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One Of My Friends
« on: March 17, 2006, 01:35:12 AM »

What a Friend we have  sins and grief to bear
What a previlege to carry every thing to God in prayer
 When we pray sweet rest
rest is their even when we are bound by past regrets 
 Failed in our request some way
 Because of fear I guess
  Some Persons  have lived a better life fought the fight of victory and lost but they fought
 We all have sinned  and came short of his grace of  love sometime
 We were taught Amazing Grace how sweet the sound
  Shared some tears shared some still moments
Shared some faith some dreams

 God  will bring us through the task
The path of decisions  becomes seeable
  Answers  before us
Road shakey ruff the battle is won its won

  A smile to see  just in the  nick of time
Around the darkest trial
Every thing must bow down or lie down still
  Our hearts are filled with reality  again
 Lighten our burdens  our prayers
 Allow love in the air again
 In a twinkling of an eye  bad feelings leave
We move to the next level a Positive  Position

Written By MizJFaure
8:52 PM 3/15/2006