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Re: The Monstrosity.
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Thank you for the input, though. I did learn from it!  ;D
Just a quote I will always remember from Edgar Allen Poe:



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Re: The Monstrosity.
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hey comments would be appreciated...  ::)

Hi Zak,

This is a nice idea and I think it would hold anyone who is into the supernatural; so long as they know, or at least get the feeling, it's a supernatural story from the beginning.

Can I suggest you drop the first paragraph completely and incorporate the mood into the remainder.
The story is mostly narrative and introspection, which can be tiresome to read, however good the prose. You are telling rather than showing. There is a place for telling, but overall it's better that a writer 'shows' his readers. Use all the senses, sight, sound, smell, hearing and feeling. In this case probably the sixth sense, the 'ESP' 

I know the old lady can't 'dialogue' with herself, but in reality we do, don't you agree? Thus, many of the things she noticed for the first time, and her feelings, could be given as thoughts, rather like dialogue. That makes it easier on the reader.

As for Stephen King's 'Green Thing'... Well Stephen King, is Stephen King. He could pretty much sell his laundry list.

To digress, he infuriated me with the missing letter on the typewriter, in 'Misery'... I have a theory that he had realised the possibilities of 'Find and Replace', in his word processor. I wouldn't want to  set myself the task of conciously missing out a certain letter, while writing. The job is difficult enough as it is! The fact is, because of this zany gimmick, I found passages of 'Misery' impossible to read and enjoy. So I put the book aside and watched the film instead.
I wish I had thought of your idea though Zak. I would steal it if I was unscrupulous!

Please develop it a bit more?

Happy Writing