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Basic touch typing course
« on: March 27, 2006, 02:08:01 AM »
Are you a slow typist?  Maybe I can get you started to learn touch typing.   Its a lot faster than one finger at a time  Print this out if you want to have a go. If you would like me to post  Part 2 just ask

No seriously though, a course on touch typing goes a long way for new writers.  See if you can do this:-

Put a piece of A4 paper over your keys with sticky tape
Start with the left hand on the keys ASDFG and place the little finger on A and follow with your next finger on S then your middle finger on D and use the index finger to use F and G  rest your hands and wrists on the desk.

Now practice typing ASDFGF without looking at the keys under your paper

using the thumb on your right hand for the space bar
practice the following

ASDFGF ASDFGF ASDFGF ASDFGF make three complete lines with spaces in between using your right hand.

Now do the same in small case letters
asdfgf asdfgf asdfgf asdfgf asdfgf

Type three lines perfectly without having to use other keys to delete or go back
When you can do this confidently without looking under the paper you can then go on to words

sad sad sad  3 perfect lines of each word without looking at the keys or making any errors at all
fad fad fad
ads ads ads
gaff gaff gaff

Ok Short Course over,  have fun and I know this is basic, but how many of you can do this without looking?  No cheating eh?  The more you do this the quicker it becomes and eventually you can type around 150 words a minute

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