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Toothie (Chapter 13) HORROR
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Chapter 13
Drawn Lines

Greg stared in horror through dripping eyes as Toothie made her sing her earlier melody while striping off her damp clothing down to her chemise.  She neatly folded her discarded clothing and stacked them upon the bed stand.

The Englishman felt blood charging through every vein within his possessed body reacting to the euphoria Toothie felt at being completely in control and hungry for the kill.

"What is your name child?" The monster asked with contempt only Greg could hear.

"Mary Jane Kelly," She answered giving away the last possession she had in this world. As she smiled and laid down upon the bed, Greg cried out in anguish for he knew now the creature owned her completely.

"You can call me Ginger," she said with a coy smile that lit up her solemn face.

Upon seeing the smile Greg was plunged into a pool of despair for all he could picture was his mother's loving face. This woman was almost identical in face and beauty to his mom.  He sank deeper when Toothie climbed atop her and flashed the knife, the fireplace's light reflecting off of its stained steely surface. An evil grin slowly crossed his dead face. The facade that the monster hid behind dropped away revealing their true form.

Upon seeing the ghastly site Mary Jane's eyes went wide with terror and her breath caught in her throat.

"Sing bitch!" Toothie ordered and slashed her cheek with a swipe of the sharp knife. She choked on her tears and blood as the creature administered another left handed blow in the opposite direction opening another gash on her other cheek.

Greg was plunged deeper into his despair as he struggled against it's undertow for the surface. Within his mind he saw the bubbles flowing in every direction but could not find the path upward. He tried desperately to grab and stay Toohie's hands but the monster was just too powerful.

Then Greg saw a defiance within the woman's eyes that distracted from his anguish. He felt a sudden admiration for the woman as she decided she was not going to go out a sobbing mess and her voice suddenly carried throughout the room with a resonance that was not heard earlier.

Toothie was infuriated by this and began hacking away at her lips and  face, yet she still sang even as splayed open as the wounds were. In a furious volley of deadly slashes and jabs the creature did his worst mutilations to date, shredding skin bone and tissue from Mary Jane's writhing body. The whole time Toothie kept her alive with his dark power so she could pay for her defiance. The gurgling sounds that escaped her tattered mouth were no longer melodious, but to Greg's dead ears, it was the most beautiful music he had ever heard within his wasted lifetime. They sent the dark beast into a violent raging fit.

It was then that Greg felt the monster's power slip ever so slightly. He pictured his mothers face glowing with a beautiful grin bathed in angelic light. Upon studying the visage of his mother Greg looked over to the window at the rapidly gathering light within the courtyard outside.

The monster began leaving Greg's dead body, but Greg found strength within his late mothers smile and grabbed onto Toothie with every ounce of strength he possessed.

The monster reeled against Greg's grasp but Toothie had spent so much of his power keeping the girl alive he was too weak to break free from the death grip.

"Look to the window," Greg heard his mothers voice. Outside above the courtyard the low gray dark clouds parted letting a single beam of brilliant reddish morning sunlight shine into the alcove of buildings. It shone off a window across the courtyard and bounced down into the window of Mary Jane's room.

"Hurry," his mothers voice commanded.

A man's dark coat hung in front of Mary's window obstructing the sunlight. For the first time since his resurrection Greg controlled his own body. He clumsily tore down the coat and let the sunlight in.

Toothies blood curdling scream nearly shatter his mind. Greg felt the chain that held his soul melt away as the dead skin on his corpse did the same. His soul began to float from the body but with strength and will he held onto the monster keeping him from leaving the physical plane.

They were thrown back against the fireplace and the black blood boiled away and dry skin caught fire and burned away. Greg reveled in the excruciated pain for he and the monster were still in an embrace feeling it together.

"why have you done this father?" Toothie asked sobbing, "I gave you life."

"Toothie," Greg responded a bit disappointed he was unable to feel contempt or hatred at the moment, "you gave me Hell."

With the last word Toothie's power faded and natures vengeance was swift. The dead body collapsed and burned in the fireplace in a brilliant funeral pyre. The fire was so hot it melted the spout of the teakettle that sat on the stove next to the fireplace.

The police report that was filed later that day just had one entry mentioning bits of tattered clothing and shards of bone in the fire place. Strange there was never any investigation into this oddity.,,


Greg's soul was free floating high above the planet when his mothers angelic form appeared to him with brilliant beauty. He was overwhelmed by everything his soul took in and the feeling of love and peace was unlike anything he could have ever imagined. As hard as he tried to recall he could not remember the pain and anguish he had felt in the past three months with Toothie.

"Your soul is pure," his mother smiled at him, "the monster has stolen all of your darkness."

"Mother-" Greg was cut short."

"I am no longer your mother Greg," she said tenderly. "We are now but two souls, neither one superior or belonging to the other. We just shared a brief moment together down on the battlefield."

"Battlefield?" Greg asked confused.

"I have to show you something." She said and once again their souls merged as they had done in the dead dream before. They were somewhere deep in space when the two souls separated.

"That is our sun." His former mother pointed to a small yellow star. Suddenly a dark cloud crossed over their view of the sun. Greg knew without asking because the other soul had shown him what she knew. It was the cloud of spores that left Toothies dying star system millions of years before. And they were on a collision course for earth.

"Toothie knows they are headed to earth," Greg was told by his mother's soul, "he is gaining power so he may rule them.  When you saw him as the Mayan priest he had developed a calendar that counts down the arrival date of the spores. That is the day the real war between Heaven and Hell begins Greg. And you having been purged of all evil are to be one of the pure souls to lead the angels into battle...."


The police investigators had done their work and the body had been carted away. The room had been sealed so no one could enter, the door and windows being nailed shut.

A sudden and unexplained gust of wind blew hard within the courtyard at Miller's Court shattering a pane of glass within the former apartment of the slain Mary Jane Kelly. The wind stirred up the dust within the fireplace into a hazy cloud within the room.


Douglas McFadden was loading luggage onto the boat when he suddenly gagged and went into a slight fit of coughing. After recovering he was overwhelmed with the feeling he needed to leave London on an adventure. So upon loading the last piece of luggage onto the boat he conveniently stowed away within the boat's baggage compartment headed for New York CIty.


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CHilled me ta tha bone ya did lad.
This nasty monster seems at home on the sea...many evil monsters on tha sea lad. An da shark god rules them all....
but yer monster here is not of this earth, so I says the shark god has no control.
Shiver me timbers Mate!