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The Silver Policy (3 of 3)
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This time when Tyler came to consciousness instead of the sensation of falling, he felt as though he was floating. He opened his eyes in a panic and tried to breath but found he could not. His brain was in a panicked frenzy as he stared wildly around.

He tried to draw another breath and turn his head, but to no avail. The sensation to breath was so overwhelming, and his brain was so preoccupied with it he found it hard to concentrate on a single thought. His eyes darted back in forth trying to focus while his throat muscles contracted trying to draw in air in vain.

After several minutes his brain came to the conclusion that death was not coming, nor was his ability to breath. He could not understand why he was still alive. Tyler finally tamed his wildly staring eyes and focused on the space around him.

When his blurry vision cleared he saw a collection of machines gathered around him in the stainless steel 'operating room'. Within each machine a small window allowed the onlooker to see what was contained within. Each machine was turned towards him so he could see inside. Organs.

One small squat machine possessed a rats nest of wires on its surface and within he recognized a heart pumping away. In another tall slender one round rubber looking tubes fed into its top and pumped air in and out of a pair of purple glistening lungs.

Again his throat contracted feeling for air, but none was there. His brain railed against the need to breath again and panic spread through his synapses until his eyes focused on the smiling face of the Government Insurance Coordinator.

"Mr. Suttles," Mr. Manson said with a chuckle, "how are you feeling?"

His mouth muscles struggled to work but all that came to Tyler's ears were the clacking of his teeth togehter.

"Speechless I see." The agent smiled, "or could it be because you have no vocal cords? I am thinking the latter. Anyway, just sit back and relax and I will fill you in."

Mr. Manson pulled up a chair while Tyler tried to scream out an obscenity.

"I regret to inform you that your Gold Policy was denied. It seems you did not have enough credits built up. But, I have good news. Your organs," he said with a sweep of his hand behind him, " will enhance the lives of several Platinum Policy holders, which the Government Insurance Company is eternally grateful."

The agent shot a quick glance over his shoulder towards the two Hackers that were busy cleaning up the area around the 'operating table' and then leaned in close to Tyler's decapitated head.

"Here is the best part," He whispered with a great big smile upon his face, "you are finally going to live your dream of living in orbit."

Tyler's mouth worked up and down and his brows wiggled.

"You see," Mr. Manson continued on, "when your SIlver Policy expires in a month, due to your absence at work, your brain and eyes are going to Xavier Loftus. The President of the Insurance Company.

"He has this incurable brain disease, I will not bore you with the details, but he is to receive your brain and eyes. So, you really are lucky. Look at the bright side. Your eyes will finally get to see one of your  finished luxury suites actually in working orbit."

Mr. Manson got up from his chair and tugged at his jacket straightening out the wrinkles. He looked down at Tyler's head with a mock frown.

"Too bad your memory is to be erased and imprinted with Mr. Loftus' thought engrams, you might actually get to enjoy the experience."

Tyler watched horrified as the agent began barking out orders and packing away his organs for transport. The hopelessness and depression his brain was going through was mercifully ended with another injection, this time into the gum behind his upper lip. Sweet sleep came two minutes later.


When Tyler woke he immediately knew something was wrong for he still had all of his thoughts. He sat up bolt right in a lavash king sized bed adorned with silk sheets. A beautiful woman stirred at his side completely naked.

"MMMM," she mumbled snuggling back under the covers he had just pulled from her body,"you were absolutely amazing last night. It was like you were someone else."

She turned over and began quietly snoring to the other side of the bedroom.

He rose from bed and found a silk robe. He stumbled into the next room and, to his surprise, it was in the same room he saw in his earlier dream. By the comfy chair in front of the large oval window a gentleman stood with a brandy in one hand and a pipe in the other. He stepped back from the chair and motioned for him to sit. As he sat down the man handed him the items.

"Anything else Mr. Loftus?"

"N-N-no," he stammered.

"Very good sir," the man replied and slowly walked out of the room.

A roaring fire blazed in a huge fireplace behind him and the reflection merrily bounced off the polished tiles of the huge luxury suite. Before him he looked through the huge polyglass portal down upon the Earth.

He took a long sip of brandy and puffed on the pipe and pondered what in hell was going on. The combination of the tastes delightfully tantalized his taste buds as he wondered why he was still Tyler Suttles.

He heard a buzzing in his left ear. Tyler instinctively swatted the air expecting to make contact with another metal mosquito. Instead his butler's voice came to him.

"Sir you have a visitor at the front airlock. Should I send him in?"

"Yes." He said uneasily.

He stood and turned toward the doorway his butler had recently left through. In walked Mr. Manson with a huge smile upon his face carrying a battered and bloodied CompChart in his hands. He walked up and held out his hand prompting a hand shake.

Tyler felt the adrenaline infuse his muscles as they tensed ready to knock this man to the floor. Anger stirred his heart as his face set in an ominous scowl.

"Easy now," The Government Insurance Coordinator said with a wink, "I could end this right now with a word into my micro computer."

He pulled up a chair and motioned for Tyler to sit back down.

"You see," the man said with a devious grin, "I have placed a microcharge in the base of your brain and if you do not do as I tell will die."

Tyler stared from under his brow with contempt, but could say nothing.

"Good," Mr. Manson said with an intense look on his face, "I am glad we have an understanding."

He presented the CompChart to Tyler.

"Your thumb print signature please."

Tyler obediently press his thumb to the pad.

"Thank you Mr. Loftus," he said and practically jumped from his chair. As he strode toward the exit he paused and turned on his heal. "By the way. I took the liberty of renewing your Platinum Policy. Free of charge of course."

The agent's laughter echoed off the walls as a deflated Tyler idly puffed at his pipe and watched the Earth slowly turn below his window.


Tony Upton rode the elevator to his Company Office ready to begin another day at the Insurance company. He had been Vice President now for fourteen years and life was good.

The elevator doors opened onto two men in blood stained aprons.

"Hello Mr. Upton," one of the men said, "we are to be your Hackers today."

"What is the meaning of this!" The VP said outraged.

"It seems your Insurance Policy has expired." The other man said stabbing Mr. Upton in the neck with a syringe...

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Re: The Silver Policy (3 of 3)
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Really liked the twist at the end ...I really think you could make a longer length novel from's really very chilling and clever....Nice one Lee.... ;D

Cap'm Ninny ;D


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Re: The Silver Policy (3 of 3)
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I have an idea of a continuation that I was going to call the Platinum Policy, but I have to get my MS edited. I was going to start doing THAT this monday, but I have experienced some setbacks and have found myself with very little free time on my hands.

Thanks for the very kind words...

Your (hopefully still) 1st Mate,