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The Silver Policy (1 of 3)
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Tyler spent his days in the manufacturing plant building a machine for people who were more fortunate than him. He worked the insulation line padding the outer hauls of luxury space suites that would eventually end up in lower Earth orbit.

He toiled away on the units he would never see the finished product of and dreamt of one day living within one. His tastes had always surpassed his station in life and he longed to be among the rich living in space, looking down upon everyone else on the planet.

This is why he saved and skimped every way possible so he could spend the excess at the Dream Salon on the weekend. The frugal life he lived during the week was forgotten during his weekend sessions at the expensive salon virtually living the 'good life'.

The dispersion insulation gun he ran sprayed a liquid into formed cubicles within the polymetal skins of the plush Extreme Environment Compartments. The liquid’s chemical composition allowed the mixture to expand and dry three second after being applied.

Prior to logging in each work day he was told during the morning safety meeting of the dangers of the chemicals coming into contact with human skin. Now he wished he had spent the extra credits on a reinforced safety suit as the insulation liquid sprayed through the ruptured hose and onto his right arm and leg.

He watched in horror as the fabric of the suit evaporated instantly upon contact into a fine orange dust. The excruciating pain that followed a breath later dropped Tyler to his knee. His arm and leg were now just warm pools of thick bubbling goo next to his writhing body. Safety protocols were activated and company medi-bots were on the scene sedating him seconds later.

Tyler woke up three hours later on the 378th floor of the Governmental Medical Institutes main hospital complex building. There was an uncomfortable pinching at his right shoulder and hip as the seals of the Prosthetics devices chaffed his skin. Looking down he saw the hollow molds containing the pressurized nanomachines weaving the synthetic material cloning the arm. The nanos created skin, bone and muscle from his own stored DNA code.

The injured worker looked over to his left through the plexiglass wall at the technicians busily working behind the control consols. Behind them the door slid open and in walked a gaunt fellow with pasty skin and oily black hair. The technicians kept working oblivious of the distraction. The door slid silently open and the man entered Tyler's room.

"Mr. Suttles," He said with a big smile upon face, "I am your Government Insurance Coordinator."

The lanky suit scanned Tyler's CompChart at the end of the bed with a microcomputer. A moment later there was a staccato beep and the man smiled.

"Ah, very good," he said squinting at the scrolling results on the chart, "excellent news. All of your organs are in perfect working condition."

"My arm and leg are a bit usless," he mumbled the reply.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Suttles," The Insurance man walked over to the edge of the bed. Tyler stared insultingly at the mans hand as the agent prompted a hand shake with his wounded hand. The man chuckled, "Sorry, just a little insurance joke."

"When can I expect to get out of here?" Tyler asked with a scowl, "I need to get back to work."

"Normally this is outpatient surgery," the man rubbed his chin, "and we can clear you by days end."

"Good," he answered the agent, " I still have a few hours left on this shift."

"Mr. Suttles," the Insurance man looked at the chart quizzically, "I see here you have a Silver Policy. Very economical."

"Yeah, so what?"

"Well," the man looked coldly down into Tyler's eyes, "it expires at midnight."

Tyler looked behind the plexiglass above the technicians. His heart dropped. The atomic clock read 11:58PM. The uninsured were taken to the Basement. The hierarchy of society dictated that those without insurance be used as donors. The word sent a chill down his spine.

The Basement was where organs were removed and sent to be used to prolong the life of Platinum Policy holders. The folks in low Earth orbit, the rich.

"I..I c-can renew can't I?"

"Of course you can Mr. Suttles," the man said with a big smile presenting the CompChart, "we just need your thumb print signature right here."

Tyler breathed a sigh of relief and pressed his thumb to the chart just as a buzzer sounded and the clock rolled over to midnight. He laid back on the bed and felt slight pressure at the base of his wounded appendages. Confused, Tyler watched as the Surgery Prosthetic Regenerators' seal broke from his skin and rolled off the bed. Both units hit the floor and the patient watched in horror as the nano machines spilled out and rolled in all directions. Seconds later, one by one, they popped in tiny flashes of electrical light as the room's pressure crushed them.

Immediately his exposed nerve endings exploded in pain and he felt the warmth of gushing blood down his right side.

"What the Hell?" Tyler exclaimed through the haze of pain.

The insurance man held up the chart close to his face and pointing to a timer counting downward from thirty minutes.

"Mr. Suttles," the man said with a devious glint in his eye, "It will take half an hour to process your new policy."

Tyler fought against the pain and the coming of unconsciousness as hard as he to no avail. As he slowly slipped under the last words chilled his blood.

"Hackers," he saw the insurance man speak into his microcomputer through dimming vision, "We have a bleeder."

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Re: The Silver Policy (1 of 3)
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Hi Lee...Really hoping those nanno machines do not resemble arachnids!!  I love sci-fi mixed with horror..(apart from the 'Alien' trilogy ..oh and 'Predator'.  :-[  :-[ (please don't ask why) :(
Anyway I will read more tomorrow..(hopefully) . ::)  God..I really need my life to slow down a bit..find the time to smell the flowers, you know!! ::)
 Thanks for the bloody good read, 1st Matey

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