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Life As a Child
« on: January 24, 2022, 09:44:13 PM »
When I was a child
life was filled
with laughter and
make believe.

There was joy in
just being alive
I saw everything
through a child's

The gardenia bush
covered in sweet
smelling white
flowers that
always got my
when I went out-
side to play....

When I was a child
I was safe and worry free,
happy just being loved
by those who shared my world
with me.

Little did I know then
that I'd be looking back
longingly-to times when
there was so much joy
in my every day.

My dresses were made
from flour sacks and
there were times I didn't
own a pair of shoes...
When I did get store bought
clothes they'd already been
handed down a time or two.

It's not how much we have
or if our clothes are fancy
or not...It's the happy memories
we make, while wearing
what we've got.

I'm proud my mama and daddy
instilled in my young heart
things that money can't buy:
love, and a spirit that knows wrong
from right ,and the power of
faith in my life.
                        -Jan Tetstone
8:25pm January 24, 2022

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