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Poetry Challenge
« on: June 28, 2019, 04:05:34 PM »
Hi and HNY to all you poet people,
I was the sole entrant in the last challenge, so it was a landslide win...GO ME  ;D
Many of you are saying just that...'Yes drab, go, as soon as possible!'
your challenge is to construct a 'go' poem.
Think of someone you'd like to disappear. (Not Trump)
If it rhymes there's a chance I'll accidentally press the delete button.
I'm looking for real venom here, especially for someone really close to you.
Think of it as 'I can kill someone and get away with it' challenge!
Use emojis to add a bit of class.
Words are good too. But not too many...focus your rage, and make it fun.
Send by PM only!
All submissions before the end of January. Don't ask me about time zones; if you leave it to the last minute, chances are you'll be on my 'go' list.
So enter early.
Can one of you lovely Mods sticky this wherever the sticky place is please.