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Short story- A Shadow's Nest
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She could capture a man's glance at 50 heartbeats or less, and once that happened, you'd never be the same. Her name was,Isabella Nesbit, and she exuded beauty from her jet black maine, all the way down to her delicate feet. I defied any man to look upon her and not fall in love. When her doe eyes locked into mine(even for a second), I could not blink and had to check my lips from miming some romantic vow of celibacy to her, then and there. But Isabella didn't know of my existence. Though we were only ten feet from each other, there were about eighty people between us.

Isabella was an author and was being touted as the new Stephen King. For such a beautiful women to write original, frightening and gorey novels, was a little bit unnerving and made for a mysterious effect upon the nation. I certainly wondered what made her tick and wanted to make my feelings known, if I could just get close enough to whisper in her ear;but the bodyguards hovered around like rampant viral infections.

The red carpet treatment was in aid of her new book,"A Shadow's Nest", and thousands of fans and the media had turned out to show their loyalty. This was the first time I'd seen Issi in the flesh, and I would never be the same again. Every thought, image, dream and desire would belong to her but be kept in the files of my mind-my documents,my favourites-to access at any time I chose and with no sharing, made it that bit more personal.

Her publisher made a speech about the new book and how all at the company were very proud, but I could tell he didn't mean it. There was no trace of love in his voice, only lust for her body and for her bank account. This grubby man seemed to talk for ages, laughing at his own jokes and answering his own questions. He finally passed the microphone over to Issi and the silence of the crowd impressed me. She thanked the publishers and all of her personal attendants and her final thank you took everyone there by surprise.

"You, there, Joe Parsons, what are you doing all the way over there,"she said.

I was shocked. Why would she call out my name. I didn't know her. I felt my cheeks burning with embarrasment. I looked at her and she was pointing directly at me, while motioning for her handlers to clear a path. I took my first tentative steps towards her beauty and suddenly forgot about the crowd. She grabbed my arm and brought my face up to hers. We kissed and she held my hand.

"I'd like to introduce my new boyfriend,Joe."

No one in her entourage seemed surprised at all this attention on an unkown.
"Just play along," she whispered into my ear so close that a tiny spray out of her mouth glided in towards my brain and I almost fainted with delight.

I barely heard what she said but guessed it must have been that when we looked at each other.