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The Gallery is a place to post your work if you don't particularly want feedback on it but just want to share it with your fellow members. Please use this board instead of the review boards in these cases.

All types of written work are welcome in The Gallery. Please preface the title with the type of work, e.g. poem or short story. If there is strong language or 'adult' content in it, please also provide a warning in the title. So an item might be titled:

Short Story: The Writer's Revenge


Poem: The Writer's Confession (some strong language)


Article: The Writer's Life (some adult content)

As always on Mywriterscircle, we ask you to bear in mind that this is an open forum and it can be read by children as well as adults. Strong language and other adult content are not excluded here, but a suitable warning must be provided in the title.

Note also that replies to items on this board are permitted, but should concern the work in question and not go off at a complete tangent (thread-hijacking). Please bear in mind also that people posting here are NOT looking for criticism, so please think carefully before making comments that might be construed in this way.

If you don't want any comments on your posts in The Gallery, you can request this in the post itself and/or the title, but the moderators will not be able to enforce this. The message-board software simply doesn't work that way!

We hope that this board will provide a suitable outlet for those members who simply want to share their work, and reduce the pressure on the review boards.

Nick  :)

Narnian Prince:
Like always, Nick, another of your great ideas comes to fruition!  :)

Looking forward to reading some of the stuff in here and, eventually contributing myself one day.  Thanks again, Nick!  :)


Thanks, Chris. Actually, though, the idea came from other members, in particular the mods. I was a bit doubtful at first, but eventually I was converted!

So - who's going to be the first to put their work up in the Gallery then?

Nick  :)

I agree, I think this is a brilliant idea. This would be a great place for those who have ongoing series and "chapter" stories. This brainchild will be put to good use I am sure. There are a handful of excellent authors I can think of that this would facilitate nicely. I won't mention any names to protect the innocent! ;D

Thanks for putting this up!


Narnian Prince:
A quick question for you, Nick.  Is there a word count limit?  I'll be keeping my stuff short but I'm just curious.  Thanks again!  :)


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