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2nd Non-Fiction Challenge - CANCELLED
« on: November 25, 2007, 11:03:35 AM »
Welcome to the 2nd Non-Fiction Challenge as started by Gyppo.

As the winner of the 1st challenge it falls to me to set the brief for the 2nd round. I will start by reprinting the rules that Gyppo initially set below:

When casting your votes please remember the initial brief.  An article which would interest people enough to make them want to read a regular column on the subject.  Enough detail to show familiarity with and enthusiasm for the subject matter.  Not exactly a sales pitch, but...

With that in mind the 2nd challenge is as follows:

Write a 750 word column on the topic 'Winter Travel'.

Remember it is NON-FICTION so we don't want an account of 'what johnny did last summer' but more along the lines of 'how to plan your winter vacation online'.

The competition will close at Midnight on Monday 3rd December.


Come on, folks, let's have a Christmas winner!!!

Please PM all entries to me with the subject 'sub' in the subject line.

I look forward to reading your entries :0)

Suzie x

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