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Welcome Board - START HERE! / Hello
« Last post by MitraMani on August 01, 2019, 12:02:21 PM »
Hello Friends, Good evening to all.
Review My Poetry / The World I Live In
« Last post by AntonioM on July 31, 2019, 03:04:08 PM »

Night of Broken Glass, Trail of Tears and so much more,

Centuries of hate and violence and decades of global war,

Broken hearts, shattered dreams the past is dull and bleak,

But hope for tomorrow’s youth is hope that we should seek,

Assassination, Procrastination when are we going to learn,

Looking back on that Tuesday, when Towers they did burn,

With no remorse only joy, pride to say the least,

And we’re steadily looking for “666” the supposed mark of the beast,

When are we going to see, the beast is already here,

He’s manipulating, contemplating using hate and fear,

Wake up, open your eyes and see the world is not so bright,

Because everyday we’re lead to kill and everyday we’re force to fight,

Revolutions and Evolutions we’ve seen our share through time,

And still we can’t prevent our kids from committing heinous crimes?

Crimes against humanity and crimes against my dignity,

Turn back the hands of time and witness hate, infinitely.

I know there’s hope for this world, but we have to search so deep,

And right when we find it the world will take a leap,

A leap into the right direction, a leap towards our resurrection,

Tell me can’t you feel it in the deepness of our humane connection?

I strive for world compassion my passion is just that,

And a decade of peace is broken at the dropping of a hat?

“I remember when times were simpler.” They were never simple you hear?

You were just in the dark and blinded by your fear,

Kennedy and King standing tall side by side,

Standing for equal rights or until the bullets went inside.

Filling the air with controversy and talk about conspiracy,

But what about reading and writing, you know, “Fundaments” like literacy?

Distractions, reactions the media’s in your head,

Trying to make you forget about that war, and forget about the dead,

Can’t I get it to you, you’re being played for a fool,

Forget about what you’ve heard the world I live in is cruel.

Now  I want you to understand that all the world is underhanded,

And just to be candid, this is something that man did,

And could easily undo, but the will to change must come from in you,

You watch the news and get the blues because the world is just so sad,

And you search for excuses when we all should be feeling bad,

Tell me what did you do today to make this world a little better?

Well, you’d better start doing something ‘fore we get that awful letter,

Saying “sorry, you didn’t get in” to Heaven is what I mean.

Hell will be quite the battle, remember El Alamein ?

Well of course not, no one does, you weren’t there, why care?

Because if we hadn’t one that time, Hitler would be reigning chair.

But the facts are that was just simply that,

But did you know twelve million died, without raising fist or bat?

The question I’m posing is, “Is ignorance your choice?”

Because together we can change the world by speaking as one voice,

Speaking against intolerance and cruelty loud and clear,

Speaking so that all six billion of us can finally truly hear,

Hear the truth about the world in which we all must try to live,

And finally learn that to truly love is to truly give,

Give your hearts, your souls, and all the strengths between,

The world is our blank canvass, let’s paint a peaceful scene.

Scene one, cut two, the entire globe is looking at you,

 Watching you to make a difference, looking at you to change our appearance,

Disappearance, reappearance the world has got to change. . . its pace.

World domination?! Stop looking for that master race,

Discrimination, anticipation, the world is waiting to see,

What is it you’re going to do, or not, another catastrophe?

Make a difference, change the world, because my perspective is just this,

Just tell me that I’ve got it wrong, I’ve got it all amiss,

World complications, Im-penetrations,
the front lines start at home,

And each time you step out your door,
you’re stepping out alone.

So take my hand and come with me, and let me be the first to say,

We all must clear a path for a new and brighter day.

Imagination, we’re God’s creation, If we all would just do what it is we do, but it has got to start somewhere, so let’s let it start
with YOU
Writing Games & Challenges / Mid Summer Poetry Fest ~July 31- Aug 10, 2019
« Last post by DGSquared on July 31, 2019, 06:36:54 AM »
At The Tangled Branch.

Here is the link with the info you need to know;

Ten days only, so get a move on and spread the word.

Well, what's the hold-up? Go get your poem sandals on.

Hope to see you there!

The Coffee Shop / Mid Summer Poetry Fest~10 Days~July 31- Aug 10 2019
« Last post by DGSquared on July 31, 2019, 05:58:27 AM »
At The Tangled Branch.
Here is the link with the info you need to know;

Well, what's the hold-up? Got get your poem boots sandals on.

See you there!
Writing Games & Challenges / Re: Book or movie character?
« Last post by MJTennant on July 30, 2019, 09:11:35 AM »
Pride and Prejudice - BBC adaptation with Jennifer Ehle over the book but definitely the book instead of the version with Keira Knightley, who almost killed it for me (sorry, am I aloud to use TV versions?).


Clarice M. Starling - Silence of the Lambs.
Writing Games & Challenges / Re: the last person to post here wins
« Last post by MJTennant on July 30, 2019, 09:05:51 AM »

The Coffee Shop / Re: What are you reading?
« Last post by Zoey141 on July 29, 2019, 06:49:50 PM »
Currently reading Politics for beginners.
Review My Script / Re: My first page of my new script
« Last post by JenEngland on July 29, 2019, 12:18:43 PM »
The mystery and suspense are nice, like a well-wrapped gift. The understated abduction suggests that the evil waiting on the other side has very little regard for human life, like the respect a street cleaner might have for the garbage he sweeps up.

'Why are we moving closer to it?' doesn't suggest to the reader that Nathan should be the one responsible for the ship's trajectory. Perhaps something obvious like, "Why are you steering us right into it?" contrasts more dramatically with Nathan's line, "It's not me. It's pulling u — —," and magnifies the significance.

Again, nice start.
All the Write Questions / Filtering: What is it?
« Last post by nosuchmember on July 28, 2019, 10:41:30 PM »

Filtering: What is it?

The filter is a common fault and often difficult to recognize–although once the principle is grasped, cutting away filters is an easy means to more vivid writing. As a fiction writer you will often be working through “some observing consciousness.” Yet when you step back and ask readers to observe the observer–to look at rather than through the character–you start to tell-not-show and rip us briefly out of the scene. (Source: Writing Fiction by Janet Burroway)

Filtering words are generally words that you add to a sentence when you are trying to describe something that your character is experiencing or thinking. These can be sense words like feel, taste, see, hear, and smell, or variations thereof. But they can also be words like think, seem, and remember.

Writers don’t necessarily have to avoid these words, but they should be aware of the effect that they have on your prose. Rather than describing a sensation outright, you are distancing your narrator (and reader) from the sense that you are describing.

Examples of Filtering

•I heard a noise in the hallway.
•She felt embarrassed when she tripped.
•I saw a light bouncing through the trees.
•I tasted the sour tang of raspberries bursting on my tongue.
•He smelled his teammate’s BO wafting through the locker room.
•She remembered dancing at his wedding.
•I think people should be kinder to one another.

How Can I Apply This?

Read your work to see how many of these filtering words you might be leaning on. Microsoft Word has a great Find and Highlight feature that I love to use when I’m editing. See how you can get rid of these filtering words and take your sentences to the next level by making stronger word choices. Take the above examples, and see how they can be reworked.

•FILTERING EXAMPLE: I heard a noise in the hallway.
•DESCRIBE THE SOUND: Heels tapped a staccato rhythm in the hallway.

•FILTERING EXAMPLE: She felt embarrassed after she tripped.
•DESCRIBE WHAT THE FEELING LOOKS LIKE: Her cheeks flushed and her shoulders hunched after she tripped.

•FILTERING EXAMPLE: I saw a light bouncing through the trees.
•DESCRIBE THE SIGHT: A light bounced through the trees.

•FILTERING EXAMPLE: I tasted the sour tang of raspberries bursting on my tongue.
•DESCRIBE THE TASTE: The sour tang of raspberries burst on my tongue.

•FILTERING EXAMPLE: He smelled his teammate’s BO wafting through the locker room.
•DESCRIBE THE SMELL: His teammate’s BO wafted through the locker room.

•FILTERING EXAMPLE: She remembered dancing at his wedding.
•DESCRIBE THE MEMORY: She had danced at his wedding.

•FILTERING EXAMPLE: I think people should be kinder to one another.
•DESCRIBE THE THOUGHT: People should be kinder to one another.

See what a difference it makes when you get rid of the filter? It’s simply not necessary to use them. By ditching them, you avoid “telling,” your voice is more active, and your pacing is helped along.

The above list is not comprehensive as there are many examples of filtering words. The idea is to be aware of the concept so that you can recognize instances of it happening in your work. Be aware of where you want to place the energy and power in your sentences. Let your observations flow through your characters with immediacy.

The Coffee Shop / Re: Whats the weather like where you live?
« Last post by Noizchild on July 28, 2019, 07:55:47 PM »
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