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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/Lin is Back - important update and a plea
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Hi Everyone,

I got back to England after a really awesome meeting with the WSPA and the BOS foundation. So many nationalities were in discussion about the survival of the orangutan and the future of the BOS foundation.

I was with Lone Droscher Nielsen we had dinner with her.  She is just an incredible lady who looks after 650 orangutans at Nyaru Menteng Reserve in Borneo.

The meeting was a huge success resulting in many changes being made to way we are looking at our organisation and its all very positive stuff resulting in further meetings in February.

What we need now are volunteers in the UK especially in Scotland where I am told there is no-one to help us up there at the moment.  Do you know anyone who would like to start a group to help raise awareness of the problems of Nyaru Menteng?

We need lots of people to adopt orangutans and support us in our quest to help stop the extinction of the orangutans in the wild.   First and foremost we are a rescue centre and the palm oil issues are supported by many other organisations who are also lobbying to stop the destruction of the rain forest.

Lone Droscher Nielsen needs help now more than ever to rescue the orangutans so that in the future she has enough funding to keep the orangutans from extinction.   

Any funding or adoption of an orangutan is going to help the survival of the species and secure land for them to live on in Borneo.   Please can you  help us?

Contact and go to the adoption page.   The orangutans cannot wait for help and they cannot speak for themselves, we have to do it for them.

If you live in Holland please contact for or myself via a PM on this web site or

Many thanks for your support

Lin x


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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/Lin is Back -important Palm Oil update and a plea
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Companies Push For Certification Of Palm Oil
Monday, January 21st, 2008
Source: CSR Asia - January 18, 2007Companies are backing a plan to certify palm oil used in products ranging from margarine to cosmetics, and, increasingly, biodiesel, to ensure that its soaring production doesn’t spur greater destruction of tropical rainforests. The push for green palm oil has come from companies such as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Nestl and Heinz. The companies have signed up with a consortium of 200 oil producers, commercial buyers and environmental groups to improve matters. Almost 90% of all palm oil is produced in Indonesia and Malaysia, which have seen widespread deforestation in recent years, much of it from illegal land-clearing and logging. The development of oil-palm plantations is causing the loss of forests in Indonesia, risking the survival of animals like the orangutan.

More here:
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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/BOS news 23 January
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Renewables Directive: agrofuel target is ‘irresponsible and unsustainable’
Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008
The European Commission’s draft EU Renewable Energy Directive, published today, ignores numerous recent warnings on the environmental and social damage of its proposed 10 per cent target for agrofuel use in the transport sector by 2020.EU member states had demanded that the 10 per cent target be met ‘sustainably’, but the EU Joint Research Centre and the UK Parliament Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) have expressed strong doubts that this can be achieved. The EAC has also argued for a moratorium on agrofuel targets.

A coalition of civil society groups have consistently called for the target to be scrapped and for the EU to implement a moratorium on targets and other incentives for agrofuel expansion.

“The European Commission’s failure to act on the many warnings is shockingly irresponsible,” says Nina Holland of Corporate Europe Observatory, a lobby watchdog group based in the Netherlands.

“Now it is up to the EU governments and the European Parliament to ensure that the EU’s 10 per cent target for agrofuels is dropped and that a moratorium is introduced on all targets and incentives for agrofuels and agro-energy,” says Helena Paul of Econexus, a public interest research organisation based in the UK.

“The sustainability criteria proposed by the European Commission exclude vital factors such as large scale water extraction, soil erosion, land conflicts, human rights and labour conditions of workers. Moreover, they can’t deal with macro-level impacts such as displacement and increased food prices,” says Stella Semino of Grupo de Reflexión Rural (Argentina).

There are several other major flaws with the draft Directive. For example, all agrofuels produced in installations that were already operational in January 2008 will be exempted from even those few criteria that the Commission poses until 2013. The Directive is also limited in its scope to covering only ‘biofuels’ and ‘bioliquids’, but not solid biomass such as wood or palm kernel.

A more detailed media briefing highlighting the major flaws in the draft directive, and drawing attention to recent criticisms of the EU agrofuel target, can be found at:

Numerous calls have been made internationally for a moratorium on the expansion and international trade of agrofuels. These can be found at:

Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network
Corporate Europe Observatory
Grupo de Reflexion Rural
GM Freeze (UK)
Latin American Network against Monoculture Tree Plantations
Munlochy Vigil
Rettet den Regenwald (Germany)
Salva la Selva (Ecuador)
Transnational Institute
World Rainforest Movement
For further information please contact:

Helena Paul, Econexus (UK) +44-(0)20 7431 4357
Nina Holland, Corporate Europe Observatory (NL): +31- (0)20 612 7023/ +31-6-30285042
Oscar Reyes, Transnational Institute (NL): +31-(0)20 662 66 08


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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/Don't let this happen
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Threats to the Orangutan

Why does the orangutan need our help? Orangutans are one of the most critically endangered of the great apes, due to poaching and habitat loss. Based on the World Bank’s estimation that mechanized logging in the Kalimantan forest, (Indonesian Borneo), will result in its total loss by 2010, and other statistics stating that wild orangutans are disappearing at a rate of 5,000 orangutans per year, optimistic predictions give the orangutan ten more years before extinction in the wild.

Sp please can you donate or adopt an orangutan



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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/Don't let this happen
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Any more adoptions/donations?  Update 27 January 2008

This is an urgent plea

We desperately now need your help to keep save our 640 orangutans at Nyaru Menteng - There is only support now until April, can you spread the word?  EVERY PENNY COUNTS.

Dont let our orangutans down, they need more room and lots of love and plenty of food

H E L P   U S  N O W  P L E A S E for UK Pounds  for Euros for US Dollars

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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/HSBC Pledge Update 30 January
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HSBC pledges RM200,000 for Deramakot forest conservation, restoration
Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
KOTA KINABALU (Bernama) - HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad has pledged a RM200,000 grant to the Sabah government for the conservation and restoration of the Deramakot forest reserve in Sandakan.Datuk Sam Manan, director of the Sabah Forestry Department, through which the grant was pledged, said the grant would go towards conservation work in the southern part of the forest, which has a high population of orang utans.

“There are about 1,000 orang utans in the southern part of Deramakot forest and we expect the number to increase with movements of these animals coming from the nearby Malua and Ulu Segama forests.

“That could add up to half of the Sabah population of orang utans, which is about 11,000 to 12,000,” Sam told reporters at the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the state government and HSBC here yesterday.

He said the conservation project, to be undertaken by HSBC for two years, covered 500ha (the Deramakot forest is 55,083ha in size) and is targeted to ensure that the orang utans’ habitats were sustainable for their continual survival and growth.

HSBC deputy chairman and chief operating officer Irene M Dorner said the grant was not only to conserve the endangered orang utan but also to engage the local communities in the restoration process.

“Ultimately, we hope this programme will result in a model orang utan conservation area for other stakeholders to follow as well as create ecotourism opportunities for the local people,” she said.

At the ceremony, Dorner presented Sam with a RM200,000 cheque for immediate implementation of the project.


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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/Valentines for Orangutans - get yours now!
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How about giving your loved one a present?  Enlarge to see the writing.

Lin x
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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/Valentines for Orangutans - get yours now!!
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Hi everyone,
I am working for BOS International and have been to BOS projects a couple of times. I have also seen the forest destruction in Borneo and rescued orangutans. I guess, that many people still have a picture of untouched rainforest and wilderness before their eyes, when thinking of Borneo - a tropical island of paradise.
When I made my first step on Borneo, I thought I had just landed in a war scene. There was smoke everywhere, and journalists were filming us, because we were lucky to get on one of the planes that were able to land in that thick smoke.  Smoke which resulted from forest fires! I had to think about all the trees that were burnt and the many animals that came to death in the fires.  I can't remember if it was the smoke or the sadness that brought the tears into my eyes.

Once I arrived at the rescue and rehabilitation centre Nyaru Menteng, I saw little rescued orangutans. They were so tiny and looked so similar to human babys. At that time, the rescue team was on duty without a pause. Often they are driving for days to rescue orangutans from oil-palm plantations or burning forest. The work that is done in Nyaru Menteng is amazing. No one can imagine under what psychological stress and circumstances like the nearly unbreathable air, the people are working there. Many international aid-organisations had left Borneo at that time, because they couldn't work under that health risk anymore. Local organisations don't flee. They keep on fighting for their forest and their orangutans, especially at hard times like the dry season - the fire season.
At that time, the rescue team rescued one orangutan a day.  Now, one year later, it is overwhelming to meet the same orangutans again. Good care, love and play have made them strong orangutans, who will be able to be returned into the wild in a couple of years.

Please support the work of BOS, we need every bit of help to keep the projects running!


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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/Read about Rita's experiences with the Orangs
« Reply #53 on: February 05, 2008, 05:06:03 AM »
Thanks Rita, your contribution is so important.

Lin x


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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/Read about Rita's experiences with the Orangs
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Do you have a kids birthday coming up soon?

Why not adopt an orangutan and present your gift with an adoption certificate and details about their adopted ape.  - For British Pounds  - For Euros

Please help us save 640 orphaned orangutans needing your help in Borneo. 

If you want further information read back on the previous threads.  We are almost reaching 1000 hits on this thread, will you be that person to donate?

Lin x


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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/Read about Rita's experiences with the Orangs
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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/Fund Raising Auction please participate
« Reply #56 on: February 10, 2008, 04:02:31 PM »
Dear Friends of the Orangutan,

Nyaru Menteng is needing your help. See the picture below.

Many of you expressed disappointment that you were unable to attend the BOS Christmas event in London, because other commitments denied you the opportunity to do so. We would therefore like to offer you the chance to participate in our exclusive online auction on eBay.

This beautiful framed photograph kindly donated by Thomas Marent with a view to raising funds for the rehabilitation of the orangutans of Nyaru Menteng is up for grabs!  A copy of Thomas's photographic biography "Rainforest" will also be sent to the winning bidder. We hope you will have a bit of fun and excitement joining in on the bidding, while knowing you are helping us raise the funds required to sustain the sanctuary. So get in on the act and happy bidding!!

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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/Please help us on eBay the orangutans need you
« Reply #57 on: February 11, 2008, 11:44:04 AM »
The above fund raiser has now reached GBP210 on eBay.

Have you got anything at home you could put on eBay and raise money for our much needed project in Borneo?  If so please log on to your eBay account or join eBay.  All funds are important to us to keep the project going.   

Our Orangutans have now reached crisis point and we have to find better accommodation and food.
Please contact me if you can reach out and put something in the auction.

Please let me know if you would like to be a fund raiser for Nyaru Menteng.   The Orangutans cannot speak for themselves, we must try to stop their extinction in the wild. It is all so sad.

Many thanks your help is now needed more than ever.   Nyaru Menteng would have to close if it wasnt for the friends of the orangutans.
Thanks, much appreciated.

Lin x x x x x
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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/What is really happening in Borneo - Sad pictures
« Reply #58 on: February 14, 2008, 04:45:49 AM »
Hi folks,

Please click on this link to see what is really going on in Borneo as I write this.

Go to the report on this site a little further down the page and please  take action.

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Re: The Orangutan Diaries -/Volunteers wanted a plea for help
« Reply #59 on: February 20, 2008, 08:03:18 AM »
The Borneo Orangutan Survival International and UK are looking for Volunteers to help spread the word on the plight of the orangutan in Borneo.

If you think you can help us to fund raise in whatever country you live in we want to hear from you urgently.   Lone Droscher Nielsen now has no more room in the sanctuary for the orangutans and we cannot turn them away.   We need money to expand the sanctuary and to ensure that the adults who cannot go back to the wild are cared for in an environment where they have some room to play and live.

Please please, either dig out your spare coins or contact us if you would like to help.  or you can contact me Please put a link on your web site, we need your help.

Lin x
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