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Grace (why the "alias?") - Sorry, Read the volume of my other Work (near 300 of mine, here), Read the Comments attendant - Sat., Fordy, Allie, "Voodoo," Leigh, Baron, Sian, a cache of "Newbies"... even a qualified Erik, if you care to; yes, there have been detractors.  Not liking, not understanding/grasping, not your tasting are mutually exclusive from presuming to dictate disingenuously what is "masquerading/attempting to profundity."  Your Comments are puerile & foolish, & by extension...  If you cannot intelligently, substantively support your presumptions, then you've no positon in a Literary debate, flinging darts to which I & my Work are impervious, about the "Merits" of another's Work.  I have neither the time nor inclination to defend the needlessly defensible, standing by the Merits.  Normally, I would not have even taken your Comments to this level of dignity.  My advice is do not Read, let alone Crit., the Work you historically do not like (notwithstanding my Work presents with no precedence for Critique), & are obviously ill-equipped to comprehend.   H'H./H.e.m.

While I personally enjoyed the poem, I dislike comments of this nature. Grace knows enough to give well thought out reasons for why she didn't like this. In my opinion, you need to accept the validity of other artists' opinions as you'd wish them to accept yours.
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Yes, this has come up before.

Ideally, whenever someone comments (barring a personal attack such as, "You are an idiot!"), the person should be thanked for taking the time to read and comment, whether or not you actually agree with what they said.  But if you really dislike someone's comment and can't muster that nicety, the best alternative is simply to ignore them.

And really, if something isn't to someone's personal taste, then it doesn't matter who else likes it - everyone's entitled to their opinion.  If you think someone's opinion is ill-informed* then you might want to direct them to other sources of information or explain to them why you think they are wrong so that they can be better informed in future and possibly reach a different conclusion (like I did for example, when Lin didn't recognise that you had actually written a Terzanelle, and so she was quite incorrect to tell you that you shouldn't repeat lines).  But it should never be suggested that Person A should like something simply because Person B does.

*this is not to suggest that aliasgrace is ill-informed - her comments in other threads suggest that she is very well read - I think in this case it's just a matter of differences in taste.  Not everyone likes the same thing.
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To All - Once more 'round, & then I am done w/IT; had my fill w/others in this bottomless cave, prior, & swore off.  If One does not comprehend the meaning(s) of a Poem's Workings, then It is Sophist/Solipsistic to purport One is the determiner to the Author's intent; elevated absurdity, like attempting to describe the taste of "Pistachio!"   H'H./H.e.m

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Love, the enfusion of Two Hearts
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Thanks thatollie and Satrunine for helping me explain myself. 

Haro - this was never meant to be a personal attack on you.  I hope you don't feel that way.

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Re: - Birthday? -
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Hi Haro, I don't understand this poem either. But I guess as in most of your work the words you use are beyond me, I would need a dictionary to find out their meanings and I guess I can't be bothered. I tried reading it outloud and it didn't seem to help me much. Some of your poems in the past I have liked a lot. Dan.
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