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« on: April 04, 2006, 12:16:13 PM »
29palms here in Texas.   I am here to see what the writers circle is all about.  I do like to write and read and so I should fit in.   I will just look around first and see what is going on.  My reason for joining is to find ways to write and also on an immedaite basis....... I need to write a letter to family about Christmas and how we,  (husband and i) would like to have a wonderful time but without gift giving.   We are family that does not gather very often and we really don't know each other well.   We all end up with Gifts that we don't need or that are odd.   We would like to focus on our time together and share a warm fire, great menu, and laughter and chatter.   We find it more menaingful.   So,  I am a bit confused about what we should wirte as to not hurt anyones feelings.   HOpefully I can recieve some great ideas from all of you.


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Re: Hi
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Youve come to just the right place

Welcome to from all the Moderators and members on the site.   Please feel free to browse and check out the various forums which you feel are of interest to you,

There is a frequently asked questions board in the Authors Resource Centre, go in there and look.  Im sure you will find it all very interesting.


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Re: Hi
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Hi 29palms,
If your family doesn't gather together very often, when you do all gather together at Christmas time, exchange small photograph albums of what your family has been up to throughout the year... You could include old photographs with notes of memories when these pictures were taken i.e School photos, pictures of family members when younger, special days out etc.. With a scanner, you can make copies easily to be able to share the memories, and make an heirloom for the future. maybe if you talk to your family before Christmas allowing them time to put theirs together.  You could all exchange these instead of unwanted gifts.
I hope this is of some help
Best wishes to you and your family 

Anon Writer 8)