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The Wizard War (Chapter Eleven)
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**If anyone would like the earlier chapters of this series let me know and I will PM them to you. Because of the volume of chapters MWC as locked the earlier chapters of the series to be fair to the other writers on the site. So, if you want the earlier part of the work just PM me and I will send you those episodes  ;D**

"That is a long story," Favreau said with a sigh to Ione after she asked the the question. He cracked one of his patented smiles, "but a good one. Well done my fiery angel!"

"Who created these artifacts?" he repeated the question to himself and began humming to himself tapping his forehead.

"Sit down young ones," he commanded.

"But-" Devon tried to protest but reluctantly sat down upon recieving a scalding look from the old man.

He walked over to the old oak table and pulled the shroud from the Mother Dragon's Eye. A moment later the reflectiveness of the globe changed and it was as if all the light of the room was sucked into a black hole that now existed in it's place.

Devon and Ione squirmed nervously as the rest of the room dissappeared and a gray haze grew around the Eye.

"It all began Eons ago," Favreau's voice filled their ears. As his voice reached them the gray haze swirled and a picture appeared of grass filled fields and odd looking trees.

" When our kind were amongst the youngest species on the planet and yet had learned civility. There were no towns or villages, just roving bands of savages. Human savages.

"They fought and squabled for dominance with each other and over the harsh conditions nature threw at them.

"It was then that one of the lesser gods, Nuyrea, took pity and adopted our race to take under his wing. He changed to human form and came down to the Earth.

"He tamed us and civilized us. Taught us how to use tools and build towns and villages. In returned we worshiped him.

"But as with magic there is a dangerous duality within all of us. We all have two sides, a good side and a sinister side.

"Nuyrea was not immune to this. Once he began to recieve praise and admiration from our race his darker side responded. His conceat and vanity took root and consumed him. He became convinced he could better his place amongst the gods feeding off the praise he was recieving from us.

"It was then the greater gods became angered and decided to put an end to this upstarts reign on the planet Earth. They decided to lend a small amount of power from each of the twelve greater gods to create a magical creature that would have enough power to destroy Nuyrea. Hence, the first dragon, Mother Dragon, was borne into existence."
Ione and Devon both gasped at the pictures that scrolled before them in the midst. The Mother Dragon was a hideous apparition.

"But Nuyrea found out," Favreau continued, "of the greater gods plans from another lesser god and lover, Uratay, who feared for Nuyrea's wellbeing.

"So Nuyrea decided to draw from the power of the planet, which was immense in those ancient times for no one drew upon it's great rawness.

"When the huge Dragon lumbered down through the sky the clash of magic was terrible and lasted twenty days and nights.

"The gods underestimated Nuyrea's power and did not count on Uratay's lended help for she too fought along the other lesser god's side.

"So all the greater gods sent down all their combined magic with the intention of destroying all three of the beings locked in the long drawn out magical battle.

"When the smoke had cleared and the chaos faded all that was found was Nuyrea's two gaunlets, and the Mother Dragons two black obsidain eyes. The gods celebrated their victory, although it would take them all a thousand years to regain their magic.

"In that time darkness ruled the planet and humanity. This is the time the  Svoresomes were born. They discovered the remaining artifacts of the magical battle and stole them away and hid them from the eyes of the greater gods.

"Upon studying them they realized, unfortunately through trial and error, that Nuyrea had not been destroyed. His soul was split in two and banished. Everything that was good and just was banished into the feather gaunlet, the Nuytumean. Every thing bad...the Nuyreatumea."

Favreau covered the Eye and the room was thrust back into midafternoon light.

Ione and Devon squinted against it's brightness trying to shake the disorientation they now felt from the Eye's affects.

"Favreau?" Devon asked rubbing his aching head.

"Yes my boy?"

"What happened to Uratay and the Mother Dragon?" Devon asked the old man, "did they die, or do thier souls live on as Nuyrea's does?"

"I am tired," the Svoresome answered bluntly, "I go rest now."

As the old man left the room Ione and Devon flashed a buffudled look at one another surprised at the old man's reaction to Devon's question.
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Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Eleven)
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Interesting, you worked the dirivitives (SP!) well from Nuyrea.  very cool.  I think I can see where this is going...
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Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Eleven)
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Thank you man, I am glad you like that. I was trying to explain how I came up with the name for the artifacts AND I wanted to make it sound as if it were in a foreign tongue as well. I love the whole mystical almost Greeklike fairy tale aspect of this chapter.

Hey, if you would like to the whole series to read I will PM it to you. Okay,
Thanks Age for reading,

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Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Eleven)
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I read all eleven chapters before commenting. I think it is great. You keep the plot going with all the different characters coming together. Are you writing more?  The spelling could be improved.  Your hard work shows.


P.S. How was lunch with your dad?


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Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Eleven)
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Thank you, it was great. Really caught up on alot. Thank you so much for reading, when I read your comment I could not help but smile. There is more to come on this one, I am just taking alittle hiatous to finish the TOOTHIE stories and to tie up a few loose ends.

Thank you for giving me a boost and making me feel special. My confidence is really low right now, I had something personal happen that almost side tracked me for a few weeks.'

Your friend,

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Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Eleven)
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Hi Lee
Well you still got me reading mate. Don't you feel sorry for your poor old ditzy mate with poor eye sight haha!!
Good work!!! I have now got to find the flippin Toothies I have missed but that's another day.
Take care
Mairi ;)


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Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Eleven)
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Hey Ma,
I am about to get back to work on these. I will give you a day or two to catch up on the Toothie stories before I post again with this tale. I have to take a breather myself. It has been a busy couple of weeks. I believe you guys call that a fortnight? Maybe? Something close to that maybe?

Anyways, thanks for reading, and being a good friend.