Author Topic: what do you associate with England? help please  (Read 12194 times)

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Re: what do you associate with England? help please
« Reply #60 on: December 30, 2007, 01:46:20 PM »
NP, you're not alone.

Patti, The other side of the fence is a good place to visit, but only if 'passing through'.  Letting your horse graze in another man's fields ('poovin the Gry') is a major part of Gypsy history/folklore, but I love my little green and grey rock in the North Sea.

I loathe what many politicians and businesses are trying to make of it.  (My Green Unpleasant Land.)  I flatly refuse to consider myself a part of Europe because I believe at a deep instinctive gut level what Winston Churchill said on the subject, 'We are with Europe but not of it'.

We are Islanders, and as such grow up with different convictions and beliefs from those in landlocked countries.  Those 22 miles between Dover and Calais make all the difference in the world.  That's the reason why to the French it's just 'Le Manche' (The Sleeve) and to us 'The English Channel'.  Those few miles saved us from being instantly steamrollered by the 'Nazi Juggernaut' when a basically gentle and industrious nation fell under the dark spell of a lunatic and turned upon their even more gentle neighbours with only a flimsy land border to protect them.

The above does not mean I despise, dislke, or distrust those from other lands any more than I sometimes despise, dislike, or distrust my own folk.  I have many friends from different cultures, some better friends than others, but still friends.  And many 'friends of the hour' met on my travels, often never to be met again but excellent company for all that.

It just means I love my little green and grey rock.

I prefer the quieter byways to the thronging streets.  I visit places like London if I have to, with all the careful organisation of a raid into enemy territory, with my escape already planned.  On the other hand I will cheerfully wander almost aimlessly around Bristol, soaking up the atmosphere and finding delight in odd little corners and places.  If I ever got stranded there overnight the thought of a 'night on the streets' wouldn't disturb me.

Why do I love my little green and grey rock?  I didn't even choose it.  The accident of birth chose it for me.  If Mum had married her Norwegian sailor, if WW2 hadn't intervened and taken him from her, I would probably have been born Norwegian with a radically different upbringing.  It's a  strange thought...

Other places are great to vsit, and some may even grab a corner of my heart and never let go, but home is home. 

Perhaps John Donne was right.  'Each man is an island complete unto himself.'  Perhaps some of us are more comfortable with this state of affairs than others ;-)

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Re: what do you associate with England? help please
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Well said .