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Adaption from a short story
« on: October 05, 2007, 12:38:33 AM »
This is an adaption I did for drama of a short story I wrote a little while back, it's posted here too.

Ziggy- Has been working as an undertaker for an extended period of time. He finds a very dark humour in the dead. Ziggy feels that Peety is obnoxious. Treats his work as art.

Peety- Has been working as an undertaker for a short time. He takes a juvenal humour in the dead, he is loud. Peety feels Ziggy is a kill joy. Treats his work as unimportant.

Both characters are ďkitsĒ which contain their tools and make-up.


Funeral home, three bodies (Mr. Baker, Mr. Magesto, and unknown, from stage right to stage left) on individual spaced tables. Blankets (preferably white) cover the bodies. Ziggy is discovered onstage, near Mr. Baker.

Ziggy (to Mr. Baker): Okay (grabs chart beside body, reads heading) Mr. Baker (taps body with chart) What are we doing for you today? (reading) hiding burn marks. (laughs quietly) Iím sorry, Mr. Baker, itís just ironic that-

(Peety enters Ziggy scrambles for makeup, to hide that he was talking to the dead body, and begins his work)

Peety: Fucking dead people. Are all these for today?

Ziggy: (without looking up from Mr. Baker) Yup.

Peety: Jeez. Well, these people wait all of their lives for their funeral, canít they wait another couple of days. (laughs) We should get this Hurst (emphasis on Hurst) on the rode. (laughs) Thereís a real back up already.

Ziggy: If you would come on time.

Peety: Hey, letís not waste our time pointing fingers and get to work. (goes to Mr. Magesto. Tries to start working, distracts himself, becomes interested in Ziggy and Mr. Baker) Whatíre you working on? Burn victim?

Ziggy: Yes.

Peety: Whatís his name?

Ziggy: Mr. Baker.

(Peety bursts out in laughter)

Peety: Thatís hilarious. Why are you putting makeup on him? Just scrape off the burnt parts and hide the taste with some butter. (laughs, pause)

Ziggy: We do have a lot of work to do.

Peety: Doesnít mean we to be all stuffy and all (repositions planning to impersonate somebody stuffy, pause for thought, repositions again, pause, big laugh)

Ziggy: Yes, well said. But we really do hagve to get to work.

Peety: (Grabs chart) Mr. Magesto (puts down chart, pause) no way, no way itís the magician from my 8th birthday party. Small world. (while removing the sheet, which covers the body) Abra Cadaver! Ooo, letís see what he died from (Grabs chart) I hope itís something ironic. (reads chart) Pancreatic cancer. Ha (pause a long umm) ooo. I bet yah he wished he could have just Presto Chango disappeared that tumour! Eh! (laughs)

((A small gap, going to show Ziggyís repressed homicidal rage for Peety, to audience and not Peety. Also showing that Peety is new, maybe Peety asks where something is.))

(Peety quickly does the make-up for Magesto)

Peety: Jesus this is intense work. Iím going on break. (gets sandwich from his kit sits)

Ziggy: We donít have time for breaks; the bodies need to be at the church by 2 and we have more in the back.

Peety: Yeah, okay. (goes to unknown body sandwich in hand, takes a bite, uncovers the bodyís face with free hand. Shock; itís someone important in his life. Keeps staring at the body. Swallows bite with difficulty)

Ziggy: What, no jokes? Is it not a Mr. Ford run over by a Honda? or a Priest crushed by a crate of bible? or a Mr. Gaye? which you would find amusing all by itís self.

Peety: (puts down sandwich, loosing sight of the body as briefly as possible) No. (begins applying make-up with care and obvious suppressed pain, he breaks from it and looks down, suddenly, for a brief moment, and returns to work.)


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Re: Adaption from a short story
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2007, 10:38:11 AM »
I think this would make a great skit. At the moment it is better for a skit to do for some thespian competition. But there are a few things I would change. When Peety uncovers the body and see that it's someone important to him it needs to be more dramatic. Meaning we need more of a skit and more of his disrespect or amusment for the dead. Also, what age are they? Age rang is a major part of any writing and it effects how the characters act and what they say. It also effects how the audience feels for that character.

There was one part that I wanted some more action for the actor.
[quote/](goes to Mr. Magesto. Tries to start working,[/quote]

What type of work? The actor needs to know what they're doing, if they're doing makeup or something else.

Like I said before, this would be a great skit for students in a thespian competition. I don't think it can be expanded for a full play but there is room to expand...infact I encourge you to expand on it. Good job!

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