in brilliance burning like a hot poker at their eyes.   

The huge chamber door slammed shut sending chunks of the ceiling slamming to the floor knocking both of them to the ground. Hot air rushed in burning the inside of their mouths and filling up their lungs in unbearable pain. The very moisture within their bodies seemed to be sucked out in a moment of excruciating agony. Neither could do nor say anything as their bodies began to shrivel in the intense heat.

Moments later their bones were indistingiushable from the other ancient bones that lay about the tomb.

Outside the side mountainside peak collasped sending an avalanche of jungle
foliage and soil over the entanceway bathing the valley below in a huge cloud of choking dust.

Later that day Dr. Hirrham would get his wish. Their names would go down in history as a tiny blurb on the major newswires. Most periodicals never even printed the story. After all, there was more important news this day. A new strain of the flu virus was discovered in China, and ten peolpe died of it this very day.