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Website Authorship
« on: October 27, 2007, 08:10:08 AM »
One of the things that I most like about is that they use a feature which pops open the links in a new webpage or tab. Then when I am finished with reading whatever item I chose, I simply close the tab and have the original page available.

This website does not have this feature which included the HTML code target="_blank" and so it overwrites the page I started from. I find this irritating because I have to keep hitting the back button to return to the original page, which is a problem if I have scrolled through several pages of replies.

I do know how to make my computer work the way I want it to work. If this is an issue for anyone else, I would like to offer a solution for PC users. I don't remember how to do this with an Apple product, but there is a way there, too.

Before clicking on a link, hold down the Ctrl button (in IE 7) and the link will open in a separate tab. Holding the Shift button while clicking on the link will make it open in a whole new window.

One of the things I learned in a college course on webpage design is that you should never lose your viewer. If you allow them to click off your site, you have essentially shown them the door to your business.

When I am following threads here, I find it annoying to have to use so much back button. I understand the difficulty in altering current protocol. But I thought I would share a hint for anyone else so irritated.

Right clicking on a link, or for Apple people, click and hold, brings up a menu where you can choose to open the link in a new window or browser or tab, depending on the wording of the menu. I prefer just holding a button down.

I enjoy this forum. I didn't see any place else more appropriate to post this.
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