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The Silver Policy (2 of 3)
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Tyler saw himself sitting in a big comfy chair in front of a huge oblong oval window. He held a snifter of Brandy with one hand and puffed on a pipe filled with the finest tobacco in the other. The combination of the tastes delightfully tantalized his taste buds.

A roaring fire blazed in a huge fireplace behind him and the reflection merrily bounced off the polished tiles of the huge luxury suite. Before him he looked through the huge polyglass portal down upon the Earth.

This was much like one of his programs at the Dream Salon, but much more extravagant. He took a long drag from the snifter and puffed on his pipe exhaling the sweet smoke with complete exquisite satisfaction.

Tyler heard a buzzing in his left ear. He turned to see a rather large metal mosquito hovering a foot away from his face.

"What in God's name?"

The flying insect lunged forward and he felt the sting of its bite stab into his neck. He swatted at the flying metal menace as it hovered before his face. It then darted towards the thick black portal and to his horror, burst through the poly glass. He was sucked out and suddenly he felt himself falling.....

"Aye," he heard a muffled voice,"he's comin' round. Hit em with one more shot of adrenaline."

There was another stab at his neck and again he felt the excruciating pain gnawing away at his left extremities. He lay in a warm puddle of blood on that side of the gurney.

He looked up at two men wearing blood stained aprons with the sensation he was falling tickling his stomach. He realized he was going down in an elevator. And, in modern day society, down was always bad. In this case he knew the destination was to be the basement, which made it even worse.

"Hello Mr. Suttles," one of the men said with a smile seemingly too big for his face, "we are to be your Hackers today."

"What is the meaning of this?" Tyler blurted out urgently, "I have renewed my policy!"

"Oh?" The second Hacker said holding up the CompChart, "According to this we still have six more minutes before policy renewal."

The first Hacker held up a rather nasty looking surgical saw pressing the button making the shiny blade whirl. It  sounded just like the buzzing mosquito within his dream. Suddenly a horrid realization hit Tyler. These men had awakened him just so they could begin their "hacking" with him fully aware of the experience.

"You can't do this!" He cried out, wincing at the pain the the effort caused his wounds.

"Oh we do it all the time," the first Hacker said, "There was this one bloke-"

There was a PING sound and the elevator came to an abrupt halt. The doors slid open and there stood the Government Insurance Coordinator.

"What took you so long?!" The oily haired pasty faced man asked irately.

"Sorry Mr. Manson." Both said in unison.

They hurriedly wheeled a pleading Tyler over to a stainless steel 'operating table' and roughly grabbed and tossed him onto it. He cried out in pain as his wounds exploded in fire.

"For God sake!!" He screamed with all the strength he had left, "Don't do this."

The Hackers quickly tied him down with restraints and gagged his mouth with a leather strap.

"Just bite down on this strap," the Hacker said with a chuckle, "when the pain gets too excruciating."

The other Hacker was wheeling over a table with menacing looking instruments covering its surface. The bright operating lights above glinted ominously off of the shiny tools which were perfectly designed to do their purpose.

Tyler screamed through the leather strap as the whirl of the surgical cutter revved up once again.
Despite the unbearable pain it caused his wounds, he tried to move within the straps but he was bound to tightly. This was it he thought to himself, this is he end.

A loud beeping sound cut through the stainless steel room as the countdown clock on the CompChart held within Mr. Manson's hands reached zero. The whirl of the saw ceased and the only sound that was heard after the CompChart alarm was the hum of the surgical light above.

Mr. Manson studied the chart a moment.

"Congratulation Mr. Suttles," the man said in disappointment, "your policy has been approved."

Tyler relaxed and exhaled a sigh of relief. That was cut short when the saw began humming away again eager to bite into his flesh. He felt the blade slice into his skin and sink into the muscle of his right thigh.  For the brief moment the pain rivaled the other wounds, until it all became one gnawing tortured hell.

"You see Mr. Suttles," The Insurance Agent shouted over the saw, "because the Silver Policy only covers your lungs, heart, brain and eyes, we can claim the rest." Blood spurted from the artery in Tyler's leg and sprayed the agent in the face. He paused a moment and casually wiped the warm liquid from his cheek.

"That is," Mr. Manson held up a hand and the sawing ceased. "Unless you would like to upgrade to a Gold Policy?"

With tears streaming down his face Tyler emphatically shook his head affirmative.

"Your 'good' thumb print signature." The man said with a slight chuckle holding up the chart to Tyler's right hand.

The hapless Insulation Gun Specialist pressed his thumb to the pad as hard as he could.

"Very good Mr. Suttles," Mr. Manson said looking at the scrolling information on the chart. Tyler's heart leapt to his throat as the saw again whirled away and dug into his flesh. The Government Insurance Coordinator held up the chart in front of Tyler's pain racked face showing him a fresh thirty minute clock.

"It will take thirty minutes to process your Gold Policy."

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Re: The Silver Policy (2 of 3)
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Getting a bit too close for comfort with those metal mosquitoes!! :(
Are you this sinister in real life Lee?  ::)  In your pics you always look so happy... ;D  To look at you one would never think you could be so diabolical :o 
Well done as always 1st Matey!!

Cap'm Ninny ;D