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The Wizard War (Chapter Sixteen)
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Jerik waited outside the cave entrance as instructed. He thought of the young girl he had just delivered here. He tried to swallow the lump in his throat as another tear silently slid down his face. Jerik knew Tika was probably being made to endure some evil torture from his Dark Master.

He liked the young girl so much Jerik actually hoped his master had killed the little one. In his mind death would spare her the hellatious agony the cloaked one was infamous for inflicting.

"I know that all too well from first hand experience," he mumbled looking down at his arm and rubbing a hand across the hard coarse, once human skin. In recent days his body was going through more changes. At night, while resting, his pores secreted a thick liquid. Upon awakening Jerik found the liquid dry, white and hard upon his flesh.

It was Tika that put an absurd thought in his head during the earlier trip to the heart of the Eastern Woods. She had told him his bones were leaking and that he was developing an exoskeleton.

"Bugman." He repeated Tika's childish nickname for him and could not help a smile.

There was a tingling on the back of his neck. His heightened senses told him there was someone exiting the cave. Jerik silently slid behind the thick trunk of a nearby tree. His heart raced in fearful anticipation of his Master exiting the darkness of the yawning maw that was the cave's entrance.

Instead Tika's small form materialized from the shadows. She was followed by one of his evil Master's huge knights. In the black armor clad soldier's arms was what appeared as the Dark Master's lifeless body.

Jerik's heart leaped from sudden joy. Had this little one bested the evil being that held him captive for these last three years? He stepped from hiding and the funeral procession made it's way over to the tree of his recent concealment.

Tika stopped in front of Jerik. He looked down upon her small face and blue eyes met his gaze calmly. A small half smile parted her lips that he could not help returning.

"Tika, how-" he was suddenly cut off by the little girl.

"Jerik!" She said with a darkening expression furrowing her brow, "get the hell out the way."

Jerik stepped to the side slack jawed.

"Guard," she ordered in an all too unkind manner, "nail that body to this tree. I want all to see in the Eastern Wood that the Dark Master is dead!"

As the soldier obediently carried out his order Tika turned to a very befuddled Jerik.

"Bugman!" She ordered as if spiting venom with her words, "we fly north to the Nureaytumea."


As Moncrede made it to the west end of his forces the funeral pyre lit up the post dawn sky in a brilliant rouge glare. A red glow touched the low lying clouds that were just beginning to roll in behind Moncrede and his approaching horse.  As he dismounted the great dark beast the clouds thickened above this scene that was just recently his enemy's last stand.

Moncrede surveyed the scene until his black obsidian eyes came to rest on the only knot of enemy survivors diligently tossing dead bodies onto the blaze. They were being directed by a young captain who barked out orders above the roaring fire.

The dark eyed General strode over to the young captain and a loud clap of thunder boomed causing the captive soldiers to pause in their grueling task. As Moncrede marched up to the group a bolt of lightning shot from the ominous clouds and knocked everyone but Moncrede and the opposing captain to the ground.

"What is the meaning of this?" Moncrede barked the question at the enemy captain.

The enemy soldier stood at attention and raised a proud chin toward the evil General as another loud clap of thunder rocked the ground beneath them.

"Battlefield etiquette sir," the man answered dutifully, "the vanquished shall be allowed to dispose of their dead at the end of a battle."

Rain began pouring down on the scene and there was a great hissing sound as the fire began sputtering against the heavy deluge of cold sheets of rain. A black choking smoke began enveloping the clearing. The smell of charred human flesh hung heavy in the air and the pouring rain caused the smell to almost stick to the skin.

"The only etiquette that applies here,"Mondcrede coldly stated unsheathing his sword, "is the Nureaytumea's etiquette!"

The General ran his sword through the enemy captain's breastplate and through the man's heart. The Nureaytumea flared in the quickly darkening clearing and though the captain's heart was pierced he did not die.

"I want everyone to see what the price of defiance to me will bring." He said to the bulging eyed captain. "I want the rotting stench of your decaying men to be a beacon to all who would oppose me!"

Moncrede lifted the man off the ground with his sword. The captain groaned in agony as another soldier brought a pike over. Without straining a muscle Moncrede neatly impaled the man upon the stick. The agony stricken captain could barely breath as the evil General climbed the pile of the former funeral pyre. With little effort he plunged the pike deep into the crest of the mound of dead as the rain suddenly stopped.

"And if there is any confusion in the matter," Moncrede said standing back and looking up into the bleeding eyes of the unfortunate captain, "you are to tell them personally."

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Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Sixteen)
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Another good episode Lee.
I enjoyed reading it mate. :)

take care my friend
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Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Sixteen)
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THanks Ma.
You are my best MWC friend. ;D
You can kill me off in any of your story anytime you feel the need. ;)


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Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Sixteen)
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Jesus, I really saw the final part of that! It's really vividly described!

Wonderful, Lee :)
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Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Sixteen)
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yeah...  very grusomely described...    :-\

;) Well written  ;D

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Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Sixteen)
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Thanks man. I am glad you like this one. This one still has a long way to go to get to the finale. There are alot of fun situations to come...I promise.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks man. I wanted some evilness in this segment, to offset the good magic and the love story happening on the other side of the coin.
I am glad you like it....thanks for reading.