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General Information - latest writing resource CDs NEWSDESK
« on: March 17, 2006, 02:48:59 AM »
Dear Lin,

** Do you want INSPIRATION... ON DEMAND? **

As a writer, you'll knw all about "The Muse." It takes us all every nw and then. It's that time when we sit down to write... and the words just FLOW. You write pages and pages of quality material.

You're in "THE ZONE."

Well, what if you could experience that level of creativity... WHENEVR you wanted?

I'm writing today to tell you about an audio production called the WRITER'S BLOCK CD.

This CD uses an audio technology called "Binaural Beats" to influence the brainwaves, rocketing your creativity and putting you into that "flow state." It's scientifically proven and has been used to help everything from headaches to concentration...

And nw YOU can use this technology to boost your writing!

** You have GOT to TRY THIS to believe it! **

Please, visit the official Web site:


You can read all about the technology online, and even view the full published technical specification so you knw EXACTLY how the CD is composed!

This is a TRUE revolution in writing: a real WORLD FIRST!

Discver the CD and make this your secrt writing weapon, before everyone else finds out!

Thank you for your time,

Dan Strauss, Course Manager., part of the WCCL network.
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Re: General Information - latest writing resource CDs NEWSDESK
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  How to Achieve Your Goals as a Writer--Part II!
on: Today at 01:19:29 PM      

Hello WRITERS in Southern California!!!

I belong to a writers group that is sponsoring a wonderful one-night seminar on writing with special guest speaker Kyera Keene ("The Jamie Foxx SHow," "The PJs," "Girlfriends," "Third Watch," and "My Wife and Kids"). It's "part II" because the group sponsored one last month as well with a different writer, and it went VERY well and was extremely informative.  Best part?  It's 100% FREE and REFRESHMENTS SERVED!!!  Having gone to the last one (which is what subsequently got me to join the group too), it's something I would definitely recommend attending, and even possibly joining the group ($15 a month, and they meet once a week!  How insanely cheap is that?!).

This date has now passed but if you would like further information on the wrters group In Southern California please contact our member Tiffiny  Lin

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Re: General Information - latest writing resource CDs NEWSDESK
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It works! Believe me, it actually does!

I was sceptical at first, as Norwegians are wont to be, but as it was advertised on Nick Daws's blog I decided to go for it. I guess I just trust that guy ...

The first time I tried it, I didn't notice any difference. I don't quite know what I was expecting, but probably something amazing. That obviously disturbed the experience, because the next time I put on my headset and played the CD, I just sat there letting my mind and thoughts flow freely. And that did the trick! I wasn't in a state that I'd call writer's block at the time, but it set my creative juices flowing anyway.

The CD has got two tracks, but as track one is an introduction you only need to listen to once, I nowadays skip straight to track two. I can recommend the CD wholeheartedly -- even if you're not experiencing writer's block. It's a creative kick-start.

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